Everything You Need To Know About Book Blogging

Why do I book blog? Is there really any point? It’s not like I get paid or someone has hired me. I just blog about books. Nothing Special.

With million of book bloggers out there, what makes me unique? Out of the hundreds of amazing blogs you can find, why do I even bother? Is there truly anything I’m getting out of this? Writing posts every Monday and Saturday. Using up time, typing up posts about a book I just read? Umm, really? Who wants to read that?

The History Of Book Blogging

Blogs (not yet sites) were introduced 1990’s. There is no specific time for when BOOK blogging emerged but they began to appear in newspapers and many other places, like magazines. Reviews of books began cropping up everywhere. And then of course, as technology evolved, book ‘blogs’ moved from paper to online. This is where Blogger or WordPress, began.

What Does A Book Blogger Actually Do?

Book blogging may just seem like a piece of cake. Read a book. Upload a review on to your site. And yes, that’s the skeleton of the blog. There’s a lot more, though. Book blogging , as all blogging, means you have to be committed. Setting up a Goodreads account, collecting your thoughts for a book review, taking your time reading a book, guest posting, the list could go on. We actually have to do a lot. Yes, it’s not physically back-breaking work but sometimes it can get a little tiring writing up and thinking up fresh new post ideas for your readers. I really enjoyed this post from a blog, PaperFury, where she discussed what we actually do!

What’s the Benefits of Book Blogging?

Book Promoting

Well, for one, if you’re an author, a blog is the best place to promote it. On your site, the reader knows that this is the author, and maybe finds it more personal when they read that book!

It forces you to read.

You know that book gathering dust on your TBR list, yeah. That one. Stuck for an idea for your blog site, you reluctantly pick it up and move it to the Currently Reading pile. And then soon it’s reached the ‘read’ stack and you can upload a review!

Improves Writing Skils

When writing a review on your blogging site, it’s hard to collect your thoughts so that your readers understand and can comprehend your post. You can easily lose yourself within your writing and book blogging, improves your writing skills because you know someone is going to read ‘that’ so you gotta make ‘that’ good.

Finding Other Book Bloggers.

It’s nice to know someone shares the same opinions on a book and its’ great to discuss the morals of a book you read. It’s a lot of food for thought. It gets ya thinking about a book, in so many different ways. Was this book actually about friendships and not what it seemed like? Or why did the author do this or that?

A Hobby

Book Blogging gives you something to do. Other than lazing around, you’ve got to keep yourself in check. It’s almost like a hobby.

Why People Read Book Blogs

Should I Buy This Book?

Normally, it’s to make a life-changing decision. Should i invest my money in this book? Usually, you take a look at some reviews on a blogging site and make that heart-breaking decision.

Relate To Others

Maybe you’ve just read a book. You want to know what everyone else thought, right? A book site is a perfect place to do just that. Discussions, thoughts, everything you need!

New Reading Material

Looking for a new book? On a book blog, that’s just around the corner! Book blogs give you loads of new recommendations!

Entering Giveaways

Loads of book blogs host giveaways on their sites, so loads of people are always checking for a chance to get a freebie or two.

And Finally, Why I book blog?

To be honest,

  1. I’m bored. I need something to do.
  2. I LOVE books so I need my own personal book HAVEN
  3. I love getting responses and finding out about other book worms
  4. I like to write and get my voice heard!

I will never EVER book blog for money. I don’t see the point. How can your readers trust your opinion, you could just be saying it’s good for some money!  I don’t generate ay income from this blog. I don’t promote any book blogs or products, only out of choice!

Why do you visit book blogs? Did I miss something out? Did you enjoy this post? Was this helpful? Can you relate? Have I inspired YOU to book blog? Have I cleared some things up for you?

Whatever it is, comment below with your thoughts on Book Blogging!

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9 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Book Blogging

  1. Awesome post, mate!

    Personally, I write reviews on books to vent out all the feelings I’ve felt while reading the book, and to psychologically be able to move on to another piece (I get too attached to the story). So you could say it’s a bit of a release, really. And it was all leisure and for fun.

    But reading your post, I’m starting to think that I should be more serious about it and more punctual. So thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Book Blogging, a piece of cake. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Every time I hear that, I want to smack someone. My friends and family don’t understand how much time and effort it takes to maintain a blog, let alone about books. It takes passion for keeping it afloat because without the drive, it’s easy to give up!
    The reason behind my blog at first was that I needed a place to improve my writing. Even though I feel it hasn’t been so successful, I found so many other reasons to continue that it is okay 🙂 I love sharing my love (or lack of) about a book or a character, so I’ve learnt it’s okay if my writing is not so good yet, as long as my feelings are understood.
    Great post:)

    Liked by 1 person

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