In URGENT need of HELP from YOU!

Hi, Guys! So, upon watching some blogging tip videos, I realised that to make my blog better for me and you, I needed a survey. So, please, take less than 3 minutes of your time to complete it! It would really help me improve my blog and DON’T be nice, be HONEST!

MyBookyLife Survey

Thanks in advance!  I really appreciate it!


In the ‘improvement’ box on the last question, It would really be helpful if you link back to your other answers. So, if you said, ‘it’s hard to navigate around’ in that box, say why and I could fix it! And then, you can on to say you’re other improvements. If you have any other queries, comment below!

UPDATE 19th July 2016 (Tuesday):

Thanks for all the responses so far (8). They have been really helpful and I will be soon accustoming my blog to your needs!!

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