Respect Award!

Hi, Guys! After my achievement of 100 followers, I have been nominated for the Respect Award by Aditi Pallod! Thanks so much! If you don’t know Aditi’s blog (you’re missing out!) it’s a great place to read enthralling pieces of writing such as pretty poems and short stories as well as many other blogging topics like the ‘ABC’s of Blogging’. It’s a great place to be and I suggest you hop on over there now! (after you read this post, of course…) I’ve also had the honour to do a guest post (about newbie blogging tips) on there which you can check out here. So, without too much rambling, let’s begin the post.

The rules are just to answer the questions and place the picture above in your post!

What is respect and what does it mean to you?

Respect has to be earnt. It is not something you are automatically given. It is something precious that you shouldn’t lose. Everyone deserves your respect, the first time you meet them. They haven’t done anything to you, as it is your first encounter. However, if they do not respect you or lose that respect, then you shouldn’t have to respect them. Respect is like the finest, most precious, treasure. So treasure it and don’t lose it. Guard it with your life.

Who do you respect the most? 

I think I respect my mum the most. Okay, I should respect my mum the most. She has done a lot for me and she has earnt my respect.

Which bloggers have earned your respect?

So, in no particular order here are the respectful bloggers who I nominate:

  1. Jo SmithThe Inquisitive Writer, I love seeing her Lego masterpieces and her DIY posts! She is always commenting on my blog with her thoughts, being supportive and generally being respectful.
  2. Azura Sky, This blogger is an absolutely amazing one. I find her posts intriguing and sometimes inspirational. I also love reading some of her beautiful poetry. Her optimisticness (not sure that’s a word?) brightens my day! She has definitely earnt my respect.
  3. SitharaMusings Of A Mellow Mind. This blogger hasn’t posted in a while, as of her busy  school life. But, when she does post, she does it well. I adored her ’30 day blogging challenge’ where interesting topics are discussed. I also love her mini stories which are so suspenseful and mysterious.  I certainly think this blogger has earnt my respect.
  4. Midnight Ranter, love reading these posts. Her book reviews, her rants and generally her blog are absolutely amazing. This blogger, without a doubt, has earned my respect.

Dear Nominees, please link back ( or pingback) here so I can check out your awesome response to this post. 

Well, you should definitely check these bloggers out, you won’t regret it! I enjoyed this post so much and I’m super happy I was nominated. Comment below with your thoughts on ‘Respect’ and what it means to you. Don’t forget to like and follow for posts every Monday and Saturday!

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11 thoughts on “Respect Award!

  1. Wow I just found your blog and I love it so much! It feels very honest. Congrats on 100! I too just recently reached 100 followers! I would love if you checked out my blog and left feedback. Feel free to read my posts and give constructive criticism (be sure to like and follow if you like!)

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