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6 FUN Ways To Spice Up Your Blog!

How many blog posts, giving you the ‘best’ advice on blogging, have been BORING?

Nearly everyone single one.

Unless you count adding graphics to blog posts, then adding tags and keywords isn’t much, FUN? Is it?

I mean it’s never been fun. But why not?

There are so many fun ways to spice up your blog, gain you more readers and get you more comments, likes and views!!!!

1. Add A Unique Feature!

I don’t know about you, I’ve always wanted to add one of these. Adding a feature, like ‘blogger interviews’ or ‘Daily Discussions’ is always fun. It’s hard to stick out from the crowd sometimes , and adding a fun feature could just  be the thing to give you a burst of traffic! People want unique, so give them it! Make a feature JUST for your blog, to make sure everyone’s screaming for more!

2. Make Your Own Tag/Award

This is a bit similar to the first one but it could really gain your popularity. Imagine if you award gets as viral as the Liebster Award? Say, one of your rules is to mention the creator of the tag (you!), you’d be famous!!! It’s really fun to create your own award and nominate people!!

3. Host A Giveaway! 

Giveaways are always fun, for you and your audience. The prize doesn’t have to be expensive, maybe not even something physical. It could be a book or a secret to your followers. Maybe try a voucher?

4. Create A Contest

Everybody loves a bit of competition, especially me, and there’s nothing like creating a perfect contest for everyone to get stuck into! Maybe to design a blog  or a bookmark! Who can crack the best joke? Make the prize a guest post, a voucher, it’s up to you!

5. Have An Interview, Guest Post Or Q/A

Interviews are always fun! Quiz a fellow blogger, crack some jokes, sip some coffee! Maybe have a Q/A  with your readers. Let someone guest post. Have a chat with them, play a game, just have someone ELSE on your blog. Inviting a guest round is always fun for everyone!!

6. Create A (Free) Printable

I, personally, find printables really fun! Creating them is just half the fun. Distributing them, for free, is also very enjoyable. Maybe a template, a checklist or whatever you want!

Fun? I hope it was! I’m going to do some of this myself, but what about you? Do you do any of these? DO you find normal advice boring too? Are you thinking of trying one of these? TELL ME!!

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43 thoughts on “6 FUN Ways To Spice Up Your Blog!

  1. I always love your ideas. I’m in the process of making a post for one of my new printables! I’m thinking about doing a giveaway in the future I definitely love doing giveaways and maybe in the future would realllllly love it if you would consider guest posting on my blog (though I’m not clear on how that works really yet).
    By the way how did your stuff minimalising go? Also I reallllly love your sign off at the end of your post it’s just so light and bright and pretty!

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    • Thank you! I loved your first printable and I can’t wait for your next! I have never done a giveaway but it’s in my plans! I’d love to guest post on your blog, if i have any ideas, i’ll notify you! And if you already have something in mind, I’d love to know about it. My sign off was really a draft but I ended up using it so THANK YOU!!!!


      • Thank you! That’s so sweet of you to say. I’m not sure if you’ll need the next printable I made it because I needed it haha I just thought maybe others could possibly benefit from it too.
        I’m sure when you do your giveaway that it’ll be a big success ^_^
        Ah I don’t have any ideas about what topic so please feel free to make any suggestions if you come up with any ideas 😀

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  2. Wonderful ideas! I especially like the free printables and the contests or giveaways. Wonder how to set up the latter on WordPress as I really would love to give back to my readers and followers 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! I’ve never set up a giveaway but I’m thinking you just add in a form, one for address, name etc…? You can do this by adding a contact form to your post by acsess the tool bar with @ sign. Contests would be done anyway you like really. Make a post about the rules, prize. Set up teams and judge and choose the winner!


  3. Hi! Great post I love your acc so cute! I was thinking of doing a Q & A but I didn’t think I had enough followers who would respond. Should I go for it? I can’t wait tot see more of your posts!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank You! A Q/A sounds like a great idea. I’ve done one before, with only 6 questions, and I wasn’t very satisfied. Think about how many responses you will get depending on your usual amount of comments and followers. If your estimate is over 15, then go for it. If it is below, wait till your build your readership more and then go for it. However, if you really want to do it try promotiing your post on Pinterest, strive for some reblogs and tell people about it on posts like the Community Pooil.

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  4. I was thinking a lot to make a interactive post, or even an interactive page. Communication and sharing with my readers is very important. Now I am more positive after I read your article.
    Good job.

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  5. Ohhh, such great ideas💙💙! I love the idea of a contest and/or making my own printable. I think I would need a bit of help in that content though. Could you maybe e-mail me so that we could go further into details? That would be amazing 👍.

    PS: You have SUCH a lovely blog 👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

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