The Extinction Of The Pen…

We all seem to use our laptops,tablets and computers to type up our essays, pieces of text and letters. But, do we really ever take the time to take a break from Word or Google Docs and take out a pen and paper? I would say hardly. I mean I’m writing this on a device right now! Most of our life revolves around technology. Even ‘reading books’is available from your gadgets. I’ve been wondering if humans are going to abandon the ‘pen’ completely and we might do.


With technology advancing by the second, soon all ‘writing’ will become ‘typing’. There’s nearly an app or website for everything. But why? Because humans like having thing easier for themselves. Which is why typing up your essays is so much easier than writing by hand. We’ve even added a microphone to convert our speech to words!  I mean how lazy can we get?


Many schools provide their students with IPads or Laptops. Soon exercise books will become a thing of the past. The ‘pen’ will be wiped out in the classroom as well as at home. Will we ever write again??

Some people keep a diary, like me, and there’s nothing like pouring out the weeks or days events onto paper. But now, we’ve got too lazy to even keep a diary. With numerous amounts of apps out there like ‘Journey’ will the ‘pen’ still be popular?

Writing letters to people has even become something we do rarely. Why not just send a text message or an email. With social media becoming part of our everyday lives, it’s not long before Postman’s are given a run for their money.

I think soon we will hardly write. Some may ask if that is something good or bad? I don’t know…

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5 thoughts on “The Extinction Of The Pen…

  1. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s because I grew up with pen and paper, but I love writing and prefer writing out my notes and stuff first before I type them out. Which I know seems like a waste of time, but it also helps me with retaining information. I still prefer a pen and paper journal to a digital one. Possibly also because I’m sentimental and I love handwritten letters and have kept pretty much every note, letter, card, I have ever received. I think it scares me that there may one day be a whole generation who will never learn to write and may have horrible penmanship because of it!

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