How to write a good book review?

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Today’s Topic is about writing a good book review.Now, there’s no particular way to write a good book review, but I thought you may fancy some tips on writing one because I know you may lose yourself within a review.


Introduce the book, the author, and your rating. Then go on to say whether you liked or disliked. Give us some facts about the author if you wanted. Then tell us what were your first impression,judging by the cover and blurb? Not everyone likes to blabber on like me, so only the bold parts are necessary.


I have to read one of these when looking at a book. It’s a bit like your own blurb. You can copy one from Goodreads, Amazon or wherever but make sure you state it’s not you own.Personally, I like creating my own little synopsis just because I do.


I have no actual specific structure for this part here is a general layout when writing the review:

  • Talk about the plot (be sure not to include spoilers or put a warning if you are like *spoiler alert*)
  • Talk about the characters (favourite, least favourite, weirdest)
  • Talk about any questions you had
  • Talk about any details or specific quotes that appealed to you
  • Talk about any problems you had with the book


Say your overall feelings you have about the book. Say who you recommend it to, and why. Your final thoughts. Sum it up and maybe mention your rating again.


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