Booky Updates…

Hi Guys, Train Of Thought here!

Here to bring you the latest Booky Updates!Lets’ break this down into subheadings (it might be a lengthy post!)

Designing My Blog, Help!

Okay, you’ve probably realised, there’s been a few tweaks and changes here on my blog.

Where do I start?

I loved loved loved my theme. But, I don’t know, I wanted to change it. I want to change it up. I want to change it all up. You can still be expecting more changes, and maybe my blog looking like a dog’s dinner, because it’s work in progress.

You don’t know how much time I’ve spent researching. I’ve looked at plugins that I could use, code, signatures for my posts, themes: The list goes on. I have done a few things. I’ve added more pages, tweaked my theme and added a unique signature to every post.

I’ve looked at plugins, So many useful ones, but you have to have a self-hosted site for that, once again, more limitations!I’ve considered paying for a theme, but I don’t know if it’s worth it? What if I don’t like it? What if I change my mind too many times, and then just waste a whole load of money?

And there are widgets. Every time I copy and paste the code for the widget from a site like   ‘Bloglovin’ or ‘Pinterest’, It doesn’t work. I just end up with a bunch of code in my sidebar? You can see a Pinterest and Bloglovin widgets on my site, but I did that using different, long methods. I had to find ways round my problem.

I really want to give my blog a makeover and… Well, it’s going good but I’m still not staisfied.I’ve done everything I can think of. I’ve asked fellow bloggers: ‘How did you create your logo?’ or ‘How do you design your banners?’, all with pretty helpful answers, which I appreciate. But, I don’t think it works for me. I want a simple, elegant looking blog. I’ve seen other blogs. They all look classy and pretty and I’m just here thinking, does mine look nice and how can I improve it?

I’m confident with everything in blogging. Writing them, tagging them etc. Which is why I’ve created a couple of posts, giving you blogging tips. But now, I’m in need for some blogging tips, concerning design. Help! I would really appreciate and thoughts, feedback or help! Thanks so much.


Okay, so in terms of books, let’s begin. Jodi Picoult has to be my new favourite author. I’ve just finished ‘Change of Heart’ and I loved it (you can be expecting a book review of it soon!). I’m currently reading ‘Nineteen Minutes’, also one of her pieces, and I’m loving it too. It’s about a boy, who was bullied, and murdered people as revenge. Interesting, right(and gruesome!) I’ve also been introduced to another amazing author ‘ Sarah Crossan’. I’ve read two books by her: ‘Apple and Rain’ and ‘Breathe’, both amazing books. I’m also hoping to read ‘One’ (I think it’s called) by her as well, which is about conjoined twins! That’s pretty much it for books, but please give me more book recommendations!

New Schedule

I am now posting every Monday and Saturday! I knew a routine was due and so here it is.  It is so helpful that you can schedule your posts on WordPress!


So, even though I haven’t done any exciting shopping yet, I am planning too. Let me introduce you to PaperBlanks!

What? I hear you say? What’s that? I was asking the same thing.

Okay, so PaperBlanks is a great place to buy Journals, mainly. You can also buy loads of other things like,

They are all amazing. Here’s my Shortlist of what journals I’m thinking of buying:


Ventaglio Marrone

Water Motion

Water Motion


Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes

It’s so hard to choose. They are little pricey, but I think they are worth it! You should definitely check them out!

Email List

So, After reading countless blogging tips, I have decided to create an email list! Just click the Follow Via Email Button on the sidebar and you will get the latest content from MyBookyLife. I would really appreciate email followers and there’s no harm in clicking a button, is there?

Monthly Booky Updates

So, I know this is the title of the post, but I just wanted to let you know, every month you can expect a post concerning ‘Booky Updates’, because who doesn’t want an update?

Top Ten Tuesdays And Posts

I’ve seen many other bloggers do ‘Top Ten Tuesdays’ and I was thinking should I?It looks like it would make a great blog, and it looks really fun! Let me know if you would like to see those posts or if I should go for it… Also, what kind of posts would you like to see this summer? Book reviews, recipes, tutorials, blogging tips? I would love to know!

Comment below with your thoughts on ‘Booky Updates’!Don’t forget to like and follow for posts every Monday and Saturday.

Sign Off



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    • I actually haven’t read the Water Fire Saga series, if I am being honest. (gasp!) They look like a good series, and I may read them. I think you should go for it and read the series, you never know, you could love it! sorry for the late reply!

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