My Favourite Bookish Genre | Guest Post By Elm (The Blogging QUEEN!!)

Hi, all! Today, I’ve got my first ever Guest Post! I’m so excited, are you? Elm is really the QUEEN of bloggers so I’m really eager to see what she has in store for us today! It’s so great to see what other types of books people like so enough of my ramblings, I’m handing over to the reals star of the show, today! ENJOY…

Hello, everyone!

I’m Elm, from Just Call me Elm or Something and I’m so excited to be writing on this blog! Books have always been a passion of mine, and so to get to write about them on a blog dedicated to books is a fantastic opportunity.

From a young age, I’ve been reading. Like my personality, my friends and my hobbies, my book taste has changed – from little kids’ books to thought-provoking novels, I’ve read a fair few genres and I want to talk about some of my favourites and tell you why I love them so much.

Ever since I was 12, I’ve loved to read Young Adult books. I suppose you would call that the over-arching genre, the ‘umbrella’ of what I prefer: yes, I like reading the classics (To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre etc) because you can jump into another world and time, but there’s something about reading books about people your age that appeals to me. My book taste grows as I grow, and so now, I’m comfortable with reading YA novels on any topic. I encourage myself to read them, and the amount of things I’ve learned from it all is astounding.

Within the YA genre, there are genres of their own that I prefer. Think of it like rooms within a palace, all equally important, but some you like more than others (for instance, everyone likes the kitchen because of food).

At the moment, science-fiction is something I adore. I’ll read all Sci-Fi YA (except if it’s drowning in terrible reviews). Space and technology have always fascinated me, to the point where it’s almost scary: reading the fantasy-type societies that can arise from those books is amazing. There was a book I read called Qualify, which explored the idea of technology based on music and of “alien” ancestors from Earth. To date, it’s the best YA novel in terms of technology world-building. I could rant about it for ages.

Because I like space, aliens, and complex stories so much, it’s no wonder I love Sci-Fi. The 5th Wave will always be the series that messed with my mind and made me question everything I knew. That’s a high change from what I used to obsess over – fantasy – but in some ways, they’re similar. World building and exploration of societies is something you find in both, which is the key to a brilliant book. Right now, I prefer science-fiction, simply because of the future, and the future is so unknown.

Contemporaries will always be something I’ll go to for relatable stories. I need that in my life, to actually feel like imaginary people agree with me. Romance in them is adorable (but let’s be real – SO many YA books have romance).

I know that in a year, my book preference will change, and I’m totally fine with it. The reason that it might be unclear as to which one I utterly love is because, in a way, I love it all. Each genre brings something new, something DIFFERENT, and like my favorite food, I’ll prefer those somethings depending on what kind of person I am at the time. Don’t ever let anyone judge you if your book taste changes because it’s what YOU like to read and you shouldn’t be criticized for it.

Which genre do you prefer, and why? Have you got any book recommendations, ones you couldn’t put down and that will stay with you forever?

Thank you so much for having me on this blog! It means a lot, because as you can probably tell: I love books, and don’t talk about them enough.

From Elm 🙂


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