Book Review | Library Of Lemons By Jo Cotterill + An Author Interview (I’M SO EXCITED!!!)

Hi, everybody! Today’s post is very exciting. In case the massive title escaped your notice, I’m going to be reviewing a book called Libary of Lemons AND having a cup of tea with the author (okay not literally, but there will be an interview!) Let’s get on shall we?


Title: Library Of Lemons

Author: Jo Cotterill

Rating: 4 stars


Calypso is only 10 years old, but yet her mother is dead, her dad is always working, and she is left to do all the house chores. Her life is consumed by books, and according to her dad, she doesn’t need people. She believes this until a new girl, Mae, arrives. They befriend each other but their friendship grows into something wonderful as the two girls help each other out in the dark times.


This was a truly refreshing book. After reading, Looking At The Stars, which had brought me to tears, I was very excited to see another book by the fabulous Cotterill! I immediately slid it off the shelf and skimmed through the blurb. It seemed very different to LS (Looking At The Stars) but I decided to give it a go. The title did seem a little funky, and the cover a little too bright. But, nevertheless, I did not judge the book by its cover or its title for that matter. I borrowed the book and in I strode.

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Dear People Who Haven’t Read Harry Potter…


Dear People Who Haven’t Read Harry Potter,

I pity you. I really do. I really don’t know how to start! I don’t get how you can NOT have read them! They are one of the most famous books and your bound to see them in any bookshop. Do not give me the lame excuse of ‘Oh, I just haven’t got around to them’. Yes, maybe you are a book worm. Yes, you have many books to read and re-read. yes, you have a life besides books. But are you telling me that you can’t possibly take out some time, pick up the books, and read them?

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Every Book Worm Has Their Preferences, Here’s My Top 10.


It’s TRUE! Bookworms can be very fussy worms people. When it comes to books, I rarely give a FIVE stars out, always have a little bit of criticism, and like to have things just the way I like it!

I would like to thank Sithara @Musings Of A Mellow Mind for tagging me in the Would You Rather Book tag! She has such an awesome blog, go check it out. I’m so late on doing it, so please accept my apology? This tag is going to be so much fun and I know it. Who doesn’t like to ramble on to the world about their bookish preferences and fuss about all books! Moving on…

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The Q/A You’ve Been Waiting For All Year (2016/2017 tag)

Okay, nobody has been waiting for this tag to be done (maybe the people who tagged me?) but I liked the title… Okay, not a good enough reason, but hey, let’s get on with the actual post here!

I got FOUR whole nominations for this tag in the span of a week. I would like to thank Allia@Wormalblog, Regina@Diversion300, Anna@MyLittleCorner, and Capili@ArtistByBeauty for tagging me. IT MEANS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!! GAHHH, WOW!  Okay, I’m not good at Thank You’s but…um. THANK YOU!? I LOVE TAGS! And I had to do this one, because (i did get 4 tags) because it seemed like such fun!

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