A MUST READ for Thriller/Mystery Lovers!

The 100 SocietyThe 100 Society by Carla Spradbery

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I haven’t read a thriller in a long time, but I’m glad I did!

What a book, from Graffiti to deaths, this was dramatic!



Grace and her friends are determined to tag every spot that the 100 society has listed They do this by gratifying the place with a letter… Then when they start seeing the secret exposed, threatening text messages, and mysterious coincidences, they realize it’s too late. With each on of them being targeted, they must find a way to stop the criminal before everyone get’s hurt.

So, my thoughts on this book,

The Plot:

  • I loved the 100 society. It was a great concept that was included! I mean who would have thought of something so unique.
  • The text messages creeped me out a little but it just added to the thrill. (I got a bit scared at some points). I kept on changing my mind about who was sending them? I mean at each point, the suspect seemed to be guilty but then they weren’t.
  • The Art Paintings they were all working was just a side story but soon gets involved with the main plot.

  • I was disgusted by Daniel’s death! I mean I know he was acting creepy but shouldn’t they  be a little bit more careful?

The art picture thingy was just so cool! I know that kind of killed them all but Pete was actually pretty smart. His love for art and Grace was obvious but he was a psychopath which kind of ruined everything.  

The Characters

  • I have to say Trick was my least favourite character. I just didn’t like him. The tattoos and ugh!
  • My favourite character was Faith as she is there for everyone. She did seem to snap at points but she never turned back on anyone and she never did much wrong.
  • Pete was a good character until we found out about him.
  • Ed was a kind of unimportant character. He didnt add mcuh to the story…

The Big Reveal (Spoilers!!):

  • Pete was behind it all along. Did He  really kill people just for love?
  • And Cassie was just annoying. I hated her. Like, who do you think you are? Exposing your friends? Well, hardly friends. I don’t know how they forgave her, she was so selfish.
  • Ed’s death, Cassie’s blinding, Trick’s Stab…. too much drama!

The story
All in all, an amazing story! A total page turner!  A must read for mystery/thriller lovers!

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3 thoughts on “A MUST READ for Thriller/Mystery Lovers!

  1. This sounds really interesting, I’ll have to give it a go once I’m done my current book! I just started a horror. I have never read a horror novel before, so it should be fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, I normally don’t read Horror. I think that the only Horror book I’ve read has been pretty short.
    Yeah, you should definitely read this book even though you read the major spoiler but it is still a fun read!


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