Blogger Interview with the Amazing Mahriya @My Bookish Life

I’m over @ Book Emma and we’re having some coffee and an INTERVIEW! Check it out RIGHT NOW , to find out everything about yours truly, ME! Emma’s blog is awesome so it was an honour to work with her! Enough of my ramblings, head over there now!

Book Emma

Hi everyone! I’m so excited because we have a special guest, Mahriya @My Bookish Life. her blog is one of my favourite blogs so check it out . Thank you for joining us today. Take it away, Mahriya!
A Little Bit About Myself…
Hi, I’m Mahriya @ My Bookish Life (aka Train Of Thought). I’m delighted to be interviewed by the awesome Emma, so thank you for this amazing opportunity! As for me, I’m a book addict, potato lover and stationery fanatic.I can be  found eating chocolate or with my nose in a book.  As well as being an undercover nerd who wears glasses, I stuff myself with white chocolate! 
Why did you start blogging? Are there any blogs/bloggers that inspired you to?
You could say I started in 2014, but my first post was on December 29th, 2015 or something like that. I’ve only been blogging for 10…

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10 thoughts on “Blogger Interview with the Amazing Mahriya @My Bookish Life

  1. Yay for white chocolate lovers! Would you believe it if I tell you that most people I know DONT like white chocolate? It’s just tragic, I tell you *shakes head solemnly*
    But I’m really glad I got to know more about you; it’s been a fun read xx

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