Adding Blog Buttons To Your Site

After a couple of requests for a blog button post, I decided this was topic would make a great blog post. I’m here to talk about Blog Buttons.

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What are blog buttons?

Blog Buttons are a way to show your appreciation or support of a particular blog. Before social media was around, blog buttons played a big role in getting promoted and noticed. Now, however, that we can easily share to ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’, blog buttons have begun to slowly go out of popularity but are still used by many bloggers.

So, why should I get one?

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Blog Buttons may be old school but serve many purposes. Here are my top 5:
  1. It’s a great way to get more traffic to your site
  2. It’s a way to show your support or appreciation to a specific blog
  3. It shows if you’re committed to blogging
  4. You can show off your designing skills
  5. It’s authentic and cute and more personal

Okay, but how does the whole ‘blog button’ deal actually work?

Blog Buttons are an individual ‘button’, created optionally by the author of the blog. They will create an image, like the one below and then leave some code beneath it. This is so loyal readers and fans can copy and paste that code into their own text widget and promote that blog. The code posted will automatically create the image shown on the original blog. When clicked, it will take the visitor to the original blogger’s blog so the promotion works and drives the blog more traffic, as intended!
Amazing, I’m ready to make one!
Hold your horses, before you start creating and shaping, you need to make an image for you blog button!

How do I create a worthy image?

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Simple. Canva, Picmonkey, Ribbet. I used Picmokey but would’ve been extremely happy with using Canva which I discovered later. Tinker with each one and find which one you like. You can find images to use at Shutter Stock or on Pixabay and many other sites! Have fun! Don’t make it too complex and packed, keep it simple and pretty! Be sure it says your blog name clearly otherwise it won’t serve its purpose! Don’t worry if your, not a graphic designer, I’m not. The websites I listed above are extremely easy to use and if you are stuck,  there is always Google with amazing tutorials and walkthroughs!Be sure to save your image and upload to your  media library.
If you have any problems with this, tell me in the comments, I’d be happy to help you in any way I can!

Great, how do I make my image into an actual ‘blog button’?

There are TONS of tutorials out there. Some very detailed and hard to follow. Luckily for me and you, i found a BLOG BUTTON CREATOR!! How cool is that? IT’s called THE GRAB BUTTON CREATOR from CODEITPRETTY. It’s all pretty self-explanatory
Follow the instructions!

Super, but, well, how can I use it?

I don’t know about Blogger, but WordPress is easy. Access your widgets and add it in your sidebar, footer etc… Juts copy and paste the code given to you in the last column on the site into a ‘text’ widget.
Ta da! Your blog button ready made! Now your blog is looking super cool and perfect!
Happy Blogging!

Extra help and technical problems

The site says I need an ‘Image URL’?

Okay, so you know the image you created. You need to save that image onto your computer. Then upload it to you WordPress Media Files by accessing

WP Dashboard- Media – Add new – Upload

Or by simply adding it to a post.

After you have uploaded the blog button image to the media library, access the ‘Edit button’. It will take you to an ‘Edit Media’  page, copy the URL in the ‘File URL’  Paste the link into the ‘Image URL field. Simple!

How big should it be?

300 x 225 (width x height). This is what I used but you can use any dimension. Any bigger will just be too big, but smaller is fine, as long as they can see the button clearly.

Blog URL

This is just your blog link. So access your site and copy and paste! (

The code below is not showing up, just my image again?

So instead of the code displaying below your image, you just get your image again!In ‘widgets’ click the ‘Automatically add paragraphs’. This should fix your problem!

Don’t forget to grab mine!

Copy and paste the code from my sidebar into a text widget on your blog. I appreciate the support!

Any more problems? More help? Stuck with something? A bug? Not working? Errors? Comment below with your problems or difficulties, I’ll do what I can! 

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9 thoughts on “Adding Blog Buttons To Your Site

  1. Wooow. Thanks for sharing. You put a lot of work into this, Well Done. I’m stuck with Canva ever since I discovered it, pretty awesome and fast, I no longer have to use PS. I never thought of having a blog button but I think am going to add one. Haha. Thanks to tons of troubleshooting and neck pains, am pretty much familiar with these details you shared. Thanks again.

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