FPOB Mass Collab In Which I Rant About My Favourite Part Of Blogging


Oh wow! Can I just say this is SUCH an awesome idea and I am beyond excited to be writing this post?! When I received the lovely email from Shania, about a Mass Collab, I signed up immediately, sharing the exciting news by forwarding it to every blogger I knew. Now, I here I am collabing with the lovely bloggers:


  1. Vivian@Writing With Style
  2. Evelynn @ Evelynn & Nathalia’s DIY Corner
  3. Joce @Write Through The Night
  4. Elm@Just Call Me Elm Or Something
  5. Amethyst@My Life As Amethyst Extrovert
  6. Flawed_Silence
  7. Closet Readers
  8. Sasha@The Stylish Dreamer
  9. Emma @ Book Emma
  10. My Crazy Obsession With Books & English 16
  11. FarahEdz@The Girl With Coffe
  12. Lucia R@Hangout With Lucia
  13. Pixey@My xStar Blog
  14. Brookie Soars
  15. Ayaka@Midnight Ranter



But of course, I have to calm down, and tell you guys, what my favourite part of blogging actually is.

“The community”

Everyone around here is so friendly and nice, and I’ve rarely encountered any hate. Comments are always sweet, likes are generous, and follows are appreciated. Everyone is just so supportive of everyone, and it makes me feel part of something really awesome.

I love how approachable everyone is. At first, I was scared to socialise but after a while, I realised how welcoming and sweet the community is and how the blogosphere is willing to help anyone and everyone.

There is so much positivity, help and advice in the blogging world, that it is almost hard to believe. When I started a blog, I was scared of how harsh people could be on the internet and the hate my blog could get. But with 500+ followers, I realise how wonderful people actually are. Whether it’s emailing you to check in, complementing your work or anything nice someone has to say, It will ALWAYS put a  huge smile on my face. My day is instantly lifted when I see a comment or follow and I don’t know where I’d be without my lovely blog and supporters.

I guess I’m just rambling right now because it’s hard to put into words how awesome people are around here. Those posts that lift your mood, the people that make you laugh, and those blogs that make you just so happy. And there I go again, rambling and rambling.


I guess I’ll stop now so I’ll see you in my next post. Tell me what your favourite part about blogging is. I’d LOVE TO KNOW! It was hard choosing for me, so I’m interested. Do you love the community?Ponder with me in the comments? 

Sign Off


26 thoughts on “FPOB Mass Collab In Which I Rant About My Favourite Part Of Blogging

  1. I was and still kind of am scared of haters (so far nonexistent to me) and so scared to put my opinion across. I deeply think about every single word I write and sometimes that can be very time consuming. Great post! 🙂 x

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  2. Do I love the community? Do we live on Earth? Does the sun rise from East? Of course I do! And I loved your post too because it basically stated every thought I ever had on mind~ I live for the comments I receive on my posts because they all just automatically brighten up my day and that’s one of the best feelings ever~

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  3. I also love the community! Everyone is so much nicer online haha (not that people are mean in real life… bloggers are just way more awesome 😉 )
    I love finding people who share the same interests that I do, and people who don’t but who get me into things I never would’ve learnt/participated in/done and I’m so grateful for all those people!
    I also just love sharing my thoughts with other people because I’m a hopeless blabber-er.
    Simi 🙂

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      • Yeah, I think that way no one is judged at all by their appearance, just simply by their views on things. It’s amazing really that you can make friends with people thousands of miles away 😉


  4. I love the positivity here in the blogging community, it’s so wonderful and filled with such friendliness. I have never seen any negativity or hate here, and nor do I intend to. I hope that this community stays as friendly and positive as it is now!

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  5. I LOVE HOW PEOPLE HERE HAVE ACCEPTED THIS ALL CAPS TYPING HIPPIE INTO THEIR CIRCLE! It is honestly heart-warming and beautiful, to see people from different countries meet and speak with each other on here, which is otherwise impossible. I’ve met many wonderful muffins from different continents here and that is why I absolutely love book blogging. It has created a huge window for exposure to appreciate the works of people from all over the globe. 💛

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