Why You Should Read More Books

 Hi, Guys! I know I haven’t posted in a while but here it is. A blog post.

Why is Reading Books Good For You?  Find out the social benefits as well as mental.


Okay, I know people tend to read books while sitting down and relaxing, instead of on the treadmill,  but what I mean here is that it’s good for your brain. Just like all muscles in your body, the brain also needs to go for a run. It does this by reading. Of course, you can do crosswords and puzzles, which will have equally the same effect but reading also keeps your brain in ‘good shape’.

  1.  Stress

We all get stressed It’s inevitable. And sometimes, we forget to take a break. Life can get busy, and we find reading is extra. Sometimes even a burden. It’s not necessary, you have other things to do. But let’s stick with KitKat here and take a ‘break’. Just sit down, relax and pick out a good book whilst losing yourself in the story. When you’re reading a good book, all your stressful matters disappear. it doesn’t necessarily solve them but at least you’re resting.

  1. Knowledge

There’s always new content  you don’t know in a book, even in Fiction.  Whether it’s a fact or an event that has happened in the past, you learn a lot just while reading a book. Someone can take anything from you: money,belongings or people but one thing they can never take away is your knowledge. Treasure it and read more books.

  1.  Improved Concentration

When reading, you have to focus on the story. Our life consists of multi-tasking: texting someone whilst  working in your office. This is just an example, but most of our day is spent doing things simultaneously.  Upon reading a story, your mind is only focused on that story alone.


  1.  Pure Entertainment

This is the point I’ve wanted to talk about most. But, saving the best till last, this reason is the one why I read. All the others are just the icing on the cake. I mainly read Fiction and I enjoy it so much. Escaping into an unfamiliar world and venturing into the unknown. What’s better than picking up a book and getting lost in it? Take out 20 minutes of your day and enjoy some fun and tranquility.  

I am now posting every Monday and Saturday

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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Read More Books

  1. Very persuasive reasons! I typically struggle with reading because whenever I start a new book it inspires me to want to start writing immediately. Great post. 🙂


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