Movie Vs Book- The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Hello, everybody! So already haven’t kept up with my resolution of  a quote of the day as I have been very busy. So I’m going to do a comparison of the movie and book for Maze Runner. I have already done a review about the book alone. If you haven’t read that- check it out! Then come back to this review. I’m going to choose 3 important issues for each section so the review is not too lengthy .

 3 Good Things in the book that they left out in the movie.

  1. Thomas and Teresa’s Telepathic communicating.
  2. Scene’s expressing Chuck and Thomas’ friendship
  3. The code that the map created

 3 Things I didn’t mind being left out.

  1. Grievers  plucking a person day by day
  2. Teresa doesn’t write WICKED is good on her hand instead WICKED  is good is emphasised by the Creators themselves.
  3. Thomas stung himself instead of a Griever stinging him.

Why Did Chuck Have To DIE????????????

Comment below about your thoughts. Personally, I think that the book was better. Can’t wait to read and watch Scorch Trials.

Sign Off


2 thoughts on “Movie Vs Book- The Maze Runner by James Dashner

  1. Great comparison! The three you mentioned that were left out if the movie were really the only ones that mattered. I also wished they did the jumping into the griever hole instead of just a thing in the wall, I felt like there were no risks with that.


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