Review | Moth Girls By Anne Cassidy + Huge Shoutout!!

Moth GirlsTitle: Moth Girls

Author: Anne Cassidy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I picked this up from my local library a few days ago. I had heard of Anne Cassidy and plunged into this book with not much expectation.


Moth Girls is a story of friendships, guilt, and disappearances.
Mandy is like any other girl , growing up as she tries to fit in at her new high school. Feeling excluded, she joins two girls, Tina Pointer and Petra Armstrong who are willing to become her friend but not to welcome her into their own band ,’The Red Roses’. As Mandy struggles to be liked by the two girls, she finds that she is not brave enough to be truly accepted in their group. As Petra and Tina, obsess over a mysterious house, they soon disappear and Mandy blames solely herself.
After 5 years of searching, Mandy is determined to find out what happened to the two girls, known as the ‘Moth Girls’. It turns out, there is a lot more stories behind their disappearances than anyone ever thought.

Moth Girls Blurb.JPG



Mandy Crystal.

We see her as an insecure, guilt-filled, and sad girl throughout the whole book. Someone who is scared of breaking promises and guilty of liking someone. Someone who is scared, to tell the truth just because it costs her something, and someone desperate to make friends. Someone crying for answers and someone who has very little faith.

Petra and Tina(AKA the Red Roses).

Later in the book, we find out more about the ‘past’. Tina is a very likeable but annoying character. She is too gullible and clingy to Petra. Too scared to stand up for herself. On the other hand, she is nice, friendly and bright. Petra, well her character is certainly not nice but you can understand why when you look at her family life.

Problems with the book:

The social worker’s shoddy job annoyed me! Of course, the dad was hitting Petra, do you not check up on her? How can you trust her words and not the bruises? Sometimes, you think Petra is to blame, for being so scared of telling someone. But come on, she is scared, she’s lost her Mum and her own Dad has turned against her. What can you expect?

Anne introduced the prospect of friends and school life into the book as well as mystery. I liked that Many had a social life but it was never solved. It was just plonked in the book and then dismissed as if it was never written! If you’re gonna do something, do it properly!

The perspective was another thing I didn’t like. The book was written in 3rd Person, but it felt, well I felt like, it should’ve been written in 1st person. The author continuously wants to get inside Mandy’s head but can’t as we aren’t actually seeing it from her point of view. There are sometimes when the book focuses on Petra in the ‘past’ sections of the book. If this was in 1st person, it would’ve been perfect for a perspective change! Also, we never got to see any parts focused mainly on Tina and it seemed a little unbalanced.

Hate or Great

Petra’s Dad was the most hated character in this book by me, of course! He drunk, he killed and he didn’t care. He thought Sorry was the way to make up for things. Sorry doesn’t quite cut it when you’ve left your daughter alone and scared and mixed up in crimes and killings and faking her life. Yeah, ‘Sorry’.

Zofia was by far my favourite character. Loving, Caring and Cunning, what’s not to love? She was brave as she fought against the injustice of Petra’s Life. She was loving towards Petra, going shopping and making her feel like a proper daughter. And clever to make an escape plan that saved everyone.

What I loved

Well, what to say. One thing that really stuck out for me was the pace. Not too slow, not too fast. Cassidy hit the nail on the head with how fast this story developed. I don’t think any other book could’ve been better put together. But, Tina’s story was so rushed. Near the end, i feel like Anne had just given up on the book and wanted it over and done with. We get a full explanation of Petra and Many’s life but Tina was just put to the side. Her mum, Alison Pointer, is mentioned throughout the book but that wasn’t enough for me.

Moth Girls Inside.JPG

I liked how the book was split into parts, ‘Past’ and ‘Present’. The flow of the book was better with this and it made it easier to read and understand.

Moth Girls Parts.JPG


A very well paced book, an enticing mystery, and a few minor plot twists along the way. Moth Girls is a gripping novel! All in all, it was a good book, which is why it received 4 stars!! I recommend to Mystery lovers, like me!

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