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How To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts

How many ‘Blog Idea’ posts have you read while still looking at a blank screen and feeling like giving up blogging for eternity?

I know have seen a thousand post ideas and I’ve never used a single one of them. Maybe you do, but I think letting other people choose what you should post isn’t the best solution to the blinking cursor because I don’t feel the passion or drive when writing a post idea someone else came up with.

So, why not still come up with an original, unique idea but just have help coming up with the idea? Sound good?

Welcome To ‘How To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts!’

Places To Find Inspiration


There’s Inspiration everywhere. Whether it’s in your home, a snippet of a conversation or in your back garden, you’ll find ideas in every place you can imagine.


Getting fresh air gives your brain fresh ideas! Go in your garden, on the street, to the park and take in your surroundings. Snap some pictures, write a poem about the weather, give some tips on how to cope with a particular season or even create a post about your favourite things!


Other blogs, websites and articles are great sources of inspiration for your blog. I’m not saying copy people posts but maybe add a twist, think of  an alternative, or give a different opinion! Make sure you’re not pirating someone’s work and ideas!

Dreaming and Sleeping

Sleeping always helps. Maybe it will just come to you after a good rest, or while you’re sleeping your brain stumbles across many ideas. Sleeping on it always helps.

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Friends and Family

Talking to people lets your brain see another perspective of life. Maybe just a word will spark an explosion of ideas and fireworks. They may be able to give you some advice on what to post or crack a joke that might inspire a great blog post!


Read, watch, listen. Grab a book, go to the cinema, pop your headphones to listen to a podcast, audiobook or even music. Let your brain fill up with exciting new ideas.

Turning your inspiration into the best blog post


Twist it up

Make it yours. Don’t crack the same jokes or say the same things. Get out of your comfort zone and add a unique twist to make your post new, fresh and exciting!

Share the experience

Make it personal. Share your thoughts and experience on whatever you want. Let your readers enjoy a friendly experience with their favourite blogger!

Make a tutorial

Make it useful. How did you make that bookmark? Is that frame in your room worth sharing? Could your bullet journal give a few tips for fellow bloggers? Create a ‘how-to’ post to share your knowledge!

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Review it

Make it helpful.Don’t you just love your new stationery? Or maybe that book? Oh, and are you just in love with that new make-up kit? Review a product or even your holiday, season and gifts so others know what you think!

I guess this was still a ‘Blog Idea’ Post but with a little twist. I really hope you guys enjoyed and be sure to Pin, Pocket and promote!

What do you do when you’re stuck for ideas? Where do you get inspiration from? Do you also find the blinking cursor and the blank page unbearable? Is inspiration hard to find for your blog posts?

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14 thoughts on “How To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts

    • Thank YOU!

      To do so, Go on a ‘new post’ and there should be a place to write your post. Underneath the place where you write your heading. There should be some options There will also be 3 dots vertically, click on that and find your options and features!

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  1. Aww, thanks for linking to my post there! *flails happily* And also YES TO ALL OF THESE. Honestly when I get stuck, the absolute best thing I can do is get up and move around! It makes me think sooo much better than just staring at a blank blog post and sweating.😂 I also like to get inspiration from books I read. Like was there an aspect of the book that could be turned into a discussion?! I always look for those! 😉
    Such a lovely and helpful post! HURRAH! 🎉

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