Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Any Attention.

I’ve been there before. We’ve all been there before.  Why aren’t my blogs getting more likes and comments? Why don’t I get more followers? The answer is simple. Nobody can find your content and while it’s still amazing, getting your blog noticed is one of the biggest obstacles a blogger can face. After you’ve passed that stage, you just need to make sure you post regularly, still comment on other blogs and keep up the good work!

So, what is it you are doing wrong? Why do others get 65 likes and about 20 comments and I get a quarter of that? You aren’t really doing anything wrong. It’s about what you aren’t doing.


1.Comment on other people’s blogs!

This is a great way for people to find your blog and other bloggers really appreciate it. It’s a win-win situation and is definitely something you need to do.

2. Leave links.

Okay, you need to read this. I am not  saying that you should comment on people’s blog and write ‘ Great Post! (www.blogaddress.com)’ I’m talking about if the blogger has a special place for this. For e.g BookOwly There’s a page on there called Library created for you to leave your blog link. I’ve got one too called ‘All About You’. This is only available on some blogs.

3.Write Good Content.

I’ve done a whole blog about this so click here to see what I mean. Don’t skip this step because you think it’s all about getting yourself out there. Yes, that is a major part but you need to write stuff people will actually read!

4. Design

Make your blog look nice! Nobody wants a blocky and bulky blog. Keep it simple and pretty! Make it easy to navigate around.

5. Guest Blog

Guest Blogging is a great way for your blog to get noticed! There’re many sites you  can guest blog on.

Nerdy Book Club

Light Up The Shining Stars

The List Goes On.

So, that is it. I hope this helped you loads!

Do you have any more tips? Were These Helpful? Should I do another post with more tips? Comment below with your thoughts. 🙂 Have a lovely day!!

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26 thoughts on “Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Any Attention.

  1. Hi there, My name is Jasmin and I’m a newbie blogger. My blog talks about fashion and lifestyle, beauty quick-fixes, travel tidbits and DIYs. I’m literally challenged when it comes to doing the technical part of blogging right. I would me more than happy if you guys can go through my blog and provide me with the feedback. Thank you so much once again for sharing this helpful post. 🙂

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    • Hey,I just checked out your blog and you’re doing everything amazingly. If you want technical tips, tag posts, categorize them (if you want), and make sure your ‘About’ page tells us a little about you, your blog and anything that you think makes you unique. If you would like me to do any more posts (blogging queries or anything) just comment below. I’d be happy to help! Your welcome!

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      • Hey TrainOfThoughts, thank you for your concern and I’m extremely delighted to find someone who can help me out with technical tales. I’m a technically challenged when it comes to blogging. I’d really appreciate if you can help me out fix my errors. You can mail me at jasminkhakhar@gmail.com. Thank you so much! Have a great time ahead.

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    • Hey, I will definitely check that out.
      Sorry, I don’t accept links in this part of the blog. I have created a sepearte page for you to leave links to your blog called ‘All About You’!
      Guest blogging. I used to ask the same question too. Afetr doing some research, I found out that it’s fairly simple. So, what it means is posting on other people’s blog with their perrmission. It could be about anything you want, obviously the person’s blog your are posting on has to agree with your blog. You could send them the post by email or whatever social media. Not all blogs offer guest blogging (I don’t) but there are some like the ones I mentioned above. This should hepl you’re blog to get noticed! Hope this helped!

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  2. Yes, you have posted some excellent tips. The one I like best is reading, liking, and commenting on other people’s blogs. I have read dozens of blogs so far, and it has greatly increased engagement on my blog of just under three months. Guest blogging sounds interesting, but I want to stick with dressing my own blog for now. Excellent idea however. Reblogging has become quite popular on my blog, and it does help the original author as well. No complaints so far. If an author doesn’t want another blogger to do this, I think the reblog button should be dead or not there at all. I’ve seen some great posts with the button. This suggests “no touch.”

    The biggest tips I feel should be considered are: providing easy peasy navigation. Check for typos and wonky sentence structure. I also believe the blogger should post on a consistent schedule. And finally, the blogger should consider a responsive theme. That way the blog can be easily read on any screen. I suspect people are using their phones more and more nowadays. The blog should be responsive to that screen for sure.

    Highest and Best!

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  3. Hey there, I enjoyed your post and found it helpful that you made it concise. I have a fairly unique focus when I blog so although I think my content is good; I’m not sure how to find my audience. I have very little experience thus far and the technical side of blogging seems to evade me. I would love to know more about tagging and how to make it work for me! Thanks for all you do! Feel free to check out my blog! 🙂

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    • Thanks! Finding your audience is a tricky one. I believe your blog is a very motivational one. Try and comment on other blogs with the same focus or who are looking for a blog like yours.
      Technical tips is one people have asked me a lot about lately. I think that tagging is very important. Tag your post about what it’s about. For example if it’s about a ‘brownie recipe’ you would tag it brownies,baking,recipe. Also, you can categorize your post.
      To get more readers, link your WordPress account to your social media. A popular one is twitter. This ensures all posts are uploaded onto there as well as your blog. I think I should do a blog about technical tips. If you would like one or think I should do one, please let me know . Thanks!

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  4. I know blogging is a community effort but sometimes these comment forums make me feel like I’m in the ladies’ room, swapping kohl pens. No offense, but if I’ve nothing to say, I say nothing and if I can do, as in I can contribute, then I do. That said, this is a helpful blog, simple and concise, jargon free etc, so thank you

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    • Hey! Thanks for dropping by.
      I do believe that you should only comment if you do have something to contribute but it’s nice to leave a comment saying how good the blog is just to make their day. Obviously, I’m not saying write pointless comments like ‘Great Post!’ but sometimes it’s aright just to be nice.

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      • Hi! Yes, I guess you don’t want to comment just for people to view your blog and you shouldn’t flatter them too much unless you really like their blog and that’s your actual opinion. And,of course, your comment should be about the content of their blog and actually saying what you liked/disliked about it or what parts made you laugh or cry.

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      • Exactly, although, that very practice is actively advised on many ‘advice/build your audience blogs’, with the possible exception of your own. I get the ‘get out and get around’ advice but not at the expense of sincerity or honesty

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    • Yes, connecting with others is a fun and an efficient way of worming your way into the blogging community! Social media accounts are always a great way to promote your blog. If you need any extra help, check out my page ‘Helpful Posts’ with a hover sub menu of many blogging tips! Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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