My Bookish Wrap Up | October 2016 + Exciting Blog News (!!!) + Blogger Interviews?

What an exciting month! Fall has finally settled in, leaves are changing colours, and there’s another excuse to stay in bed with some hot chocolate, marshmallows and a good book you could read all day. You guessed it, it’s OCTOBER!!!!

While Autumn has been around for a month, I’m only really getting into the mood now. Maybe a new makeover for the blog? Or another set of books to read for this month? And who knows, maybe more chocolate!?


Let’s kick off this Wrap-Up post with my favourite thing, BOOKS!!


Unfortunately, I have been in a massive reading slump!!! Despite my never-ending TBR and my endless love for books, I just haven’t done much reading. This is because:

  1. School (The library hasn’t opened yet!)
  2. Homeworks. The teachers have been very vicious with them!
  3. I have been very busy! (Stuffing my face with chocolate!! 😛 )

Though I did manage to read:

  • The Curious Incident Of The dog In The Night-Time  (5 STARS, Review here!)
  • I did do some re-reading of some books in The Series Of Unfortunate Event series by Lemony Snicket which was fun!

TV Shows

I might have squeezed in a bit of time for some TV-SHOWS!

  • The GREAT British Bake Off.

Okay, I am quite a big fan of GBB and I have been watching this exciting new series intensely (Who’s gonna win?!). But, I’m wondering if the next series is going to be so great. The show could start to be aired on Channel 4, the judges might change, and even Mel and Sue  could leave *cries*. These changes are most probably going to happen in 2017 and 2018 but I hope that they don’t! I really enjoy GBB how it is and I wish that this DOES not happen, seriously! I’ve been watching this show for years!!!!!

Image result for the great british bake off channel 4

  • The BBC Apprentice

I also am excited for this year’s Apprentice! Coming out sometime soon, YAY!

Awards and Achievements

  • ONE-THOUSAND LIKES  (1000!!!) Thank you all for the amazing support!


  • The Versatile Blogger Award, The Blogger Recognition Award and The Liebster Award all from Farah Edz!

I’m only accepting The Versatile Blogger Award and The Blogger Recognition Award as The Liebster Award is for people with under 200 followers and I have nearly got… That brings me on to my next topic which is….

  • NEARLY 300 followers!! YAYY!!

Blogs I’ve Just Discovered

  • Artic Books ( I LOVE her designs and her blog is so friendly! )
  • Paper Back Books (Aren’t you IN LOVE with the colours on this blog and the layout! I love the posts so far!)


 Exciting Announcements

  • The Artistic Magazine is coming  1st Friday of October or 2nd Friday! YAYY!
  • I’m now an official member of THE BLOGGER  MEMO PAD! It’s essentially a blog full of blogging tips  and advice and I’ve already made a post on there about blogging surveys! WOOHOO 😀


Blogger Interviews?

I’ve really wanted to spice up my blog lately and I thought doing a monthly blogger interview would be a great way for my readers and me to connect. If you think it would be  a good idea, please let me know in the comments and If I get enough responses I’ll set up the feature and create a page for it!

TOP Posts

Can you believe I ONLY posted THREE times this September? I’ve been a bad blogger. SO here are my top THREE posts (All of them!)

How To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts

How To Make Pinterest Your Blogging Best Friend

Review | Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (Parts 1 and 2 script) *SPOILERS INCLUDED!*

Well, that’s all for October! I’m really hoping to post more often and be more active that just writing 3 posts! I’m also really excited to hear from you! What books have you read this September? What exciting this have happened to you? Are you excited for October? Why? Do you think Blogger Interviews are a good idea?  Feel free to link your Wrap-Up post here!

Sign Off

P.S Thanks, Tash from The Bookie Monsters. I HAD to steal this amazing featured image from her after I saw it here!


23 thoughts on “My Bookish Wrap Up | October 2016 + Exciting Blog News (!!!) + Blogger Interviews?

  1. Both of the books that you managed to get to this month are some of my favourites! Did you hear that Netflix has picked up A Series of Unfortunate Events? I’m so glad to find a fellow Bake Off fan AND someone who likes The Apprentice too — I’m looking forward to the new series also. Congratulations on all of your awards and achievements this month 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I did hear about a series adaptation of The Series Of Unfortunate Events but never looked further into it. I’m hoping it won’t miss out all the details from the book, like the movie did. Whilst I liked the movie, so many things were missed out like the mystery side to things and the Quagmire triplets!
      We can Bake Off and and Apprentice fans together! And thank you for reading 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello! I found your blog through the Community Pool and hit follow immediately after all the mentions about chocolate. 😀
    I just finished a series of posts on reading that I fondly termed ‘September Reading Month’. So if that interests you, do stop by sometimes. 🙂
    I think blogger interviews would be a great idea to connect with readers and other people from the blogosphere, so you should totally for it! Also, you’ll probably gain more followers and there’s no such thing as too many followers, so why not?
    Also, don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve missed posts or didn’t get enough reading done. You’ll probably do better in October. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the followers and being part of a blogging team! WOOOO. CAKE ALL ROUND IN CELEBRATION! 🎉🍰 I’m actually having a bit of a lazy October, hehe, since I exhausted myself writing last month and now I’m gearing up for NaNo! But it’s being nice and I’m slowly chomping through my TBR. :’) I hope you have a grand month!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love The Series of Unfortunate Events – they are so amazing and unique. And the way the books are presented 😍 Have you seen the film adaptation of the first book?

    Thanks for the just discovered blogs – the designs are so wow and their posts so great!

    Liked by 1 person

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