Review | Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (Parts 1 and 2 script) *SPOILERS INCLUDED!*

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two (Harry Potter, #8)Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two by J.K. Rowling

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I was going to make this review spoiler free but I need to get my feelings out about this book so if you haven’t read Cursed Child yet and want to, grab some tea and the book, read it and then come back here to agree with everything I say! 


Ahem, now we have got that over with, let’s begin!

Harry Potter finished with the Deathly Hallows. I LOVED the ending, and while I didn’t mind reading a continuation to this series, J.K Rowling just can’t let go of the Wizarding World and some could argue that’s not the greatest thing and I might have to agree, just this once.

First Impressions:

I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I GOT THIS!!! It was so lovely and smooth and shiny!! I had been wanting to read it FOREVER! I’d been avoiding any spoilers or anything so I could enjoy this to the fullest!

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Characters | My Thoughts


My favourite character by far. Scorpius is just such an amazing, sweet character. You can not argue with that at all. Seriously, he’s brave, kind, considerate, EVERYTHING! The rumour about Scorpius being VOLDEMORT’S SON? Did I read that right?

And, people adored the friendship between Albus and Scorpius but…


Albus was just, just. So annoying. I really don’t see how he befriended Scorpius. ‘Oh, My Dad hates me, lalajhdajshdkja’. ‘Oh my, I’m in Slytherin!’ Okay, stop attention seeking, seriously! Just, GAH! Okay, shut up. Stop time turning, okay? Stop trying to be some genius and save Cedric Diggory? Just no. Stop acting like that everyone supposed to be perfect. I just think he was really spoilt, to be perfectly honest with you. 


Excuse me? You never had a father figure? Ahem, have you forgotten  Sirius, Lupin, Dumbledore etc… Excuse me? Thank you very much.

I get that Harry was trying to be a good father but he’s really not cut out for it.He made all the wrong decisions Seriously. Go back to saving the world, please? Harry as a dad? I was kinda freaked…


I think Ron was given such a small role. I know he was kinda irrelevant in the real series, but still? A little more lines to Ron or just exclude him completely? He just sounded like some dumbo who didn’t know what he was doing.


Sorry, Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange  had a DAUGHTER??This is just one step too far. Voldemort=evil. Children=nice. DO NOT GO TOGETHER. Can we just forget this, please? Please?


Another of my favourite characters. I would love to have seen more of her but she was great! I think I would have loved to see all her friends and laughs.

The Rest

Time Turner Plot

So, this was the so-called ‘genius’ plot that Rowling came up with. Seriously? JUST SERIOUSLY? I already disliked Prisoner Of Azkaban because of the time-turning passages and a whole book about it? Ahem, no. It was all too unrealistic. It was just like ruining the books before because you know that Harry’s son had been in those scenes.

Voldemort Returns…

I don’t think this is fully solved. Um, okay Delphi has Voldemort’s blood but…MMM That wasn’t wrapped up well…

The Format:

So I was obviously put off by the fact that it was in  a script  format.It was a big downside. Scripts are supposed to be acted and spoken not read. And I know people still enjoyed it but It was hard to read, I admit. The dialogue was just a bit different and not something that appealed to me. Also, the time progressions and the scene changes were hard to keep up with even with the additional information given. As I said, the script really didn’t sit well with me because of the other Harry Potter books, were  in a normal format so it was hard to read but I kinda got used to it as I carried on reading.

Draco And Harry….

Draco and Harry are actually not fighting. Tell me how this is happening? Though you can sense the underlying hate between them, aha!


No… I really don’t think this matches up to the mischievous magic and spells in the original Harry Potter Series. And even though there were polyjuice potions and time travel as well as an invisibility cloak, I didn’t get that sensation of excitement when reading it…

The Golden Trio, Not So Golden?

I really don’t think Harry, Ron and Hermoine, resembled anything of their past. Of course, they changed because they grew up, but none of their personalities was any bit the same. They were unrealistic, weird and so different.

They were not so golden.

Ron acting idiotic

Hermoine not so determined

Harry being a bad father and having a disgusting personality.


I read this over the course of 2 days and I was obviously hooked. The storyline(s) was a very great  but there was some other parts of the story which were very unrealistic and kind of ruined the series. It’s great to see the characters and the trio all grown up and their children but- but I’m still a bit confused about why this happened (THE BOOK)  it really did not work for me at some points. Some people are reading it as though it’s fan fiction which it kinda was. Rowling said she’d never return but she did just for the fans and for some more money!

Did I like this book? Yes, but it was nothing like the magical world I remember, it’s more of a mature kind of book. This is not meant to be read. This is meant to be watched. You may be very disappointed with this book. I have mixed feelings about this ‘book’, but I think I’d enjoy watching this as a play much better than reading this.

What did you think of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child? Was it a hit or miss for you? Are you avoiding reading it because you’re scared it’ll ruin Harry Potter? Have you watched the play? Dying to read it?Whatever it is….


Sign Off



22 thoughts on “Review | Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (Parts 1 and 2 script) *SPOILERS INCLUDED!*

  1. I wasn’t too impressed with it either. Honestly, my favorite thing of the whole book was Scorpius. I kinda like the Time-Turner plot to an extent, but that’s me. I hated how the Trio was portrayed and I wasn’t fond of Albus either. I’ve honestly read fanfiction better than this. I think if JK Rowling had written a novelized version of this, it might’ve been better… then again, the whole Delphi thing was just, WHY???

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only person who wasn’t overly thrilled with the outcome of this book.

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  2. Awesome review! You were so spot on with the characters, especially Scorpius and Albus! Like you, I did enjoy it overall, but there was so much about it that just really turned me off and had me wondering why this was a thing in the first place?? (also, I meant to read this when you posted it; sorry it took me FOREVER)

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  3. I hadn’t read your review before as I hadn’t read the book yet but I came back after reading it just like you said.. And I have to say.. I do agree with everything here! I really felt that it wasn’t magical like the orginal 7 books. And the thing about Voldemort and Bellatrix’s child… I mean cmon!!

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  4. I think most people had mixed feelings about this book as there were some nostalgic moments and I kind of loved we got a new side of the trolley witch, but everything was like bizarro Harry Potter world. I think possibly the worst plot was Voldemort and Bellatrix’s child, it’s a little wtf??!! Anyway, great review!

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    • Yes, some people loved it, and some people hated it and some had mixed feelings. I guess in some ways it was great to return the Wizarding World after so long, but there were some really messed up parts like Delphi and the time-turner plot but thank you!

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  5. Great review! This expresses so many things I thought but didn’t want to say because I’d hate to say anything negative about anything Harry Potter. The part the spoke out to me the most was how you felt it ruined the other books because you knew Albus was in certain scenes. I literally thought that when I was reading it, I thought I’d never be able to go back to the books and read them the same way. That really bothered me. I like to think of it as something separate to the rest of the books, like a fanfic or whatnot but I don’t like to think of that as something that actually happened.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading my post. I honestly didn’t think this lived up to the Wizarding World I knew so well. Everything was so different and it was a bit stupid. If Albus when back in time and that happened, why didn’t that stuff happen in the actual Harry Potter series. Yes, he changed most of it back but it wasn’t thought out well.


  6. Cursed Child was a huge disappointment and NOTHING like the previous books.
    I completely agree with you, especially on this: “Voldemort=evil. Children=nice. DO NOT GO TOGETHER. Can we just forget this, please? Please?”- how did you put that disgusted feeling in words???

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  7. This is literally everything I thought when I read the book! Though, I did love seeing the Trolley Witch in action! Scorpius was adorable and Albus was a complete spoilt brat (I didn’t like James Sirius Potter much either- another spoilt brat!). I never liked the Time Turner, even in the magical world I didn’t like the idea of changing time (although looking through memories was a stroke of genius in the books!). I quite liked Rose and certainly shipped Scorose – who doesn’t?! The Golden Trio really didn’t seem very united at all, although I actually quite enjoyed seeing them *getting along* with Draco. I was also disappointed we didn’t see Neville or Luna! You’re right the book felt more adultish and didn’t satisfy the craving of magical goodness that I’m sure everyone had after finishing Deathly Hallows. Plus Voldemort having children is just not right- Voldemort is unable to love! Also I love your commitment to your blog (replying to all the comments!) and I’ll definitely be visiting more often! Also, I just realised how long this is- sorry! And (sorry for spam) I’d really, really appreciate it if you checked out my blog as I’m a new blogger!

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    • I’m so glad we agree on so much!I’d love to have seen way more of words – and yes, I’m pretty sure one of the major messages of HP was that though Voldemort COULDN’T LOVE? I’d love to check out your blog and thanks for your comment. YES, where were Neville and Luna?

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