My Bookish Wrap Up + 400 Followers + A Massive Reading Slump! | November 2016

Where did November go? I thought it just started but December is here, the final month of 2016, a rollercoaster ride, wasn’t it. I was making my 2016 resolutions yesterday, wasn’t I? And now here I am ready to make 2017 ones!

Everything is so exciting now. With everyone getting into the holiday spirit, making snowmen and sipping on their hot chocolate, December sounds like a promising month!

There is SO much to wrap up in this December post. So many things have happened recently in the blogosphere and it is my job to share them!


I’ve been is a MASSIVE READING SLUMP. Probably my first one but I just haven’t been reading which is a real bummer. It is not like I don’t know WHAT to read, it is just

  • I don’t have that much time to read with blogging getting busier and school assignments getting longer!
  • I’ve not been given the opportunity. The local library seems to have run out of books and the school library hasn’t opened. ARC’s are good but I just haven’;t received any that I’m interested in.
  • I am, of course, in a reading slump and just don’t feel in the mood to read.


  • Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them.

As you know I am a massive Potterhead and I’m looking forward to watching this movie VERY soon! GAH, I’m so excited to go see it on a big screen and even though I haven’t read the book, I still can’t wait! Look out for my first movie review on here.

  • BBC Apprentice

The Apprentice has been dramatic but surprisingly, the GIRLS are winning! I mean there is only 1 man left so… A lot of people have been fired but I think the VR challenge has been the coolest out of them all, who wouldn’t want to create their own Virtual Reality game!I really want Francis to win!

  • BBC Sherlock

It’s December which means only one month left to the new episode of Sherlock coming out of new year’s day! EEK, I am so excited!



  • Blogger interview with yours truly and Emma @Book Emma
  • I won The Giveaway @ Life As Shania!!!
  • My Own Custom Design Shop hosted@ Life As Shania – The Blogger Mall!! I’d love if you ordered your graphic designs there! (pssst, it is FREE!). Go and order a blog re-vamp now, pretty please?


I’ve got so many awards (as always!!) and I’m really behind on catching up on them all! Sorry, but I will make responses  soon!


  • Collab with Sasha@ The Stylish Dreamer (#potterheads!)
  • Collab with Ayaka @Midnight Ranter’s Blog (it’s all about the magic of WORDS and kites!)
  • TSNC (The Try Something New Challenge)
  • Movie Review | Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
  • The Ultimate List Of Graphic Design Resources

Wasn’t that just so LONG! I really can’t wait for December to settle in and maybe some snow (it hasn’t snowed here for AGES!). And even though I hate the cold, It is still likely to be one awesome Close to 2016!


So, how was your November? Looking forward to December? Anything exciting in the blogosphere that you’d like to let me know about? Do you recommend Fantastic Beasts ?(No spoilers, PLEASE!)Excited? Link to your Wrap-Up posts in the comments, and I’ll see you soon!

P.S Hows the feat.image for this post? I spent quite a while on it (admiring included!) and would love to know your thoughts on it! Also, do you like my ‘Let’s Ponder’ Graphic?


44 thoughts on “My Bookish Wrap Up + 400 Followers + A Massive Reading Slump! | November 2016

  1. Congratulations on your 400 followers! I hadn’t congratulated you yet so I thought I ought to.

    I watched Fantastic Beasts with my boyfriend the day before my birthday last Saturday and I ADORED the beasts they were all so amazing. I was just a tad confused about why the story was paced the way it was.

    Oh I absolutely hate reading slumps -_- I’m currently in one myself. I have about 7 books I borrowed from the library that have just been sitting on the floor next to me for almost the entire time I’ve had them out. I can’t bring myself to read them I just can’t focus. I’ll just have to add them to my to read list and give them a try once I’ve dug my way out of this slump.

    PS did you add falling snow to your blog or is that wordpress trying to be cute? Also I adore your featured image it’s GORGEOUS! The Let’s Ponder image reminds me vaguely of Harry Potter. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve recently gotten more into the Harry Potter mood. I’m planning to re-read the series and marathon the movies again haha.

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    • Thanks so much for being one of those 400 followers! It was alittle fast and action packed but I ADORED! And the beasts were just SO cute! I actually think I’m out of my reading slump (I started reading about 2 hours ago). I tried some tricks to get out of the slump and I think I’m back into reading (WOHOO). Will be posting the ways to get out of a reading slump soon…
      Yes, I in fact did add the snow. I kept on seeing blogs having that falling snow and I was SO confused about how they added it. I figured out this.
      I went to ‘my sites’ on WordPress, then clicked on ‘settings’. There was an option that stated ‘show snow falling on my blog until January 4th’. ticked the box and saved my changes and hey presto!
      Hope that works (My sites >> Settings>>Check Box>>Save Changes) And thank you, i’ve been working on designing lately, so that means a lot! I think Fantastic Beasts has got me into the HP mood and will be doing a HP collab this December.Also,have fun with your re-reading and movie marathons.


      • No, thank you for having such an amazing blog! ^^
        Oh I’m super glad that you’re not in a reading slump anymore. A post about getting rid of it would be MUCH appreciated in the future. I can’t wait to read it.
        OOOH!!! sweet thank you I’m going to do it ^_^ or at least try it out hahaha.
        It’s totally paying off your images and your blog are looking so fantastical I can’t! It’s just so pretty ^^
        I’m in a huge HP mood at the moment I even made myself a wand :’) hahaha DIYs are fun. Maybe I should do some HP DIYs that might be fun. Ah thank you!! Have fun with your HP collab!! 😀 I bet it’ll be awesome. Can’t wait to see it :3

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  2. Sounds like an amazing month 😊 congratulations on hitting 400! Also you can tell you worked hard on your featured image looks great 😄 I don’t know who I want to win The Apprentice now…

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  3. Agh reading slumps are EVIL and I hope you get past yours soon!! I kind of just read anyway even when I’m in a slump and just hope I score a marvellous book soon to get me out of it.😂 It’s tough not having time to read though. Hopefully you’ll get a chance over Christmas?! And oooh, I’ve heard Fantastic Beasts is amazing, but I’ve not seen it. Actually I haven’t seen any HP movies.😂 So I should get onto that someday?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve literally just eaten 5 books and am officially out of my reading slump, wohoo! Fantastic Beasts was #AMAZING and OUT OF THIS WORLD. Can’t wait when you do watch it so we can fangirl together. The HP movies are actually quite okay but of course never better than the books so maybe someday.


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