12 ways to overcome writer’s block!

We all get writer’s block sometimes. Whether it’s writing an essay or a story, the cat might have got our tongue or should i say, keyboard. So I’ve got some ways for you to overcome writers block1

Number 1
If you’re writing a story (fiction) try and put yourself in the character shoes. So, don’t think what the character would do, think what you would do. This  should make it easier to write your story.

Number 2
Look at something blue or green. It’s been proven by scientists that this gives you inspiration so should help you.

Number 3
Listen to music. Music helps you think of  creative ideas or just something to jot down.

Number 4
Try and actually write with a pen and paper instead of using word or Google Docs. I know I use my laptop, but getting a notepad is something I’ve forgotten!

Number 5
Take a look at the world in a different way. This may include you doing a handstand or maybe some funny tricks hanging upside down. Maybe just put yourself in somebody else’s shoes – kind of like the first tip.

Number 6

Try going somewhere instead of sitting just in your room or somewhere really boring. You could maybe go to the park all sit somewhere nice and unusually interesting. This may give you ideas that inspire you to write.

Try and laugh or be happy. Think of memories or something good that  has happened. In general,l just be positive and this may give you some ideas.

Number 8
Try and just relax. Don’t let anything interrupt your ‘train of thought'(see what I did! No, I’m so bad at jokes!).

Number 9
Do something creative or something you enjoy. This may spark some ideas .

Number 10
Go outside (maybe your garden?) or if you have enough time somewhere abroad.

Number 11
Read.  With something new or your favourites, anything can happen.

Number 12

Last but not least, sleep. Try and have a nap or maybe leave it for the day. Sleeping on it always helps.

See you soon!


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