The Most Honest Q/A EVER

Hi, Guys! Today I’m going to be doing my Blogging Q/A.I’m going to be 10000000% honest. Thanks for all the questions! Here goes:

1.typicalteenager76 asked:

Q:Would you rather never be able to eat anything but vegetables again and continue to blog or stop blogging and eat whatever you want?

A:Now, this is a tricky one. But, food is the priority. I don’t mind vegetables, I’m actually quite fond of them but blogging is not essential in my life. So, I would rather, stop blogging and eat whatever I want.

2.AdoptaBookAUS asked:

Q:Favorite Pokemon?

A: I’m not really into Pokemon/anime but I adore the incredibly cute Pikachu! I have no clue about this Pokemon but he looks really cute.

3.Sithara asked:

Q:If you could be anyone in the world for one day who would you be and why?

A: I would be a Queen. Just to live with that status and respect. Not for money, just because people look up to you. I wouldn’t be Prime Minister because some people dislike him and not all respect him, it’s the same with the Queen but fewer people are against her because she has nothing to do with Politics.

4.piezoradeon aksed:

Q:What would you do if for a day you had the full power in the blogosphere?

A: I would let all amazing unnoticed blogs get out there. I would make sure that everyone gets the chance to blog.

I would make sure that everyone gets the chance to blog.

I would just make blogging easier(give people more time)

5.IAmDonovan asked:

Q:What are your favourite and least favourite book to movie/TV adaptations?

A:Okay, favourites are:

Narnia: The Lion, The witch and The wardrobe.

The Giver

Least favourite is:

Ender’s Game

  1. piezoradeon asked:

Q: What changes would you make to your blog and what laws would you pass for the entire blogosphere to follow?

A:Everyone read my Blog!!! Only joking, for all bloggers to have the chance to meet each other. It would be awesome.

That’s the end of the post… I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you have a lovely day!Make sure you follow because I post every Monday and Saturday!

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