[IMPORTANT] Goodbye, Farewell & Everything In Between + Introducing A Whisper Of Ink (!!!!!!)

I am SO SO SO excited and yet SO Incredibly sad. 

So, let’s start off with the bad news.

I’m leaving this blog behind…:(

I’ve been dreading and anticipating this post for a long time now.

First, I just wanted to change the name of my blog, then the design of my blog, and then the style and message of my blog (still books) but i just wanted a fresh start.
I feel like now that I know most of all the blogging experiences, I can start off on a better note and have a better chance in the blogosphere. I feel like this blog was an experience, something for me to try and test out. I’ll always be learning, but i want something new and exciting in my blogging journey. I want to build up a new brand for my blog, have a stronger message and just in general start afresh.

I fully understand what this decision means. It means that i will have to start again, re-brand myself, and that, I know will take a lot of time and effort. It will also mean parting with this blog, which I have put an incredible amount of effort into.

I hope you understand why i have taken this decision and i hope you can support me along the way. Honestly, this blog was a learning curve, and even though I will always be learning things, I’ve experienced so many things. Blogger networking, friends, a project/series (typewriter project), content, changing design gazillion time and now I want to put all of that hard work into something I’m proud of.

I’m SO SO scared to be doing this but I know it’s the right thing to do. I’m making a new email and A PEN NAME. I’m super cautious about anonymity and over the time, I’ve let everything slip. So yeah, pseudonym it is. I’ll STILL BE FOLLOWING ALL OF YA’ just under a different name and a different blog.


Some of you are concerned for the safety of this blog. First of all, I will be deleting all posts. My custom designs service will shut down for a while. I will leave this post up and never delete MBL so any people who get the wrong link can go to the right one. The pages will be taken down and transferred and the comments will all sadly die.

I will leave previous posts up here for a while (like 2 days) and then delete them. This post will still stay up here though!


I am so SO SO pumped for my new blog! I MEAN WHO  THE HECK ISN’T? I’m going by the name Ilsa Nite (hello, I’m weird) and all the information is up on my NEW SHINY BLOG where the design is still a WIP! Don’t worry about following, I’m going to be transferring followers VERY SOON.

I know many of you have been waiting for this moment. maybe this is not self-hosted or Blogspot blog but it’s still awesome. So go check it out


signing off for the last time (why am i getting emotional?)


An Interview (a very exciting one – #promise) with the awesomeness that is Kirsty (!!!)

I’m obviously not squealing with excitement right now! *laughs nervously* I MEAN WHO WOULD BE?


That would just be VERY awkward and silly. SQUEALING with excitement over the most awaited and fabulous interviews of like ever with a blogger your respect and admire so much? OBVIOUSLY NOT SOMETHING TO BE SQUEALING OVER!


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