How To Make Pinterest Your Blogging Best Friend

Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social networking site and for blogging it could be your best friend.

Pinterest has been around for a while but has slowly become the perfect place to attract readers, interact and blog easily.  And even though Facebook and Twitter are slightly ahead, Pinterest lets your content look appealing with graphics, be shared and re-pinned to different boards and lets you create secret boards to brainstorm your fabulous ideas and bring them together.

Now, if you don’t have a Pinterest account I suggest you create one NOW and then continue reading! And if you do have an account, I suggest you carry on reading to use Pinterest to the fullest and attract more readers and traffic to your blog.

Reasons Why You Should Totally Be Using Pinterest For Blogging (If You’re Not Already)

Attract More Readers

Yes! Pinterest is so popular that people will find your  content so easily that you’ll  be getting traffic to your site in no time.  As it’s ranked 3rd, you won’t be struggling to find readers. In fact, you’ll find that Pinterest really is  you best friend.

Visual and Interactive

Pinterest is all about graphics and images. Now if you’re not a graphic designer (I’m not!), there’s no need to worry!  There are so many websites to help you blog, that your graphics will look stunning! The better your graphic, the more re-pins. Pinterest is all about sharing and repinning, so you need to make your pins lively and fun!

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Secret Boards

Though secret boards are ‘secret’ and don’t drive any traffic to your blog, I find that secret boards are great for brainstorming and researching. Pin all your ideas to a secret board and make your blog posts so much better!

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Group Boards

I’m part of quite a few group boards, and they are just amazing. If you don’t know what they are then,let me tell you: Group boards consist of two or more people and are based around a specific topic where you and other members can pin things based around that board. Group boards are perfect for driving more readers to your blog and networking with fellow bloggers.

How To Make Pinterest Your Blogging Best Friend

Create boards specific to categories on your blog.

Categories are important. Some blogs discuss lots of different topics from reviews to life hacks and categories on Pinterest (boards) are  just as important as they are on your blog. If you’ve already created categories on your blog, then just create boards with the same name and pin anything in that blog category to your board. But don’t stop there, pin other people’s stuff that fit into your boards (more on that later!)

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Join Group Boards

Group Boards are great to join and there are so many. Group Boards with a big audience make your pins more popular! Pin other people’s’ things not just yours . Be fellow to your followers!

Verify Your Blog URL

On Pinterest, you can easily verify your blog and make it part of your Pinterest profile. Follow these steps

  1. Go to your Pinterest Profile and click ‘Edit’
  2. Copy and paste your blog URL into the correct field
  3. It will give you a meta tag to put on your blog.
  4. Copy the meta tag from Pinterest.
  5. Go to your WordPress blog dashboard.
  6. Open the Tools -> Available Tools Page and paste the meta tag into the Pinterest Site Confirmation field.
  7. Click on Save Changes.
  8. Go back to and click Complete Confirmation.

Integrate Your Pinterest Into A Page/Post!

If you would like to promote your Pinterest even more, has a super cool feature. To display your favourite board or your profile, just copy and paste your profile/board URL  and paste it into the blog. WordPress transform it straightaway. Find out more here: Like so:

Customise Your ‘Pin It’ Button. (Self-Hosted WordPress)

This is only for Self-Hosted (not me then!) to create a custom ‘Pin It Button, to make your blog look classy and for your content to get shared even more! Find out about that here

Have people shared your content?

If you want to find out who has shared your content. Enter the URL below:


Get Started!

Make a Pinterest account today! Be sure to follow me to keep up with all my pins and ideas. Comment below with your Pinterest account so I can follow you back! I’ll see you over there!


Do you use Pinterest for blogging?  Was this helpful? Are you addicted to Pinterest? Have I missed something? Leaving Your Pinterest Link Below?Whatever it is…. Is Pinterest your blogging best friend?

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29 thoughts on “How To Make Pinterest Your Blogging Best Friend

  1. This is a great article, with lots of good advice. I’m bookmarking it for future reference and I’ll be sure to come back to it when I’m a little less sleepy 😪💤💤
    My pinterest is ‘Sam Falston’ by the way 😊

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  2. I LOVE PINTEREST SO MUCH I SHALL FLAIL!! Although #confession…I never use it for my blog! I know. It’s ridiculous. It’s such a widely used and famous platform that I’m really missing out by never remembering to pin my posts!😂 I really need to work on this and I loooove all your tips. :’)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  3. NOOOOOOOO STOP IIIIIIIIIIIT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT PINTEREST AND HOW AMAZING IT IS AND I’M OVER HERE LIKE I NEED OOOOOOOOOONE. 😥 My madre doesn’t want me to use social media, but I’m hoping she’ll make an exception for Pinterest because Pinterest is so #cool???

    Also, totally not being stalkerish right now…

    Liked by 2 people

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