Writing Prompt | No Turning Back

Hi, fellow human beings!! So today I was very stuck on what to write. I write a lot of creative pieces in a little notebook of mine, so I thought, remember that time I posted a poem? Well, it gave me enough courage, to give you the honour of reading a little something i put together, way past my bedtime! Haha, but anyways. It’s a writing prompt. Feel free to use it , but link back (pingback) here, so I can see how you interpreted it!

Writing Prompt- ‘There’s no turning back now.’

If only she could have thought it through. Here she was in the middle of Nowhere, lost and about to risk her life ,and maybe take one, and yet no idea how she could’ve been so foolish. She picked up the wand that she had been given.It was cold and smooth and felt heavy even though it couldn’t possibly weigh more than a few grams. She ran her fingers along the edge until she came across a little bump in the wood. Carefully, out of curiosity, she twisted the knob and immediately wished she hadn’t.Curiosity had killed the cat. The wand was even bigger and heavier now, but a misty light was now illuminating the forest, beaming into each corner of Nowhere. Someone was sure to find her now. She has been secretly hoping that keeping herself unheard or unseen would be enough to keep her safe. There was already mud in her hair and nails and an obvious stench that followed her every move. What would her mother think? She laughed at the thought, but it turned into a desperate  cry as she saw a figure approaching. There was no time to think, she dropped the stick , her last hope of survival, as it clunked to the ground, and ran further into Nowhere, where she could never be found.

There’s no turning back now, she thought, her last thought until…

I hope you enjoyed that little extract! It was a little cliche but you can’t please everyone! I can’t wait to see how you use the prompt(please ping back here so I can be nosy!):)

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