Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher


Silence is GoldfishSilence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book and flew through it. It wasn’t a confusing, complex storyline but one that made you feel sad but also made you laugh. I picked up this book after it was recommended to me and I think it’s fair to say it was a rollercoaster ride.



Tess is like any other teenage girl. Parents, fun, studies, she’s normal.All until she finds out that her dad is not her dad and the worst part is, he loathes here. Tess, lost and alone and tossed into a once-familiar world, seals her lips and communicates with a torch which can speak. Her friend abandons her, her bully befriends her. Her ‘dad’ and Mum are worried. In  a search for her biological father, Tess is determined to prove her new teacher is in fact, her dad. 

So, what are my thoughts on this book?

  • Tess is stubborn and blind. She believes that her new teacher, Mr. Richardson, is her real dad and goes to all lengths, from stealing his driving license to sneaking to his house, to prove to herself that he is. She thinks that just because she found out about her sneaky ‘dad’ at the same time as her new teacher was introduced, does not mean he’s your dad?  (SPOILER!)In the end, we find out Mr. Richardson is a nasty, rude liar and not at all Tess’ dad
  • She also begins to get bullied (even more than before) by the whole school. There is a rumor going round that #sheisahe and that Tess stopped talking because she had developed a deep voice and didn’t want her secret to get out.However, this problem is never solved fully and ever dealt with by an adult and Tess has no intention of telling anybody about it?
  • So Tess’s world turns upside down and the only person who can help this little pluto is her Goldfish Torch who ‘shines’ the light and shows Tess the truth and the lies.The goldfish is by far, my fave character.



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