Review: Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I chose this book from my local library, thinking not much of it and tossed it to the side. But after feeling bad for neglecting the book, I picked it up and began to read.

I read this book over the course of a week because the beginning wasn’t too captivating. I wasn’t bored or anything but I was just neglecting it a little bit more. once i got into the full swing of the book, I began to enjoy it.


Apple (who actually has a really long weird name) has always lived with her Gran. Her dad has moved out and doesn’t live far. And her mom has been missing for as long as Apple can remember. But, she does have a memory, a very faint one. Of her Mum leaving, with Gran pleading the women in the green coat to stay(her daughter, Apple’s Mother). But her mom leaves, leaves behind her life, leaves behind her daughter. But one day at school, everything changes.

So, my thoughts on this book

1) Apple has a pretty normal life. She’s a pretty sensible child and she’s not spoilt. Gran is a little unfair, not letting her go out with her friends to places, but on the one occasion, I think it really helped Apple. When Pilar, her Best Friend, ditched her for Donna after their invite to hangout, Apple’s pretty depressed. She clearly misses Pilar badly and is in need of a friend, especially while she’s going through Family Issues. When Del comes in, she obviously copes better and realises that she doesn’t need to be upset, but move on.

2) Okay, but the real first turning point here, is what we really want to talk about. Meeting with her Mother. Now, one day after school, Apple is taken out of class, due to ‘Gran’s Accident’. When she is shoved into a black car which is supposed to take her to the hospital, Apple thinks she’s being kidnapped! But the driver turns around and she knows it’s her Mum. So the story about Gran was just made up and they both have ‘mother and daughter time’. So, how’s Gran going to react to this? Well, they both arrive home and Gran is furious! Apple’s pretty confused and then her Mum asks her if she would like to live with her.

3) Moving in with her Mother. So, Apple grabs the chance and moves in with her beloved Mum. But, to her surprise, she meets Rain. The one and only Rain. Her one and only Sister! Understandably, Apple’s shocked and finds it hard to come to terms with this. The flat’s a tip but Apple doesn’t mind.

4) Living with her Mother. Her Mother lives her whole life partying. Okay, so mostly Saturday’s but still. She smokes, she drinks, and around her children- I have to agree with Gran, she’s not the best role model. Especially, when Apple starts getting drunk too! And her Mother is always so busy with jobs! Leaving Apple and Rain by themselves and letting them skive off school? I mean really? Aren’t you supposed to be trying?

5) Rain. There’s so much to say about Rain. She’s a very complex character in this story. Let’s start off with her doll. The doll was annoying but actually taught Apple a lesson and brought everyone together. Rain treats her doll as if it’s her child. Yes, a real living thing. Her mum says that’s the doctor says it just a phase but Apple’s not so sure. Throughout the story, we find that Rain’s doll causes so many problems! I’m not going to go into them so I don’t spoil too much of the story. *spoiler* And when Rain goes missing after Apple is fed up and kicks the doll, telling Rain she’s not real, Apple’s knows it’s her fault. The strange ,or rather the scary, thing is, Rain leaves the doll behind. They don’t find Rain the whole day. Her Mum has been away for two nights and is not picking up her phone and So Apple with the help of Del, have to go searching by themselves. This doesn’t work out well. So, they have to tell Gran, even if she gets angry. The police are called but Apple finds her and brings her home. *end of spoiler* Rain is also very nice character, for a ten-year-old. She’s never been to the library, so Apple has the honour to be the first to introduce her to stories. Rain find a new interest as well as writing poems. I love how Apple and Rain find an interest in poetry (Mr. Gaydon- I will explain later). They finally come together, without fighting!

6) Mr. Gaydon. The New English Teacher. Mr. Gaydon was one of my favourite characters! His evident love for words and teaching made him a great character. He also helped Apple come out of her shell and let her poetry skills shine! I know what you must be thinking, how did Apple skip school, all thanks to Mr. Gaydon really.

7) Gran was my favourite character. She really loved Apple and knew what to do. There’s not much can say about her, except that she is awesome!

8) In the end, she befriends Del, moves back in with Gran and lives happily ever after with Rain.

A truly great and moving story. I loved it till the end.  Recommend this to all book lovers out there!

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