Every Book Worm Has Their Preferences, Here’s My Top 10.


It’s TRUE! Bookworms can be very fussy worms people. When it comes to books, I rarely give a FIVE stars out, always have a little bit of criticism, and like to have things just the way I like it!

I would like to thank Sithara @Musings Of A Mellow Mind for tagging me in the Would You Rather Book tag! She has such an awesome blog, go check it out. I’m so late on doing it, so please accept my apology? This tag is going to be so much fun and I know it. Who doesn’t like to ramble on to the world about their bookish preferences and fuss about all books! Moving on…

1. Read only series or a stand alone?

I think I like series just a bit more. Reason being, stand alones always leave you hanging. Especially, if it’s a good book, then there’s always more good stuff to look forward to or not if it’s a stand alone. There is nothing like anticipating the next release of a book, or just binge reading the whole series when you should be studying!

2. Read only female or male authors?

I can’t even remember the title of books, let alone the authors.And don’t get me started on remembering character names. I read so many books, the author just becomes another person. Sure I might recognise the name if I saw it but off the top of my head? Sadly, I only remember famous authors like J.K Rowling or Phillip Pullman. Unless the book is mind-blowing, the author is swept to the side. Not very nice, I know but you can’t blame me for being a goldfish!

3. Shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

I’m pretty sure Barnes and Nobles are American? I’ve never shopped there, but I do have a Nook which has something to do with them.I think I’ll go for Amazon, though I don’t usually order books.

4. All books become movies or TV shows?

TV shows! I could just binge watch forever. Movie adaptations are awesome (sometimes) but a LOT of details are missed out because they can’t make the movie too long. TV shows would just allow every detail to be included and there would be more for me to watch!

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Is this even a question? Sorry, but who STOPS at 5 pages per day? Unless the book is utter rubbish, I normally eat books in one whole. Of course, 5 books per week. Though I probably wouldn’t have enough time to read all 5 books, but 5 pages is just TOO LITTLE. I’m called a book-eater for a reason!?

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?

I love reviewing books. Ranting about how amazing/rubbish a book is and fangirling about everything is always fun! I mean expressing your feelings about a book is just awesome. But an author is my dream. I’ve always wanted to be one and it is my dream. Writing books and having them reviewed would just be awesome. Definitely a professional author.

7. Only read your top 20 favourite books over and over or always read new ones?

I’m not too fond of re-reading. I mean I do re-read a lot. Like Harry Potter, the Series Of Unfortunate Events etc… But I don’t do it often. There are so many good books out there and I love to feast my eyes of fresh content.Also, it would be nice to actually defeat my TBR for once. I would love to always read new ones and just write reviews on my favourites to remember them.

8. Be a librarian or bookseller?

I’ve always associated a librarian with some evil mastermind. You know, you hear those spooky stories where someone gets locked in the library with the librarian ghost haunting them? No. Just me then. Whilst haunting people sounds fun, I think I’d go for a bookseller. Just because you get to have a coffee on your desk, book surrounding you and you can force customers to read AWESOME books (As well as your own…)

9. Only read your favourite genre or every genre except your favourite? 

I think the obvious answer here is my favourite genre only. I do like reading out of my comfort zone and exploring more diverse books, but my favourite genre is always nice to come back to. This was a tough one because exploring other books is exciting!

10. Only read physical books or ebooks?

This one is so tough! I’m literally pulling my hair out. This is like the most know debate (Well, WAR) between bookworms. E-books are cheaper, easier to get. Physical books are authentic and wonderful to hoard. E-books aren’t the real thing and you don’t get the right feels. Physical books can be expensive and heavy. I’m not going to even answer this question, I’m so conflicted.

As for who I tag. Any worm who is reading this post! Consider yourself tagged/nominated. Let me know if you do this tag in the comments or have done it. I’d love to read your answers!

Though, I know a couple of book buddies

3. Grace@ The Girl Upstairs
. Nadini @ Pages That Rustle
5. Shania @ Life As Shania


What are your bookish preferences? Are you a fussy book worm? Done this tag? Want to be tagged? Am I the only one who has this conspiracy about evil librarians? And CAN you actually choose between e-books and physical books? Is that question even legally allowed to be asked?

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45 thoughts on “Every Book Worm Has Their Preferences, Here’s My Top 10.

  1. Yep, Barnes and Noble is the main American bookstore branch. They tend to live in mall areas, and never have the books I want in stock in store (can you tell I’m salty about this 😂). Oh my goodness, evil librarians! I would so watch a movie about that.

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  2. Nice post! 🙂 I would definitely pick physical books over ebooks (autocorrect tried to change that to Ebola omg) because although they’re more expensive, I like having the feel of the book in my hand and I don’t know, it just makes it seem more real and authentic.

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  3. I love the look of this tag!! I’m a physical book over E-book person any day. I swear I’m in the minority of book lovers who doesn’t actually own an ereading device. I’m trying to listen to an audiobook at the moment and I’m not really enjoying that, either. It’s just not the same as a physical copy.

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    • Thanks so much, I can add you to the nominees, if you like. I think I like Physical books better, personally, but E-Books have the more ‘benficial’ side to them. I’ve only listened to one audibook in my bookish life and I had mixed feelings. At the beginning, for at least half the book, I found it hard to concentrate and the whole feeling was foreign. Then, as it was a longbook, I got used to the voice and my headphones and began to enjoy. Everyone has different opinions.

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      • Ooh, that’d be great if you could, thank you!
        Yeah. E-books can definitely be beneficial at times, I’m just a technophobe, mostly. I’m growing my bookshelf after not having one for a few years, so I’m sticking to physical books for the time being, but I may venture out in the future.
        That’s good to know, about the audiobooks. I might keep going with it, then. I’m only like 1/4 of the way through the story I’m listening to, so it might get easier.

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  4. Loved the post! A while back I read the Series of Unfortunate Events, and loved it. I recently saw a commercial for the book to go onto Netflix, and I’m very excited about that! Can’t wait to see what Count Olaf looks in the movie.

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    • I LOVE THE SERIES OF UNFORTNATE EVENTS. I read all the books apart from the last (I know, I’m seriosuly going to read it!) Yes, I think the first ep has been released on Netflix already. All, i know is, aside from the trailer I saw, that it would be released on January 13th. (Happened to be Friday the 13th, Unlucky, and the 13 because of the no.of books in the series). Haven’t seen it yet though…

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      • Haha, no one I know has ever finished the Series of Unfortunate Events, which literally shocks me so much because the books are SOO good, they usually just stop reading halfways LIKE HOW DO YOU DO THAT?
        I better get on Netflix soon, the books are good so I am hoping the same for the show. 🙂

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  5. Ooh, such a fun tag! I’m not quite sure I can answer all of them properly (and by that I mean choose between two halves of my soul, which I can’t because I didn’t split it like Voldy). I’ll do it on my new book blog next Saturday and leave a link when I’m done. 🙂
    The only time my answer differed from yours would be, I think, physical books over ebooks because I’m reading only ebooks now (yeah, they’re easy to get) and I get a headache if I read too much but I can’t stop because the book is too good to put down and… arrrggghhh!

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  6. The only thing I would say is asking to choose between E-books and hard copies is an illegal and a heinous crime for which the culprit (who asked the question) can be even put behind bars. *serious look* 😀 😀

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  7. For the last questions, I’d say real books because you can borrow them from libraries for free and then you only have to nuy your most favourite books. But maybe I’m just being biased because I don’t use ebooks?

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