Booky Updates

Hi, Guys! So June has gone and July is officially here. So let’s recap the past few weeks and introduce what the new month has to offer!

Let’s begin with a recap of June:

Awards and Achievements | June

So, June has been an exciting blogging month for me because I have achieved so much, I think.  So, as June began, I found myself struggling to believe my eyes. Yes, I reached 100 followers this June in just 6 MONTHS! You can check out my post here, all about it!

I was also nominated for the ‘Respect Award’ by Aditi Pallod and you can check out my response here! I am extremely grateful for this!  And, on top of that, I was nominated for 2 Liebster Awards this June. Wow, so many awards! Thanks for all the support guys!

My Posts | June

So, I began pushing my writing skills further last June by tinkering with rhymes and poems. I plucked up the courage to upload that random jumble of words, which was supposed to be poetry, onto my blog. I got good responses but people are too polite!

I also uploaded a post about useful websites for you guys which you can check out here. I thought this collection of helpful blogging websites would make a nice post! So, in terms of bookish posts, I’ve posted ‘How To Write A Good Book Review’ as well as a ‘Review |My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece‘.

You can chek put my monthly archive of June here!

Banner Designs | June

Okay, you’ve seen some of the pictures I’ve done for the ‘Featured Image’ of my posts. I like them, do you?  I’ve been on an endeavour to improve the style of my blog and I thought these looked pretty. I used Picmonkey or Ribbet to edit them.  Here are some I’ve used this month. What do you think of them? Too extra? Nice? Should I carry on? Not good?

What does the future hold?

 My Posts | July

I know I haven’t been posting much book reviews, which is odd because this is a book blog. But this July, you can expect loads of them. Also, I haven’t baked in a while so you can expect a few recipes. Please comment  below with what other posts you’d like to see this JULY!

Books | July

So, in terms of books… I’m not even going to start! There’s so much to talk about because I’ve  read so many books. I am gonna make  a separate post just for this!  I’ll add the link, once I do.

The Artistics | July

As some of you know, i joined a group blog recently and the magazine issue is nearly out!! I am so excited!  I also will be posting a piece of writing on there on July the 7th so keep an eye out for that!

Gardener | July

I’ve decided to grow a few plants, now that summer is here. I started on them a few weeks ago and they’re looking good. Just some sunflowers and an occasional carrot! I will be posting some pics soon!

After  July

After July it is the SUMMER HOLIDAYS! So, to keep me busy I will be posting a lot more and the posts should be better quality.

Sorry if this was a long post, there was a lot to update you guys on. To check out all Booky Updates, click here.

Comment below with your thoughts on ‘Booky Updates’. Be sure to like and follow for posts every Monday and Saturday!

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