Blogger’s Secret Santa//James Patmore

I would like to thank Teenella fo hosting this year’s blogging secret Santa. Without the further ado,my secret santa, James Patmore!

James Patmore @ Just Another James is a truly amazing blogger. And I’m not just saying this to be nice but seriously when I checked out this blog, I was AMAZED. I tell you AMAZED. I mean who can write such a funny, thought-worthy, interesting and real posts? Not me. You just read the writing on here, and immediately you are just sucked in. I also enjoy the honesty of this blog. You just want to read everything written by this amazing blogger. The Blog really expresses any opinions and is, very funny. I mean I cracked up at “Please, Please, PLEASE for the love of food…” FOOD!!


I really like the name of this blog ‘Just Another James’, because it’s very ironic. This is DEFINITELY, not a ‘JUST’! This blog is awesome!I love Lifestyle blogs, where the posts are majorly random. Sometimes quirky, sometimes funny and sometimes just a pleasure to read or to take your mind off things. I also love reading other pieces or poems, and absolutely loved this poem. I don’t think anyone would be afraid to leave a comment on this blog, that’s how welcoming  &friendly it is.


And Australia! What a cool place to live. (if you know me, then you know that I want to LIVE in Australia), so I was already a major fan! (I also love the name Patmore, because it sounds like Pottermore, and then Harry Potter, and then… YEAH! And James was Harry’s dad so more references!!!!!)


I also like the uniqueness (is that a word?) of it all. A playlist on the sidebar, GENIUS! I’m glad the blog doesn’t have surprise music just blasting out (I JUMP out of my seat when some random video or playlist begins), and it’s optional. It also makes the blog seem friendlier. I love how it’s not fancy or hard to navigate. I know exactly how to get from one page to another. This might seem like a rubbish thing to point out but I’ve been on so many blogs/sites where I am just BOMBARDED WITH STUFF! I like this clean & simple layout and blog, it’s just so much more comfortable.


The writing style is just something else added to this list. Even though there can be gaps between posts, I love the style of how everything is written. Something about them, make it feel really personal and really get you to think. I loved the Identity Tag which was created by James himself. It really made ME question about who I was as a person. There are so many good questions in that post and It really got my creative juices flowing!


I could literally rant about this blog all day, but I don’t want to bore you (and for the sake of my fingers and keyboard, oh and because I went over the Word Limit), I’ll bring this post to a close. This was a lot of fun to write and was wonderful to give someone a Secret Santa Gift. Thanks to Teen Ella for hosting this amazing idea, of a Blogger’s Secret Santa. It’s introduced to me to a new AMAZING blog and has made me really think. Have A Merry Christmas everyone & A Happy New Year.


Who was your Blogger’s Secret Santa? Love this blog too? How is your Christmas? Tell me everything! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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9 thoughts on “Blogger’s Secret Santa//James Patmore

  1. You’ve written this so fabulously and just WOW! And the HP references are EVERYTHING! James is a great friend and the amount of love and kindness in this post is beautiful! 🙂

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