The Ultimate Harry Potter Collab (ft.Sasha@The Stylish Dreamer)

Two Potterheads together, get ready for a Harry Potter fangirl marathon!

I’m collabing with the awesome Sasha @ The Stylish Dreamer. Be sure to read her post about her Potter madness!

What House Do You Belong In?


Screenshot 2017-01-01 at 15.25.34.png

I am so proud to be an official Gryffindor! Who wouldn’t want to be in the same house as Harry Potter, Hermione and Dumbledore?! I LOVE the red colour and the uniform and the lion is such a great symbol. I’ve envied Gryffindor for ever and I was so glad Pottermore sorted me into it!

Tell Us, What Is Your Patronus!


Screenshot 2017-01-01 at 15.30.09.png

Okay, the squirrel there is blue, but I got a RED SQUIRELL!  I actually quite like that name and I’ve always loved squirrels. According to Pottermore, I should be proud of my patronus!And I couldn’t screen shot in time so it’s cut off. Yes, the squirrel was prancing about the screen.

What Do You Think Of Your Wand?




I love my wand! The Phoenix feather is beyond cool and I think i like how it looks. I hope it won’t break like Ron’s wand, though!

We Know about Your Hogwarts house, But What About Your Ilvermorny House?



I loved the Fantastic Beasts movie (review here) and I was delighted to be sorted into Pudwidgie. It represents the heart, so I’m guessing it means I’m kind!

And now for a round of 15 Potterhead questions!

1.Why are you a Potterhead?
I’m a Potterhead because I LOVED the books! They were absolutely amazing! They were one of those books I just couldn’t put down. So Magical and wonderful. I’m a potter head and I’m proud!
2. When did you begin reading Harry Potter?
I think it was around 9 or 10 when I first picked up the books. I originally read them on my e-reader which didn’t give me the best experience. Nevertheless, the summer holidays were spent sitting in bed, reading and reading. I wouldn’t even get up to eat or anything.
3. What were your thoughts before you read HP and after? Compare them!
At first, I thought it was some super-hyped up book that actually wasn’t that good. I thought people were making a big deal out of nothing. After I came out of the Wizarding World, finished the books, I felt refreshed. I had just been through the most exciting times in my life, even though it had been inside a book.
4. Did you read the books first or the watch the movies?
I actually read the books first. I had seen snippets of the movies but never had watched one fully. I watched the movies afterwards and I’m glad. I think I might not have read the books first because the movies might have ruined the experience for me.
5. Have you watched all the movies?
Not yet. I’ve watched all of them apart from Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince. I seriously need to get around to watching this one.
6. What’s the most Potter-ish thing you’ve done?
Tough question. I think that there are so many to choose from, that I won’t be able to select just one.
7. Your thoughts on Cursed Child?
All in all, I was disappointed.It was all a bit non-magical and did not live up to my expectations.I’ve read the script but maybe the actual play is better? You can read my full review, here!
8. Favourite character and why?
I think Snape is my favourite character. I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you haven’t read HP yet but he is an amazing person.
9. Favourite house and why?
Gryffindor because a) I was sorted into it 2) The Golden Trio were in it. Also, I like what it stands for bravery.
10. Favourite book and why?
Everyone (ok, most people) say that Prisoner Of Azkaban was their favourite but for me, it was one of my least favourites! I’d have to say that The Deathly Hallows was my favourite with Philosopher’s stone not far behind.
11. Favourite scene/chapter?
Another really hard question… I think the 19 years later had to be my favourite.
12. Favourite HP quote?
“I solemnly swear I’m up to no good”
13. Saddest death?
Snape. No words.
14. A scene or thing you would’ve changed in the HP books.
15. Favourite movie?
Again, Deathly Hallows but Part 2 was better than Part 1.

There’s no denying, we’re both Potterheads! Be sure to read Sasha’s post where she fangirls about Harry Potter!

But remember, don’t let the Potterness get to your head!

Sign Off


36 thoughts on “The Ultimate Harry Potter Collab (ft.Sasha@The Stylish Dreamer)

  1. Everyone thinks Prisoners of Azkaban is best? That’s so weird I never really thought about it but now that you mention it a lot of people do like that one…. my favorite is Goblet of Fire, and I totally agree about Snape!! That post was so fun to read!

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  2. The weirdest thing I did is watch roleplays and fanfics with photos on YouTube I still do but mainly read fanfics I also dress up as hermione every Halloween and when I go to comic con even tho it ain’t a comic I also know all the words to chamber of secrets off by heart and I’m a huffleputh but I lost my first one which I was a ravenclaw I lost the first email and password and had to redo I was a huffleputh x

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  3. Hey! 😉 I just came from The Stylish Dreamer over to your blog and I haven’t read a lot yet but all I can say I already LOVE your blog!!! Also this post was really good (me being me loving Harry Potter) and I wanted to ask if I could use this as an inspiration to make my own version of the Pottermore results? xxx

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  4. At my school, we have a class that we’ve had to take since 6th grade. In 6th grade, we had a terrible teacher who got fired. In 7th grade, we had a fun-loving but slightly crazy teacher. He moved away. This year (8th grade), we have a really good teacher but there is a possibility that he is leaving the school or teaching a different grade next year. Next year, we’ll have a teacher who is really smart (he went to Harvard) and knows a lot about the topic. My friends and I have had a lot of fun comparing our teachers for that class to the Defense Against the Dark Arts professors. Thought a fellow Potterhead like you might appreciate that 🙂

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