SO MANY AWARDS (The Black Cat Blue Sea Award, 2 Versatile Blogger Awards and The Blogger Recognition Award)

Oh my goodness! As you can see from the title, I was nominated for *counts* 4 AWARDS! What has happened to me! Thank you so so so so so so so much for everyone who nominated me!! You do not know how much it means to me! I know, I’m so late on some of these awards. Some are a month old, but hey! I’m doing it now, that’s good enough, right?

So, excuse me, if this one  LONG post but it has to be done! Enough of me being a hyper human, let’s get into the awards, shall we?

The Versatile Blogger Award

Image result for the versatile blogger award

The Rules :

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person that has nominated you
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
  • Link your nominees and let them know about the nomination

So, thank YOU Farah Edz and Hannah Grace for nominating me for this spectacular AWARD! I’m so honoured. If you want to see a previous response to this award click here. Those 2 blogs are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Check them out, you won’t regret it. Onto my facts

7 Facts About Me

  1. I change my handwriting A LOT. I mean there is a general one, but every so often, I change it up. Don’t ask me why! Haha.
  2. I participated in the 2016 Blogger Awards hosted by Elm! Who are your nominees for the 12 categories?
  3. I literally just launched a feature on the group blog, Blogger’s Memo Pad, called Blogger Celebrations. It’s a chance for new bloggers to be featured on our blog with some cake and interviews!
  4. I’m obsessed with re-designing my blog. I change it up so often, what is wrong with me? Hopefully, I’m gonna stick with this design…
  5. I wear glasses. GEEK ALERT. Haha, just kidding but yeah, it’s true. I have glasses, but you know what? I LIKE them okay?  Even after the time I broke them by accident.
  6. I’m entering a Halloween Writing Contest. To vote for me and find out all the details click here or meI would really appreciate it!
  7. I just did a collab with Farah Edz on her blog, so check it out. It covers everything you need to know about graphic design!

15? I’ll do as many as I can think of:

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Image result for the black cat blue sea award

  • Anybody nominated can nominate eight other bloggers
  • The nominee answers questions posted by the nominator 
  • The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions
  • If any of the questions asked are offensive or the nominee simple does not want to answer, the nominee does not have to answer them to get the award.

Okay, Thank you so so so much to The Stylish DreamerShe’s awesome and so is her fabulous blog! This is my first time receiving this, so thanks!

Let’s jump into the questions:

  1. If you could travel to anyplace in the world where would it be and why ? 

Australia. It so far and it seems so cool, to be honest! Better than boring old London!

2. What is the biggest thing that you want to do ?

Me? Well, I guess I want to succeed. I want to become an author. I want to help the world to be honest! I know it sounds cliche but it’s true.

3. What is your biggest achievement in blogging ?

Achievement?? Well, I guess it was the 300 followers I got weeks back! I was happy and excited!

My Questions: 

  1.  What is your favourite food?
  2. When did you start blogging? 
  3. Worst Crime you’ve Committed?

My Nominees


The Blogger Recognition Award

Image result for the blogger recognition award

The Rules:

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
  • Write a short story on why you started blogging
  • Give advice to other bloggers
  • Nominate a couple of bloggers for the award
  • Leave a comment on their blog telling them they got the award

Thank you to Farah Edz for nominating me for this! I’m so happy that you did because I’ve never received this blogging award so THANK YOU!!!

Why I started blogging? Well, that’s a long story. I mainly did it because I was bored and interested. Check out the full story here

Advice for bloggers

Should I tell you one real piece of advice? Have fun. Be Yourself. You might be thinking, “Wow, so helpful.*rolls eyes* So cliche.” Maybe it is. Once you really get into the swing of blogging, you start visiting other blogs, meeting other bloggers. There may be certain things you feel pressurised about such as doing weekly memes or responding to an award. Maybe you don’t want to do that. Maybe you see other posts and copy their style. Don’t do that. Remain yourself. Remember why you first started blogging. The most popular blogs let their personality shine through!

My Nominees

You don’t have to respond to these awards. And hey, if I forgot to nominate you, you can still do this if you want! Any of the awards, I don’t mind! Thanks to all of you amazing bloggers for these awesome awards. See you next time!


29 thoughts on “SO MANY AWARDS (The Black Cat Blue Sea Award, 2 Versatile Blogger Awards and The Blogger Recognition Award)

    • You deserve it. Your such an awesome blogger who has a fabulous blog which is just impossible not to follow. Your blog is probably the best I’ve come across in the blogosphere right now. You have so many opportunities and posts on your blog, that I knew I had to give you an award, so THANK YOU for creating such an amazing blog!! I can’t wait to see your response

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Australia IS AWESOME. I totally will vouch for it.😂 And I really want to see London so…obvious conclusion is that we swap places for a moment, right?! 😉 Also congrats on reaching 300 followers. THAT IS AMAZING. CAKE FOR EVERYONE.🎉🍰
    And pfft, that advice isn’t cliche: it’s true and relatable. I LOVE IT. It’s so easy for we bloggers to burn out because we heap all these expectations on our heads, but why?!?! We just need to blog whatever makes us happy and HAVE FUN. #sensible 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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