Top 5 FREE Blogging Apps That Made Me A Better Blogger

Have you ever wondered why you have considered QUITTING blogging?

  1. It’s stressful
  2. It takes a lot of time
  3. You don’t get enough income/responses

And it’s those 3 reasons that have made me feel like giving up. I’VE felt like giving up? Yeah, blogging hasn’t been so fun sometimes! But, you know, there’s always help and advice. Friends, books, other blogs. But, you know there’s one thing that will maximise your blogging fun! Guess what that is, APPS!

Yep, apps or websites are almost the only reason why I can make it to the WordPress site on time! Without my bus pass, A BUS, some motivation for me to wake up and a map to get to the bus stop (okay, a map?), I’d be nowhere. I’d be running to WordPress and be so tired and stressed, my posts wouldn’t be worthy of publishing! Therefore, less income, fewer responses and less AMAZINGNESS!

But an app is your pass, bus, bus stops all in one. Phone, tablet, whatever, apps are by far the easiest, most helpful THINGS in the world. Install, Open, and a whole universe at your disposal.

So, let’s begin with the actual LIST!

I’ll give the FIVE features of each one and my personal experience with them and I might throw in some alternatives. In an order as random as snowflakes (I thought it was Autumn!), let’s begin:

1. Asana

Asana is group-based app whilst still being simple, filled with features, and perfect to organise your blogging life. I don’t use this app for this blog, My Bookish Life, I use it for our group blog, The Blogger’s Memo Pad and I have suggested to my other group blog The Artistics!

  1. Coverstaions. Discuss ideas, posts and problems. Get feedback and reports!
  2. To-Do-List. Assign work to others, yourself, set deadlines and reminders…
  3. Projects. Split your work into different Projects to stay organised
  4. Add all your teammates. Just type in their email and they are added to the group!
  5. Project Staus. Keep updated on how far you have got with everything.

Alternatives: Wunderlist, Evernote, ToDoist, Trello

2. Inbox By Google

Googles’ Inbox has been around for quite a while now, and I have slowly made it my no.1 email app. But Inbox is one step further the receiving and sending emails, there’s reminders, a ‘SAVE TO INBOX’Chrome extension, and even a better categorisation of folders. I really like Inbox. It’s especially useful for bloggers.

  1. Ever find a handy link YOU JUST KNOW you’re gonna need, simply click ‘SAVE TO INBOX’, and it will appear as an email in your inbox.
  2.  Reminders and alarms!
  3. The ‘Snooze’ Button on emails. I use this feature A LOT because I simply need to read something later or need to declutter.
  4. ‘DONE‘ is a feature I use ALL THE TIME. If you want your Inbox to reach zero, click the ‘Done’ Button to declutter and to make sure you’ve read all your important emails!
  5. Folders. Default or Custom, folders are extremely handy! Social, Promotions, whatever! Stay organised and keep on top of all your emails.

Alternatives: Outlook.

3. Google Drive

Can I just say HOW AMAZING this app is? I think I’d be lost without it. Seriously. Folders inside Folders, upon colours, upon codes: IT’S AN ADDICTION! If you looked at my folders, you would be amazed about how many there are. I feel it’s so easy to organise, click and drag or drop. THE BEST app ever. Full Stop.

  1. Folders. Organise every document, image and video into its right place
  2. Anywhere and Everywhere. Log into your Google Account and HEY PRESTO!
  3. Offline Files. No-Wifi? No Problem. Make your files Offline!
  4. A LOT OF STORAGE! You can upgrade for more, but I’m not even halfway through and  I’ve got a gazillion files on there!
  5. Share files between each other. 

Alternatives: Dropbox, One Drive

4. Google Docs

Every draft, idea, rant and rave is on there. And guess what, I can access them all from Mexico, at home or even in Outer Space (No-WIFI NEEDED, though I’m not sure it would work? ).

  1. No Wifi NEEDED! Save and edit your files offline and edit them with ease
  2. No ‘SAVE’. Everything is backed up on your Google account/drive, so you’ll never have to hit ‘Save’ again.
  3. ‘Download as‘ a Word, PDF, ANYTHING to integrate with almost any platform.
  4. Collaboration. I have to say, this is my favourite feature. Edit your documents AT THE SAME TIME with friends and colleagues.
  5. Suggestions. Whether it’s a guest post or your friend is helping you out, put the Doc into ‘Suggestion’ Mode, and all ‘Edits’ will become suggestions which can be approved or declined! An amazing feature of Docs…

Alternatives: Microsoft Word, WorkFlowy, Notepad, Evernote

5. Canva

I use Canva for everything. When I heard there was an app, I installed it straight away and use it to edit my blog featured. images or a fun photo!

  1. Lots of free illustrations and photos! Make your photos look fun and unique!
  2. Easy to use. You don’t have to be a graphic designer, drag and drop, click and create!
  3. Upload your own images. Personalise it and make it YOURS!
  4. Templates. Probably the best bit about Canva. There’re the right sizes for ALL your socail media profiles and stunning templates that will WOW your audience.
  5. CustoDimensions. Use your own sized to make it more YOU!

Alternatives: PicMonkey, BeFunky

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Well, that’s my list of apps. There are many alternatives you can try out too but these are my favouirte 5. There are so many others Google Keep, ToDoist, the list goes on!

So, go on! What apps do you use for blogging? Have you heard of these apps? Are you willing to try out more apps? Installing them on your phone now? What apps are  YOUR bus pass?

*Runs for the bus*

Sign Off


41 thoughts on “Top 5 FREE Blogging Apps That Made Me A Better Blogger

  1. I love canva!! I use it ALL THE TIME but only on my laptop since I don’t have a phone.😂 But it’s seriously so helpful and handy to make nice neat graphics and not take a lot of time over it!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • ME too! I use it on my laptop too but kinda installed it because there’s Google Play on my chromebook(crazy, i know!) . I make all my graphics, Pinterest and Featured Images on there in no-time at all! Most of the ones listed here are also web-based applications too!


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