Book Review | My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

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My Sister Lives on the MantelpieceMy Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have read a couple of other books by Annabel Pitcher like ‘Ketchup Clouds’ or ‘Silence In Goldfish’, which were absolutely amazing and this book was no exception.

Synopsis: The book’s main character is a ten-year-old boy called Jamie who has a sister called Jas. Ever since Jas’s twin sister, Rose, was blown up in a terrorist attack, the family have fallen apart. Mum has left, Dad drinks and the family begins to crumble. When Dad decided to move from London to a cosy cottage, Jamie finds himself in many hard situations. With the teasing at school becoming unbearable and the hope of Mum’s return is dying, Jamie is finding that the only one he can confide in is his cat, Roger. My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece is a truly beautiful and touching novel and a must-read for all.

My Thoughts:

1) The Mantelpiece. I think it was a bit odd that Roses’ body was um ‘disposed of’? of in two different ways. It was kinda like splitting her soul (HORCRUXES(HP FANS ONLY)). Half of her is buried in a graveyard and the other is cremated and the ashes live in an Urn on the mantelpiece. The family was a bit weird but you can’t blame them. Their daughter did die. This was a continuous theme throughout the book. It wasn’t the main focus but it showed how the family could never let go, especially the dad, of Rose even though she was already gone. It taught me that we have to move on because if we don’t it could affect our whole life and put us into misery. It could break family’s, hearts, lives. We have to look on and see the better things or we might take them for granted or not appreciate them.

2) Grieving. I feel there’s so many books, some for children, where there’s a whole story about how the child gets over a close family member’s death. This was so different. Jamie, instead of being depressed or sad, is completely happy. He hasn’t cried once or felt sad or unhappy. He doesn’t miss Rose at all. Everyone always comforts people by saying ‘It’s okay. Don’t cry. We have to move on’ but no-one says’ It’s fine not to feel something. You were only 5 when it happened.’ This is why I like this book because it’s so different and unique.

2) Roses’s Death. Okay, we found out, a bit later on in the book, how the twin, Rose, actually died. The book describes it as a terrorist bomb attack. The dad is adamant that ‘Muslims Killed My Daughter’. Which obviously has some truth but that doesn’t mean every Muslim is like that. Let’s just say that Islam, the religion, says nothing about killing and blowing up people for no reason. So, the Dad is wrong for believing that Muslims are some kind of disease and filthy. Muslims are people.

3) Sunya. Sunya is the class ‘weirdo’. And also happens to be Jamie’s first and only friend. As it’s a new school, Jamie finds it hard to fit in with everyone but Sunya befriends him immediately. At first, Jamie is reluctant, as Sunya is Muslim. If his dad found out, he would be dead. But, then, after Sunya’s helpful acts like getting Daniel, the big bully, back, Jamie decides that Sunya couldn’t be unfriendly or blow him up or anything like that. Especially as she has those sparkly, twinkly eyes. The book is also about loyalty and friendships. It’s about moral dilemmas. It’s about right and wrong. His father wouldn’t want him to be friends with a MUSLIM girl but Sunya’s nice and has never harmed him in any way. She is confident, loud, zealous and so friendly. If he wasn’t friends, it would be rude. He has to decide between being a good friend or a good child.

4)The Family. Mum. I hated the Mum. I kinda guessed it wasn’t here who sent the spider-man t-shirt. Didn’t she love her kids? I mean Jamie did so much for her as well as Jas. They entered a competition for her. They waited for her on Christmas. They waited for her on Parent’s Evening and she didn’t care. She tore the family apart. She left them and went to Egypt? She used that as an excuse. And, and, and she was just so rude, unthoughtful and annoying. SHE MY LEAST FAVOURITE CHARACTER.Dad. The only problem with the dad is that he drinks.he drinks a lot. It’s unfair that they have a bad Christmas and have to live a sad life just because of their dad’s bad habits. At the end of the book, he fixes himself up which is good. The cat’s nice too. At the talent show, both of the parents show up but it doesn’t go as planned so it didn’t even end properly. What?

5) Jas. I think Jas deserves her own section. She is the hero in this novel. At just 15-years olds, she takes the role of her mother, in her absence. She is just trying to be a good sister. She loves and cares for Jamie. The sibling relationship is just so sweet and amazing. They have each other and in this book, that’s what matters.

All in all, it was a great book, even though the ending wasn’t perfect but still, I enjoyed it a lot!
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