Are Audiobooks Your Cup Of Tea?


Audiobooks were introduced quite a while ago. While some people love them and some hate them, the majority are unsure about why they should go from the comfort of reading a physical book in their hands to listening to someone read their bedtime story?

I was a bit unsure , too, at first. How could I even pay attention to someone actually reading the book? I would just hate it, wouldn’t I?

How can you know  you hate it, if you don’t give it a shot?

Trusting my heart, I went along and tried out Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and listened to it.

I LOVED it. But not everyone does, I realised. And some, like you or maybe not like you, don’t know whether audiobooks are right up their street or not. This is why I created this post for why you should listen to audiobooks! Read on!


Here are 5 complaints or maybe problems we have with physical copies which can be fixed with Audiobooks.

  1.  ” I don’t have  enough time to read books”

While books are just AMAZING, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in your job, bills and well LIFE. We don’t all have the time to take a few minutes of our busy lives, reading. This can be a real pain for the ‘busy book-lover’. But Audiobooks are the perfect solution! While doing the important things, you can also do the thing you love: read. You could be doing your job but there would be no harm in just popping your headphones in and listening to a good book.  

  1. “I Don’t know how to pronounce ‘that’ word written”

You know when there’s some really weird names or places that authors makeup but you have absolutely no clue how to pronounce them? And if the books not that famous, you can’t find any way to even guess how to say it? With Audiobooks, you’ll have zero trouble with that. I remember in my Audiobook there were a few, umm, weird names but because I was listening to it, I knew that when I was talking to someone about that book, I would be able to say the word!

  1. “Books are too bulky to carry around”

Some books are just too big to carry around but you really want to finish them. You can’t take them with you but you don’t want to leave them at home. But you have your phone or tablet with you, right? No doubt about it. Audible is probably the best app to install onto your device and all you need is a pair of headphones and a book to listen to. If you have long journeys to pass on public transport then audiobooks are so convenient!  

  1. “I’ve got a never-ending TBR list”

Yeah, we all do. On Goodreads, I think I’ve got about over 100. We either are too lazy to go to the bookstore or library, or simply don’t have enough time. This  is similar to the first one. You can read your books whilst you are doing chores, being bored or painting your room. Imagine how many books you could get through in a week, let alone a month!

  1. “I’m visually impaired”

This may be a sensitive topic, but this was why audiobooks were introduced in the first place. In 1970, the government introduced Audiobooks for those who were blind. Maybe you have eye strain? I don’t know, but with Audiobooks it makes it a piece of cake to read books for those who can’t see clearly. 

And, here are my top 3 benefits of listening to Audiobooks

  1. Uplifting

I did my research and apparently, like music, listening to a book can be ‘uplifting’. I’m not sure that I felt uplifted, but I wasn’t exactly sad, was I? Maybe if you’re sad or just having a bad day, listening to someone read will give you the comfort of a bedtime story read by your loved ones. I’m not too sure on that one, though…

  1. More engaging

Some audio books are just really fun to listen to. Especially if the person talking, puts of funny voices for each character and has a scary voice for scary parts. I really enjoy those audiobooks. They make reading  much more lively and could encourage children to read more.

  1. More comprehension

If you’re reading a book for school and you need to take notes and jot things down, then maybe audiobooks could be really helpful. While physical copies make it easier to take notes and highlight quotes, listening to a book ensures you don’t skim through and proves more comprehension. Sometimes you have to squish up your notes as there’s not much space extra in a book or maybe you use a separate piece of paper anyways. You can get through your school textbook much quicker and pick up hidden meanings you probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

So, there it is. Don’t shy away from listening to your favourite books. You have no excuses! I’ve given you enough reasons to download the Audible app and plug in your headphones! If you’re not sure about Audible, make sure you get the 30-day free trial to test it out!

Do you love audiobooks? Are you too scared to try them out? Has this post convinced you in any way? Installing the app now? Are Audiobooks your cup of tea? Whatever it is… Comment below with your thoughts!

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Sign Off


P.S I didn’t post a ‘WWW Wednesday’ Post because I haven’t done much reading lately. You can expect the bookish hop next week! I hope you understand and have a lovely day ahead of you 🙂




17 thoughts on “Are Audiobooks Your Cup Of Tea?

  1. This is a great post that got me thinking! I personally have not listened to an entire audiobook but I’m not exactly sure why either because I’m not totally opposed to them. No doubt if I did listen to one though I would see the appeal 🙂

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    • Thank you! I’ve only listened to one, but that’s because I only like audiobooks read by somebody’s voice that is appealing. Some voices are just eww. And some books are not even available in audiobook format! 🙂

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  2. I love audiobooks for several reasons, some of which you listed but also I can listen while still being able to use both hands. What I don’t like is if I fall asleep it is more difficult to find where I left off at. Thanks for sharing a cup of tea!

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  3. This has been something I have been thinking about for awhile now. In the summertime, I have such long commutes every day from my cabin to work. (over 40 min one way) I would love to fill that time with an audio book but I am have never tried it. I was kind f thinking that it might not be as good as reading it yourself but I trust your opinion, I think I will give this a go. I will let you know what I think.

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  4. Being visually impaired myself — totally blind, in fact — reading print books just isn’t an option for me. I read Braille, and love to do so, but this presents some of the same problems as people have with print books: they are too bulky (many times bigger than print books), and they require your full attention. Audio books produced for the blind, by organisations such as the RNIB, are often performed by, frankly, poor voice atcors, which put me off audio books. However, when I discovered Audible, my opinion of audio books changed entirely — I am now on the tow-books-per-month subscription on, and I love it 🙂

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  5. I listen to the Archers on the radio so maybe I should look into audio books. Wonder what Shakespeare would be like on audio -I’m having a Shakespeare themed blog party next week even though I struggle to engage with Shakespeare. But maybe audio book would work as could pause if getting lost unlike watching a play. Feel free to change contribute to the party next week.

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  6. I LOVE audiobooks- long commutes or road trips are perfect opportunities to get a story fix. It’s also a way to make “reading” a community experience. My husband and I can both listen and discuss in real time, versus reading the same book and maybe discussing it afterwards. Like so many things, audiobooks are an “and” to my reading life, not an “or.” Thanks for the post!

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