2017 Update + Blog Survey (Your Opinions Needed!) & Some Thank You’s!

Note: Parts of this title was originally taking from Grace @ The Girl Upstairs. Permission was granted from the owner to use it. 

Hi, all!

I hope the new year is bringing you the best of things. I haven’t done an update post in forever and 2017 seemed like the best place to start.

I’ve been doing a spot of creating and baking. With the holidays gone, I thought I’d remember some of the things I’ve done and how I spent the precious days of freedom. I’d also like to see how my 2017 resolutions are going, a few days into the new year.


First off, I’d like to talk about the incredibly cute mini notebooks I made. When I say mini, I MEAN MINI! These were so tiny and adorable, that there was only space for the squishiest handwriting in the world or very small notes. I absolutely love my notebooks which I made in no time, using this tutorial and printable.


Next, up, I got out my chef hat out (not really), searched up a good recipe, and voila! I was back into the baking groove. The recipe was slightly confusing and I made my own adjustments to the measurements to create less (I know!) yummy biscuits! They were quite big biscuits (oops) but I downed 3 without a second thought and a splash of milk! Here’s how the big giants looked:


Just before the holidays had slipped away, I visited some shops! Of course, there were many books I had my eyes on, but I chose to pick up an Anthony Horowitz book collection filled with the Diamond Brother series and other juicy books. I’ve already read 2 books for the collection. Here’s how the box set looks!


Also, the new episode of BBC Sherlock? WHO WATCHED IT? GAH, it was SO GOOD!

The rest of the holidays were just relaxing, reading, and eating! Though 2 days back into school, I’m not getting as much time to do those things, but hey, it’s SCHOOL?! Of course, you’re going to get busy! Homework have already started to pile up… *sigh*


BUT, I’d like to say thank you to all the amazing bloggers out there.

Shania made a WHOLE post about me(link), thanking me, talking about how ‘great’ I am!? LIKE WHAT? I feel on top of the world right now.
ALSO, i got nominated for the Best looking blog @ 2016 Blogger AWARDS! HEY, sorry? Me, best-looking blog! You guys are kidding me… ANYWAYS, thanks to anybody who nominated me.
I also got nominated/tagged for so many things which I really hope I can get around to this 2017. Would You Rather Book Tag, 2016-2017 tag and many others. I promise I will do them!


I’ve also been thinking about improving my blog. I know a lot of you have given me the best compliments ever that make me smile, but there is always room for improvement. I’m nearly at 500, but I’m aiming for 1k followers this year and I hope this survey can help. Anyways, my blog better be awesome this 2017 and to make sure of that, I’d love if you just took this quick survey and fill it in. PLEASE be honest. Like, if my blog is rubbish for some reason, then tell me. Don’t think you are going to offend me. Here’s what happens to me when I fill in a survey

Blogger: PLEASE be honest with me in the survey. I won’t get offended!
Me: Yeah, sure! I will be so truthful
Blogger: Here’s the link
Me: Boring Stuff. Name, email, gender
Survey: What do you think of my blog content?
Me *thinking*: Some of the content is awesome but I think she could post more discussion posts.
Me: I can’t write that down! That is SO negative! And she/he knows my name, he/she’ll probably hate me forever and think I criticise too much and…
Blogger’s voice echoes: Please be honest with me *dramatic music*
Blogger: YAY, great feedback, but I can’t do anything to improve!
Me: Guilty, but at least their happy?

So, please, don’t be ME and be honest when filling it out! I don’t mean spam me with hate but constructive criticism is always appreciated!

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If it’s not showing up, click the link here:
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Some Other Thoughts

Another thing I’d like to ask you about is well, I’m thinking of starting a Writing Series consisting of contests, prompts, short stories etc… I want it to be called Word Wars but I want to know if you are interested? Let me know below in the comments.

I still need to create my 365 Jar (now 368 or something) so I’m a little behind but I will start.

And that’s pretty much all. I didn’t do a December Wrap since it was the end of the year so I guess this was a little replacement!


How were your holidays? What did you do over the break? Already failing your resolutions? How is 2017 going so far? What books have you read and what have you done? Tell me about 2017!

Sign Off


34 thoughts on “2017 Update + Blog Survey (Your Opinions Needed!) & Some Thank You’s!

  1. I just took your survey! Wow, those biscuits look good. My goals for 2017 are to finish my second draft of my book, start the first draft of another, and read 52 books. Fingers crossed! I absolutely love the idea of word wars- I love reading about writing, and I think it would be fun to all write together.

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    • Thanks so much! Haha, it was very nice to eat them. Unfortunately, they were all eaten so I couldn’t share any with you guys aprt from pictures 😦 Wow, good luck with writing! I’m going for 60, same as last year, and I hope I can read that many books! Thanks so much for your feedback.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I love posts which describe what’s been going on, with little bits and pieces of information and things to make me laugh. I took your survey too…but um, I apologise for not being very helpful. You’ll see when you read it! The biscuits look amazing. I’ve read some of the Diamond Brother series a while ago – I used to always read Anthony Horowitz, I don’t know why I stopped! 😀

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  3. This post was amazing!! XD I’m glad you had some good holidays to relax, read and also COOK!! XD I’ve no idea how to cook, last time I cooked was with an english teacher I had after school last year and we baked cookies!! They were delicious – though she did almost everything LOL XD 😛
    They looked a lot like those in this post!!
    And I also have a really little notebook I’d like to decorate but I’m just too clumsy and I kinda suck at crafts that require glue XD
    I’m also looking forward to your awards and tag posts!! Congrats on all your nominations!! XD You’re incredible, you deserved even more!! XD
    Also, I’m a lot like you when it comes to those surveys, and when I’m honest and I say I like all posts, people still don’t believe me!! I can do the survey if you want, but you won’t get any feedback to take notes from. Just do your thing, you don’t need our validation, what for me can be awesome, for someone else can be not so awesome. It’s just opinion, follow your instinct, this is your blog!! XD XD You’re amazing!!! XD

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww, thank you *wipes away a tear of joy* .Haha. Baking is not my strong point but I love it anyways! We NEVER do baking in school, it is so unfair. The closest we come are bake sales which I actually really enjoy (CHEAP FOOD!) I’m literally writing my 2016-2017 tag post now, LOL! Wow, thank you. I guess I feel the need for Surveys because I want to make sure all you guys are enjoying everything here!

      Liked by 1 person

      • No problemo!! XD *hugs you*
        And we don’t cook in school either, it was after school with a private teacher XD
        And really? How cool! Looking forward to read it!! XD And no problem, I understand you, sometimes I also wonder if people are liking what I write about. XD

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  4. One of my main resolutions I haven’t posted about or anything like that but I’ll say it on here, not to let anybody’s insult get me down this was a late comer after a hard week I felt I needed to make this one even though it’s abit late and so far I’m following it but I’m on the second day and it’s the weekend so 😅😅😅 and I love baking I found out this recipe for amazing giant cookies you can buy (quite expensive) from a place called Millie’s cookies do you have one of those in Cairo but I found a recipe and I always make them I’m also going to have a crack at slime making 😅😅😅 xz

    Liked by 1 person

    • Being strong and not caring about people’s negative thoughts is a tough one, good luck! I LOVE Millie’s cookies, they are awesome. I’ve made them once before but there are these ready-made cookies which you pop into the oven and voila! Quick and easy and their called Millie’s Cookies as well!

      P.S I found this comment in my spam folder?

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  5. Happy new year! This is actually my first time on your blog and I agree…it’s BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 Not sure if I’d be very helpful with the survey but I’ll definitely check it out. I am thinking about personal blog goals as well. Hope you reach your goal of 1K!

    – Jenn


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