Let’s Talk About My Secret Life As A Writer

If you didn’t know, writing is one of my Horcruxes.

I won’t tell you how many Horcruxes I have, but if you’re not an HP fan, or haven’t read them (WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GO HERE, NON-POTTERHEAD) , then I will tell you that a Horcrux is a part of someone’s soul, as that SOMEONE has split their soul. So, in other words, writing is a part of my soul.

And the sad part is, I hardly talk about it here. I’m part of two writing blogs The Artistics and The Writing Writers (just joined this one recently) because I simply can not live without words. In fact, my twitter bio is ‘words’ so there is clear EVIDENCE…

But in my 2017 survey, people were begging (let’s not exaggerate here) for a tiny snoop into my writer’s life. I’m hardly a writer if I’m perfectly honest. I mean most writers have ACTUALLY written a book, or MET other writers, or have like a writing journal and creative pens (okay I have the last two) and a cat or dog who helps them along with an ‘outline’ which I’VE NEVER DONE.

That’s kinda the reason WHY I don’t write about this secret Horcrux of mine – I’m not even sure if I’M ACTUALLY a writer. I mean how do you write a job description for an author? I don’t know, I’m the potato here.

So, why AM I talking about this? Well, I kinda asked to get tagged in the Writer’s Ink Challenge by Regina @ Diversion 3000 (you HAVE to check out her blog, it’s so awesome) and here I am!

The Writer's Ink Challenge.png

But let’s get to the point. Do real writer’s ramble as much as I do? Because this is supposed to be a quick tag but I’ve already written 300 words! WOW. Why can’t words come so easily when I’m writing a story? WHAT IS THIS UNFAIRNESS?


Thank your nominator
Answer at least 8 questions about writing
Nominate at least 5 people

When did you first start writing?

Okay, let’s admit. I’m basically a goldfish when it comes to – well- anything. Like I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday, let alone when I ‘started’ writing. Oh, I don’t know, maybe in my primary school when I learnt how to form letters? I don’t even get these questions, who remembers the first book they read? NOT ME, what is all this remembering stuff everybody seems to be obsessed with? I JUST SIMPLY live in the moment, not gain memories of the first thing I ever bought from shopping.

Have you always been interested in writing?


Pretty much. I think I’ve always loved to write though I used to (and sometimes still do) hate writing for long periods of times because MY HANDS just die. I also found it kind of frustrating because I was pretty rubbish (still am, to be honest). But yeah I think I always have though I think books were my first interest before I began writing.

Why do you like writing? 

Becuase it’s nice to make things a story. Sometimes, when something crazy happens, something I can’t bear to accept, I turn it into a story, I pretend I am an author and it’s all made up. It is also quite pleasing to let the ink flow, so I think that’s the main reason why.

What genre do you write in? 

I’ve never written a novel before, but it always seems to be mostly real-life (contemporary) situations. I find this easier because I can use experiences have happened and weave them into some sort of collection of words. Though I do like to write some fantasy at times, as escaping into the world you’ve created is fascinating.

Who or what motivates you to write?

I don’t think anything motivates me, I WANT to write. I don’t motivate myself to write stories, poems, journal entries or anything else, I simply pick up a pen and begin to write any thought the comes to mind. But when I HAVE to write but suffer from writer’s block, I normally just go on Pinterest and pretend to be inspired. 😀 However, family and friends always give me that extra boost of confidence.

Do you write poetry? 

Yes, but very little. I’m not very good at it and have only written a few pieces. You check out one I posted on my blog here (I was being very brave). I definitely find it easier to write, though. And it is beautiful to read as well. I think what I love about poetry is how such little words can be used to mean so many things. I admire poets even more than authors because their work is always beautiful.

Have you ever written a story with a friend? 

I don’t think I ever have. It sounds like a fun idea and this question has made me get my creative juices flowing because it would be LOADS of fun. Just letting the writing styles mix and merge into one awesome story. I’ll be sure to try it out! I have done a writing collab with a blogger friend here, though!

How do you write your stories (first person, third person)? 

I think I prefer to write in the first person better because it’s so much easier to slip into the mind of a character instead of writing about them. Pretending is a lot more fun and I think helps me be more creative. I normally write my stories on paper, rather than online, as I find my ideas flow easier then; there’s nothing like pen on paper!

I Challenge…

  1. May @ Forever and Everly
  2. Grace @ The Girl Upstairs
  3. Ipuna @ Ipuna Black
  4. Elm @ Just Call me Elm Or Something
  5. Ayaka @ Midnight Ranter
  6. Sithara @ Musings Of A Mellow Mind
  7. And YOU! I’m serious. If you’re a writer or think you’re one (like me), then feel free to do this tag and let me know in the comments!


So, are you a writer? Have you ever written a novel before- TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!? And tell, me why do YOU write? Are you part of any writing blogs? Tell me about YOUR Writer’s Life!!!

Sign Off

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