My Bookish Wrap-Up | November 2016 + 300 FOLLOWERS + Reading Slump?

Seriously, where does time go? Is there a land where the past lives? I mean it can’t disappear into midair, can it? Is there a land of memories? NEW STORY IDEA!! I am a genius!

Ooops, I’m writing a post!

October has been well,EVENTFUL! Check out all the posts here! I don’t know how I’ve managed to live.

I’m still in a minor reading slump but oh, well. It’s not like I’m behind schedule or anything. WAIT I AM:


8 BOOKS BEHIND SCHEDULE? What has happened to me?

Anyway, let’s begin with my all-time favorite:





  •  GBBO WINNER = CANDICE!! Yaayy, Candice won the Great British Bake Off! I’m so happy!
  • Sherlock Holmes! Have you seen that trailer? I’m dying for new years day!
  • The Apprentice is going well. I can’t believe Alexandra left!
  • Netflix is picking up The Series Of Unfortunate Events and it’s going to be released on the 13th of January!! 13th, they are so clever! 

Blog Design…

  • I’ve changed my blog design so much during the past month! I’m finally happy with my results! What do you guys think?
  • Need a re-vamp for your blog, I wouldn’t mind designing it!


  • The Blogger Memo Pad is recruiting new members! Love designing, want to share your blogging experience or tips and tricks? If the answer is ‘YES’ to anyone of those, head on over to our CONTRIBUTION page! (P.S Even if it’s no, spread the word for us?)

Where I’ve Been On The Internet?


Top posts




Blogs I’ve just discovered!  ❤


Who isn’t excited for Halloween? Here’re some amazing posts to get you in the Halloween mood!!


  • Juicy BOOK REVIEWS!! (Including ARCs!)
  • The Process of Designing My Blog
  • Blogger Interviews (Hopefully)
  • A Guest Post from Just Call Me Elm Or Something (on here!! )
  • A Collab With The Girl With Cofee’ (CAN’T WAIT!)
  • RESPONSES TO AWARDS!! (eventually 😛 )

Well, how was your October? What are YOU dressing up as for Halloween!Got exciting things planned for this November? What are you planning to read? Link to your Wrap-up posts here so I can be nosy! What amazing things have happened to you this month?

Sign Off


23 thoughts on “My Bookish Wrap-Up | November 2016 + 300 FOLLOWERS + Reading Slump?

  1. Great post! Sounds like you had a wonderful month. The blog looks great. The layout is simple but really beautiful. I like all the details you shared in your wrap-up post including the new blogs and plans for next month. Congratulations on the followers and have a wonderful November. We don’t celebrate Halloween here but I hope you have wonderful celebrations. Cheers.

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