I GOT 400 FOLLOWERS+ Appreciation To My Fave Bloggers +AN AWESOME CONTEST!!!!

In Today;s Blog post. A contest announcement including YOU!Yes, a REAL contest! A ‘Thank You’ rant for 400 followers and some shout outs and love to some of my favourite bloggers! Read on…

Hello, readers. How are you? Great, what else would you be? Not excited. Not extremely happy. Not dancing around like a happy puppy. No, of course not. Today’s such a normal day! Why would it be any different? It’s not like, I’ve reached, ahem


Thank you

Thank you 

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Can we celebrate? YES, we can. Was it just 1 month ago, I was crazy about 300? Was it? WHO CARES? I’ve got 400 followers!!!!!!

Firstly, I want to thank each and everyone one of you followers. You have been supportive, friendly and  a great motivation. I appreciate your comments, suggestions and feedback as well as your compliments, praises and awards.

I’d like to thank some bloggers for being so supportive of my blog. I can’t include everyone otherwise I’d have a list of 400 and I don’t want to bore you so I’ll list just a few of the ones that I know have been there, ready to be friendly.

  1. Ayaka @ Midnight Ranter

Ayaka is the first on my list for a reason. There is no-one kinder than this blogger. She will support you, have a million compliments ready to say, make your day and put a smile on your face. Whenever I write a post, she’ll be sure to comment something sweet. And whenever I have writer’s block, her blog posts always get my creative juices flowing. She has been kind to me a numerous amount of time and is just simply amazing! Thank you so much, Ayaka!

2.  Sasha @ The Stylish Dreamer

Sasha hasn’t been around on my blog for a long time, in fact,she is fairly new to the blogosphere. Despite this, she has always left the most kindest comments on my blog and ready to talk and get the conversation going. She is so friendly and funny and has a really warming personality. Stay awesome Sasha!

3. Azura @ Azura Skies

Azura is a super kind blogger. Her comments just boost your confidence by miles and she is always there to make your day. I love her super optimistic and relatable posts and her blog is one to admire!

4. Sithara @ Musings Of A Mellow Mind

I’m not sure when I stumbled across this amazing blog, but I’m glad I did. Sithara’s post are always random but fun to read and there’s always an interest discussion to be passed around. I am gripped by her MicroStories and her tags and challenges are a delight. Her recipes are something to feast your eyes on and Sithara herself is awesome!

5. Vivian @ Writing With Style

This blogger is someone I just stumbled across but already adore her blog consisting fo writing tips, DIYS and just posts in general. She’s an amazing blogger and one I am in awe of!

6. ALL OF YOU! I was going to list so many bloggers here but I’d be here all day. If I didn’t add you to this list and you are a follower, then do know that I admire you and your blog too! There are so many others such as Farah, Jerrod, Emma, Hope, Elm,Grace Sarina, Claire, Shania AND…the list goes on and on and ON!

I was going to also share my stats, awards and announcements to celebrate BUT I wanted something a little more special to mark this amazing occasion.

The Try Something New Blogging Challenge.

So, what is the ‘awesome contest’ I’ve been hinting at? Wait no longer fellow followers!


The Try Something New Challenge!

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone…

Okay, not the best slogan or name but hey! It’s more about the ACTUAL contest, believe it or not!

The Try New Things Challenge (aka TSNC) is a challenge where you are put to the test and taken out of your blogging comfort zone. This might be collaborating  with others(you are too shy), graphic designing, commenting on other blogs, posting WHAT you want, learning code, uploading your photography, sharing you writing etc… This is NOT a challenge where you are forced to share you work or do certain things. It is  simply a challenge that encourages YOU to ‘Try Something New’ in the blogging world. Before I actually launch the challenge, I would like to see if enough people are interested. Hopefully, there will be! ( i mean 400 followers = interested people?)…

If there are enough responses (People saying they are interested in the comments), then I will launch the contest. Obviously, I WILL share a lot more details such as how it’s going to work. Are you going to blog things out of your comfort zone or just do them? What are the prizes (there will be PRIZES!), how do I participate, start and end date etc… This will all be revealed if the contest is launched, SO BE SURE TO COMMENT! The description above was just to let you know what you’re in for!!!!

Do you want to Try Something New? Ready to step out of YOUR comfort zone? Interested in this contest? COMMENT BELOW!

(Oh, spread the word, will you? I want everyone to know about this contest. Re-blog, Pin it, tweet it, share on all your social media and just let other bloggers know about in comments, contact forms or just simply slip it into your conversation. ‘Hey did you hear about…’ You know how it goes from there! Thanks so much and see you soon!)

 P.S If You are going to share, put this in the description!

Guess WHAT? There is a blogging contest JUST FOR YOU! My contest is your Christmas present. The Try Something New Challenge (TSNC) is a contest that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone! As part of my celebration of 400 followers, I’m hoping to launch TSNC with the help of you. THE PRIZE will be bigger and better than ever before and all you have to do is comment below and let me know if YOU are interested in trying something new!


29 thoughts on “I GOT 400 FOLLOWERS+ Appreciation To My Fave Bloggers +AN AWESOME CONTEST!!!!

  1. (Second time commenting because my phone is not-so-smart)
    Oh my God! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve all the success this world has to offer! Honestly mate, you’re a wonderful blogger, amazing writer, and a passionate human being filled with awesomeness! Honestly, I’m so honoured to call myself your friend and I’m beyond ecstatic because of what you said about me in that post. It’s YOU who’s made my day this time round. So thank you so blooming much!
    And I’m definitely interested in that contest! It’s an epic idea~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You deserve all the followers, awards and everything else on your awesome blog- Congratulations! And I’m definitely interested. I’m already setting up a graphic design page for Xmas! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      • Hmm,I actually don’t think that it was the technical difficulties, I didn’t see the recent BMP post by Farah, and I got angry at her, until she showed me link and I was like, oh.😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, there actually WERE some technical difficulties on my side. As, when I clicked published, it said it had been published a MONTH ago, and I was wondering why isn’t showing up on my blog. I had to schedule it to the right date then but maybe there was glitches on your side aswell!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. If it’s after December 14th, I’m in! I was generally looking for something fun to do to get back to blogging after a two-week hiatus due to exams and this seems perfect! Although a little terrifying because I’m one of those shy people you mentioned. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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