Designing your blog? Giving it a revamp? Yes, then look no further. I've created a post all about the things you need to keep in mind when being creative! Mood boards, palettes, fonts, YOU NAME IT! I got everything covered. Don't worry, I'm there, ready to answer your questions and prepared to give you the best design tips! What are you waiting for?

How I Re-Designed My Blog (Mood Boards, Inspiration and Colour Palettes)

I guess designing can be hectic, well for me it is. I am obsessed with re-designing my blog. I’ve changed it up so much this month, I’m even surprised.

The thing is, I just want my blog to LOOK perfect as well as the content being amazing. I think I’m finally happy with my design, but with me, you can never know… 😀 

Beside the point, designing is also, well very fun! I actually love tinkering with colours, adding elements here and there, and playing around with pretty fonts.

Designing My Blog |
Designing My Blog

So, today, I wanted to share with you, my experience with designing. I used to think it was just about throwing some images together and adding splashes of colour. But, this time, I went a lot deeper into the process. Creating mood boards, listing of graphics, downloading fonts, searching software, reading tips. It was an exciting process that I would love to share with you.  

Mood Boards

Firstly, I created many mood boards to give myself an idea of what I wanted. Gathering images from the internet, I managed to put them all together on Pinterest Secret Board called ‘Inspiration’ to give me an idea of what I wanted for my design. This was mainly an inspiration for colours. I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest itself and well, which is awesome for ideas!

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This was my final colour palette which I extracted from these images. I used Tineye to do this!  

Colour Palettes

Get A Feel Of The Fonts

After I decided my colours, I looked at fonts. I decided my fonts for all header text, was EARL GRAY TEA! I am in love with this font which I found at! Her graphics are adorable! Psst, the font was FOR FREE! I then chose, ‘Raleway’ for normal text and the other main text was just from the WordPress theme. You can find a lot at fontsquirrel or even dafont! There’s millions of free fonts out there! Be careful what you are downloading though! 

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There were lots of header images I played around with. These are just a few!

Header Image Drafts | My Bookish Life |
Header Image Drafts!

Keep it consistent

Be consistent. I use the same fonts and graphics throughout my blog. My featured image template is the same for every post. Being consistent is very key, keep your fonts and colours the same everywhere. Adding slight differences is okay sometimes if you’re in the mood to mix it a little bit up.

Sidebar Graphics |
Sidebar Graphics


My final piece of advice is BE YOU! Let your personality shine through and blog’s fun side be exposed. You need to run wild, be free and let inspiration spread through your bones! Designing IS fun, so go for it!

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Want to know more about design? Me and Farah, did a collab post about graphic designers offering their service for free! It include EVERYTHING you need to know about graphic design!

Love my designs? I can design your blog for free, just visit my shop over here @ The Blogger Mall! 


That’s it! How do you design? What tips do you have for designing? Where do you get your graphics from? How do you find your inspiration? I would love to know!

Sign Off

Don’t forget to share it! 

Designing Your Blog |
Designing Your Blog | Infographic

36 thoughts on “How I Re-Designed My Blog (Mood Boards, Inspiration and Colour Palettes)

  1. I never actually had any plan when I designed my blog, I just wanted to do something with water colouring and a few hours later it was there. I was actually thinking about redesigning, probably just changing the font, but your tips are very helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t even have a design at the beginning and then one day I decided I would design my blog and I had no experience whatsoever with illustrator and I just got started and now I can’t stop like you. I love to redesign everything but that will take time

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I love your infographic at the end!! THAT’S SO COOL AND NICELY DONE. Yay for redesigns too!! I haven’t done mine in quite a while, but I basically just ask my relative to do it and surprise me.😂 I know nothing about combining colours and fonts and things. But I do love how a new design makes things feel so fresh and fun!


    • THANK YOU!! It’s my first infographic so I’m very proud and also sharing it EVERYWHERE, :D! But, Cait! Your blog looks so GOOD!!! I mean who doesn’t love that flying arrow, and your fonts and your photography skills and… Well, I could go on forever. Your blog design is AWESOME!! New designs are really fun, I have to admit!


    • Just checked out your AWESOME blog! Though I’m not excactly an expert, I can give you some advice as you have asked. Firstly, I feel your blog is a little scattered. There are a little too many colours. There’s green for text and button, purple themed images and and a greyish background. It looks a little disjointed at the moment. To fix this, I would make the background and header to match. Also, i see you are using Nucleare as your WP theme, good choice. There are 3 palettes on there. Two Greenish ones and one red. Since your main colour is purple, I suggest switching it to red and white. Just some suggestions which are up to you. If you would like more details and more specific advice about design, please shoot me an email, I don’t bite!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUC IT URTS!! I’m new to the blogosphere, and I’m always changing my theme every moth. It probably annoys the little followers I have, because it sure does annoy me! Anyway, I was wondering how did you create does little widget mini-headers (Like the FOLLOW widget header), because those are boss, and I think they’re helpful to my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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