Dear People Who Haven’t Read Harry Potter…


Dear People Who Haven’t Read Harry Potter,

I pity you. I really do. I really don’t know how to start! I don’t get how you can NOT have read them! They are one of the most famous books and your bound to see them in any bookshop. Do not give me the lame excuse of ‘Oh, I just haven’t got around to them’. Yes, maybe you are a book worm. Yes, you have many books to read and re-read. yes, you have a life besides books. But are you telling me that you can’t possibly take out some time, pick up the books, and read them?

But time is of the essence, i hear you complain. Are you telling me If you found a treasure map leading to your life’s desires, you wouldn’t take out your time, follow the clues and riddles and make that voyage? Are you telling me you would say that your job and other things are more important? Or you would you skip work or even assignments for a few days, even months, find that treasure, and savour every moment of your life? If you would find the treasure, surely you would read Harry Potter, which holds that treasure!

Harry Potter has shaped millions of lives. So many people have picked up the books as one normal person and have come out as someone else entirely. I get that it might not be your style but give them a chance. Just because it is a super-hyped up book does not mean it’s rubbish. Why do you think so many people like it? For no reason? Well, think again. Harry Potter is such an amazing series, I can not put it into words. Go read the books and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

It’s fantasy. There’re dragons, magic and all that weird stuff. Okay maybe you are no fantasy fan but Harry potter is different. J.K Rowling almost wrote the book so it would fit under any category. There are so many other elements such as contemporary, dystopia, you name it. Harry Potter has it all.

I watched a few movies, they were rubbish. 

Don’t you DARE judge a book by its movie, let alone it’s cover! The movies were okay but they weren’t as magical as their books. It is against the Book Laws to judge books by their movie adaptations.

I tried Cursed Child and it was rubbish. Sorry to burst your bubble, Cursed Child wasn’t even written by J.K Rowling. Seriously, that is not even an excuse. Even Fantastic Beasts is not an excuse for you not to pick up HP…

I read it. I didn’t like it. Well, at least you tried. Not everyone is an HP fan especially if you read it after you childhood! 9/10 will enjoy it but there is that minor that secretly hates it. Mainly because they didn’t grow up reading it or it’s not childish. I respect you fi you did not enjoy it. At least you were honest.

I beg you. For the love of books, read it. I will try and convert you to a Potterhead and I like to think i can succeed.


All Potterheads.


Are you reluctant to pick up the HP series? Have you even considered reading them? Or are you already a major fan, nodding your head to this post? Did you read the books, and hated them? WHY! I MUST KNOW! Ponder away with me?

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68 thoughts on “Dear People Who Haven’t Read Harry Potter…

  1. I have spent my entire childhood being reluctant to pick up the books, but once I did I LOVED IT! I read the entire series in one go and was sad I didn’t read this when I was younger Everybody needs a little HP magic in their life!

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  2. I haven’t read them….don’t hate me! It’s just not my kind of book, I dislike pretty much all fantasy like books with magic and stuff. I tried reading Harry Potter years ago, but I just couldn’t😔 I might try again though, this post kinda made me feel bad for dismissing the Harry Potter books lol

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  3. The Harry Potter series I started while I was in high school. It was when it first released and kept waiting for each book eagerly as the years past by. It was a masterpiece. The only people I’ve known not to have read it are those that just don’t read for fun. One person told me why should I read when all the good stuff is made into movies. This was a college student as well. Some just don’t understand the joy of reading and that is just something I have yet to comprehend.

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  4. I haven’t actually read Harry Potter…I saw the title of this and thought wow that’s me hahah oops but yeah fantasy isn’t really my kind of thing and to read a whole series like I don’t really have time to read one singular book nowadays let alone a collection. but maybe one day I will try them out…one day…XD

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  5. That’s a great letter. I’ve tried it and wasn’t a fan. Alas, I am that 1/10 of the people who didn’t like it. I guess I might give it a second try though, since everyone keeps on saying its super good. Great post by the way!

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  6. I really just never got around to them in my childhood. Although I’m sure they were around back then (I’m only 18), they were never talked about in my social circle, and the franchise was worth far less than it is nowadays! I remember watching one of the films when I was eight (all I remember is snakes in some sort of locked room, as much help as that is;)), and that scared me, but I still wanted to read the books. It’s definitely a series I’ve got down to read at some point in the year, though–when I’ve located them in second hand shops or somewhere cheap online!

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  7. I agree with this post so much. Harry Potter is like the bible in the bookworm world. It’s Harry Potter it’s my childhood and I wouldn’t have it any other way. From Hogwarts to the Weasleys I have grown up and I am still madly in love with the wizarding world.

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  8. Haary potter books have definitely changed my life though people don’t understand how a fantasy book can change you but I have learnt some of my life’s best lesson form these books. . You have perfectly put the words I would tell someone who hasn’t read Harry Potter. Superb.

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  9. I was the nodding person, haha. I just re-read it last year and it’s still so relevant and interesting! I wish I could forget the plots so I could read them all with the mystery element added too. I’m not a crazy fan in the sense that this isn’t my favourite series of all time, but I’m a huge fan all the same. 🙂

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  10. I haven’t read them. I intend on reading them one day but I always struggle to read the book(s) once I have watched the movies. I loved the movies and I am sure the books will be even more amazing, but I am not in any rush. I have heard that a lot of Potter fans also didn’t like The Casual Vacancy but thought it was brilliant. Maybe because I didn’t have any preconceived ideas based on the HP franchise. Anyone watched the movies then read the books and still loved them???

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  11. lmao I had a good laugh at “Don’t you DARE judge a book by its movie”! So true, so true! 🙂
    (Though I do love the Harry Potter movies. <3)
    I came across your blog in Scale it Simple's Be Mine Blog Party and I'm so glad I did. Looking forward to reading more of your future posts!



    Oh my god 😥 😥 😥 😥

    *Complete meltdown*
    ” Why, oh why god, WHY!? How can they not!? Traitors”

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