The Pen Pal Collab (ft. Ayaka)

Hi, everyone!

Words cannot explain how excited I am! WHY? You ask? Sorry, where have you been?

The wonderful Ayaka @ Midnight Ranter’s blog is collabing me with me today. You see, when we had the idea we wanted to do a load of things. We discussed many ideas (MANY) and settled on doing a writing prompt. The concept was to both have the same prompt, respond to it, without sharing any of our ideas. As today is OPPOSITE DAY, I will post Ayaka’s response to the prompt and she will post mine on her blog post here. (BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT)

We decided on the prompt ‘kites’ since WE LOVE THE KITE RUNNER! It’s an awesome book of course and so we decided we’d our own twist to it. This is AYAKA’s response to the prompt (which is wahey better than mine!)



To Be in Love

She often wondered,
From one time to hundred,
How it’d feel.
Was it only the hammering of the heart,
Or was that just its start?

Would the world really brighten?
Would her chest truly tighten?
Or was it all a myth?
Would she feel all warm inside,
And let butterflies take lead and guide?

Oh, how she’d love to fly,
And soar away into the sky.
But was it truly possible?
Could a person make you feel so?
Could a human make another glow?

Perhaps she was mistaken, after all.
She’d dream big but still feel small.
Love didn’t give you all that.
Love only gave hope,
But with that, she could never cope.

‘Cause hope sometimes felt like a lie,
When you know that in the end you’ll have to cry.
Of tears, though, she was never afraid.
It was the mystery of the emotion,
That left her mind in a great commotion.

How can one feeling be so vague?
How can it consume you whole like a plague?
Just what did it all really mean?
To fall in love..
And think of what could exist above.

She would be a kite,
Always ready to take flight.
Love was an anchor, though.
So when you’re finally there,
Remember that love is truly rare.

Love didn’t set you free,
It just filled you with a lot of glee.
True, you’ll feel buoyant;
But no need for confusion,
It’s all the renowned love-illusion.

Love is the thread,
That held the kite as it spread.
It gave you a little hope—
Made you fly some miles away,
But still— kept you firmly at bay.



Well, I guess you were just BLOWN away by that because I was. Be sure to check out my response on Ayaka’s blog as well. I had SO much fun doing this collab and we’ve got more planned (I hope!)


What did you think fo the fantabulous poem written by Ayaka?We all know you loved it!! Have you checked out my response yet? ALSO, Am I the only one who LOVES Midnight Ranter’s blog? DO you LOVE writing too?


Sign Off


30 thoughts on “The Pen Pal Collab (ft. Ayaka)

  1. The excitement just gets a whole lot more real once you tap that ‘Publish’ button there.

    I had so much fun writing the answer and the blog post; but I guess most of the fun was throughout the planning! Thank you so much for what you said up there about my blog and I, words can’t do justice to how flattered I am by that xx
    And I certainly, certainly, look forward to more of this in the future because it’s just about the greatest thing ever!

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