Technical Blogging Tips

Hi, Guys! Hope you’re having a spectacular day.

I’ve been receiving many comments concerning  the ‘technical’ side of blogging.Now, instead of writing billions of paragraphs in the comments, I thought I might as well do a   post to sum it all up. So, here are 5 amazing technical blogging tips!


Make sure you tag your posts! As you are probably aware of, you can follow tags as well as people. For example, if you are doing a post about brownies you can tag it ‘Brownies’ and ‘Baking’. This is a great way for your blog to be found and it’s pretty important!

2. Social Media

To get more readers, link your WordPress account to your social media. A popular one is Twitter. As your posts are uploaded onto their, you’re guaranteed more views!

3. Plugins

Now, I don’t use much (any!) extra plugins but there are many articles out there that can help you do this. And even though, I don’t use plugins I know they are very useful! nJust search the name of the Plugin want to use and ta da! : knowledge at your fingertips.

4. Excerpt 

I never knew anything about excerpts (because I’m pretty stupid!) until later on in my blogging journey.  Excerpts are very useful as the reader can instantly see what your post is about without even clicking on it. Just click on ‘More Options’ on the sidebar and there’s a whole load of things you can do to change up your post!

5. Featured Image

Having a ‘Featured Image’ is a great way to pull your readers in. ‘A picture can say a million words’. So, be sure to add your image (obviously it has to be about the post.)

Before this blog comes to an end, I would like to mention 2 things.

  • Links

Now I know readers love to comment and leave a link to their blog but I have created a separate place for you guys to do this called ‘All About You’. You can leave your links to your blogs there!

  • Q/A
  • Please leave some questions in the comments on for my Q/A blog. Thanks!)

Well, that’s it! I hope you find these tips useful. If you would like me to write another post about technical tips (part 2!) then comment below.

Have a splendid day!

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