Apologies And A Poem

Hi, Guys!

Before I even  dare to begin this post, I owe you some apologies! Yesterday’s post was named ‘short post’ where I wrote nothing really. To be honest, I had nothing to write. And, I wanted to stick to my schedule so I posted a pointless post. So, sorry about the fruitless post (which was 5 lines)long yesterday but I’m making up for it. I didn’t mean to concern anyone or anything, really! I’m as happy as can be! 🙂

Now to post my poem. I’ve never written poetry before so excuse the horrible jumble of words I’ve put together.

Trying To Change The World

I wanted to take the world by storm
I wanted it to transform
I wanted to stand up for my rights 
I wanted to climb the highest heights

I wanted Independence to be my middle name
I didn’t want the world to stand in shame
I wanted my ideas to spark off the biggest revolutions
I wanted to provide every solution

I wanted to be different.
I wanted to be anything but insignificant

But the world pushed me to the ground
They muffled my voice and sound

Crushed my dreams
Smothered my hope and made me scream!

Told me to think small
Told me to never stand up tall
Told me to blend in
Told me to never win

Told me I couldn’t be someone
Told me to never have fun
Told me I couldn’t stand out
Told me I couldn’t talk let alone shout

Now I’m an echo, bouncing from wall to wall

Ready to fail, ready to fall


So, It’s not much and certainly not very good. The rhymes are forced, it sounds to cliche, etc.. But,all the same, it was fun writing it!

Comment below with your thoughts. Should I do more poems? Did you like it? Improvements?

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Sign Off





16 thoughts on “Apologies And A Poem

  1. i LOVE this poem and think it’s super powerful and generally great! I especially love how you wrote it all in past tense except the last two lines which was just like BOOM WOW

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