Back To School Preparation, DIYs, and Tips! (FREE Printable Included!)

I was flicking through my calendar, as humans do, and I nearly screamed! On my calendar, scrawled in very messy handwriting were the words ‘Back 2 school’.When did I learn to speak Japanese? What does this mean? I do not understand. I can not comprehend. I…. I’m lost for words.

I managed to calm down after some serious therapy.

I don’t know about you, but my holidays are nearly over! What? Yep, I’m officially going ‘back to school’ in a week. Trust me, I’m scared!

I haven’t touched my school stuff once this holidays. I’ve avoided thinking about the dreaded homework and exams. I’ve haven’t even glanced at the things that need sorting out.

But no matter how much I’m dreading it, I’m secretly excited. I love getting my school supplies ready, the fresh smell of an ironed uniform, trying out my new accessories! It’s all so wonderful!

Anyways, I decided to show you what exactly I do get ready for the new school year. I’ll be sharing some handy posts I found, some DIYs and how to really prepare you for another year of dreadfulness! Let’s get started!

School Supplies

What I have and what you need:

Pen, highlighters, erasers, rulers etc…

I love colour coding, rainbow splashing and painting my workbooks and revision notes up all and making it all look pretty. Just buy some coloured biros or pop into your local stationery store!

Also look out for some amazing DIYs from Janie at the ‘All Things Lovely’ blog, where she will post some whacky ‘back to school’ tutorials including an EOS highlighter! I’m so excited for that post, seriously!


I found this really great notebook tutorial here over at the Artsy Teen blog. Check it out here!  Maya  has also  just posted some really great and whacky school supplies DIYS as well as the notebook, so be sure to check that out. They’re really awesome!

School bag:

I’m in love with mine! I bought mine a while ago, as i told you in my shopping haul post, but I can’t wait to use it!

Sticky notes:

You know how you’re always forgetting to bring in something for school or complete’that’ homework. Sticky notes are a life saver. Stick them where you know you’ll look. On your laptop screen, on the back of your phone, on your mirror, in your diary. The possibilities are endless!

Alarm clock:

Ste your alarm! Whether it’s on your phone or on your actual clock, don’t oversleep on your first day!! Keep that punctuality and attendance scores high!


If your school provides you with one or they don’t get one! Keep track of your homework, projects and exams!

5 Step DIYs

So, I’ve already given you the links to some awesome DIYs but what about my own. Here are some quick ideas:

Memory Jar

It’s a brand new school year. School can be fun, tiring but busy. After this school year (time flies) look back on each memory you had on a random day and laugh!

  1. Get a bit of paper (keep a pad and rip a bit of  it each day) and write down 1 or 2 words about that day. Nothing special. But do you want to design it? YEAH!
  2. Get some paint and a brush
  3. Use 2 colours and paint your jar to your heart’s content
  4. Leave it to dry
  5. You have your own Memory Jar!


Quote Board

Feel motivated each morning with a ‘quote of the day’

  1. Get a notice board/whiteboard
  2. Scroll through Pinterest/Brain for quotes
  3. Write it down before you go to sleep
  4. Put it on your bedside table
  5. When you wake, feel motivated by reading that quote and be ready for school!

Bits and Bob holder

Sticky notes, paperclips, pen lids,  bits and bobs that you have no idea where to put. Lose no longer!

  1. Get an empty plastic bottle (wash it out)
  2. Cut it in half
  3. Wrap some decorative card/paper around the bottle
  4. design and customise
  5. Add your bit’s and bobs

There you have it, 3 quick DIYs for school!

Top Ten Tips for dealing with school life

  1. Be focused
  2. Have fun
  3. Be organised
  4. Read and follow my blog
  5. Study
  6. Don’t stress too much for exams
  7. Keep up with homework and projects
  8. Don’t get in the teacher’s bad books!
  9. Revise for exams
  10. Bend the rules a little!

Extras (Free Printable!)

I’ve created an awesome ‘Back 2 school’ printable for you guys. It’s nothing special but I hope you enjoy! And if you do love it, I  would appreciate if you subscribed to my email list?

Download the PDF File here:


Back To School Printable

Here’s an idea of the things included:


That’s it! I hope you like the printable and all my tips!

Get school sorted!

I’m not the only one thinking about school…

Are you going back to school? Are you excited or not? Have you already started? How were you holidays? How are YOU getting ready for school? Whatever it is…

Don’t forget to like and follow for posts every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday!

Sign Off



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