My Bookish Updates | September (200 FOLLOWERS?)

Tomorrow is the first day of September and School! August and July have been very relaxed months because it was my summer holiday and I was just basking in the freedom(and the sun, of course)! If you’d like to see an archive of August, click here


So, I thought I’d better update you on what’s going on.


I was just checking my stats and well I’ve got, 200 FOLLOWERS.  Thank you, everyone so much, this is a massive achievement for me. I can’t thank enough for the support. I remember when I got 100 and was excited. Now I’m at 200! Wow,people said it wouldn’t be long and it’s only been 2/3 months since I got 100. I really can’t thank you enough…

Screenshot 2016-08-31 at 16.39.51.png

No More Blogging Schedule

I know my blogging schedule has only been introduced this June but it’s too much. It was fine for the holidays as I could fit in enough time. But from now onwards, I’m going  to ditch my blogging schedule and here’s why:


  1. Not enough time (school)
  2. Post ideas running out
  3. Not good quality posts
  4. Too often
  5. Too structured, I want to post whenever I feel inspired


But this doesn’t mean less frequent  posts or shorter posts. It could, but I’m going to write when inspired. Maybe once a week or twice a week. I’ll definitely be posting just not THREE times a week.  Maybe this will result in my blog being less ‘great’ but this blog is for me and my rules! I’ve scheduled some posts just in case too…

Back 2 School

Yes, I’m ‘Back 2 School’ and this means being more busy and slower replies and well just being less active on WordPress. But, I should be able to keep on top of everything. I showed you my shopping haul and handed out a free school printable along with some DIYs and Tips for the new school year!



New pages and design!

So, nothing drastic has taken place. Just and update of pages and widgets really. A new header image and a new blog button designed by Janie at the Blog Of All Things Lovely. I also got a disclaimer image done from Farah Edz at the Girl With Coffe’.Girl With Coffe’. Don’t they just look wonderful?


My Bookish Life-2.jpg
My New Blog Button By Janie


My Disclaimer Image



New Name?

Yeah, so the name is ‘My BOOKISH Life’. The URL is still My Booky Life but I’m updating every page and post to match my new name. If you find a post where it’s still BookY then comment there and tell me, please! I’m working as fast as I can…


So, that’s it! My Bookish Updates for September. See you soon, happy September!

Sign Off


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