Bookish Interview Swap With Grace

WHO IS EXCITED?! If you didn’t know (hello? Are you living?) Grace @ The Girl Upstairs is joining me today and giving me the chance to collab with here (*internally screams with excitement*). Since this IS a book blog, I’m going to be having a bookish interview to Grace. I CANNOT WAIT to get started. But, before we do, please check out this awesome girl’s blog out. Trust me when I say this, her blog is AMAZING. Once you’ve followed and obviously fallen in love with everything, then you can read the awesome interview with President Amazing Grace.


M: HULLO! Grace, I’m so excited to have you here!
Grace: I’m excited to be here! Thanks for having me, Mahriya!

What was the first book you remember reading?

Grace: From the time I could sit up I was surrounded by books, so it’s hard to remember the first. But I distinctly remember reading a book with funny poems and rhymes.

What’s your book fandom?

Grace: I really love Keeper of the Lost Cities and Star Wars, although Star Wars is a movie. I also think that I’d enjoy LOTR and The Hobbit if i actually took the time to read it. XD

What’s your favourite book?


*scrolls thru Goodreads* I definitely couldn’t pick a single favourite – what bibliophile can only pick one fave book? – but some of my favourites would be The Chronicles of NarniaKeeper of the Lost CitiesThe Winged WatchmanAnne of Green Gables, and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Least favourite?

Grace: Almost any book by Rick Riordan…I read all of his books when I was younger and liked them, okay, but they’re rather juvenile for me now.

What is the most memorable book you’ve ever read?


I really loved the first Keeper of the Lost Cities book and The Giver. Although all of the books I read have some sort of impact on me, good or bad. 😉

Have you ever cried during (or after) a book?

Grace: Nope! I am positive that I have no heart at all. #heartlessandproud XD

Who’s your favourite author?

Grace: That’s also very hard…I really like Lois Lowry and Shannon Messenger.

What is your favourite genre to read?

Grace: When it comes to genres, I’m kinda a “reader of all trades.” I’m not even sure what genres the books I enjoy fall into. I enjoy fantasy, but I don’t read that much of it…I enjoy contemporary (as long as it’s good), but I don’t read that much of it…and so on and so forth. 😉

What books are you looking forward to reading?


*consults Goodreads*

Out of Time series
Alice in Wonderland
Keeper of the Lost Cities #6 a #7
Let the Sky Fall
-The remaining Anne of Green Gables books
…and dozens more! 😀

What’s one of your weird bookish habits?

Grace: I’m not really sure if I have any weird or unusual reading habits, other than that I read in spurts.

Do you keep your bookmarks safe or just use scraps of anything you can find?

Grace: I had a nice collection of pretty bookmarks, but somehow my pile mysteriously shrinks. 😉

Do you snack on food while reading?

Grace: Not really…I usually read in bed and I can’t stand crumbs in my sheets. *shudders*

Are you a fast reader?

Grace: I have a pretty wide reading pace, but for the most part, it’s pretty average. But if I especially like the book I’ll read it more and finish it faster.

What’s your book fandom?

Grace: Surprisingly, this is a hard question. Many of the books I’ve read don’t really qualify as a fandom. But I am definitely in the Keeper of the Lost Cities fandom, thanks to Clara. 🙂

Do you want to be an author (why or why not?)

Grace: To be quite honest, I don’t really think about this much. I honestly don’t pay much attention to the author unless it’s a series of long books. But I do enjoy books by Shannon Messenger, L.M. Montgomery, Trenton Lee Stewart, and Gail Carson Levine.

Libraries or Bookstores?

Grace: Probably bookstores, since their books are cleaner and smell so new. I do enjoy libraries a lot too, but there’s something about bookstores that I just like better.

Do you like reading 2 (or more) books at the same time?

Grace: I don’t mind it much – I always have a lot of books to read, especially after a trip to the library. 😉

Do you have any bookish OCD moments?

Grace: Not any than I can think of! Which is very surprising, since I’m rather OCD in real life. 😉
M: Thanks so much Grace! It was wonderful to have you here on my blog! In the meantime, I’ll just have to keep on reading your posts. Stay Amazing, Grace!
Grace: Thanks again for this interview, Mahriya! I had a blast doing it.


Do you love Grace’s blog too? Do you have any bookish OCDs? Tell me your bookish fandom and are you one to get teary whilst reading? Am I the only one eats whilst reading? And what do you prefer, libraries or bookstores? Share your secrets, bookworms!

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24 thoughts on “Bookish Interview Swap With Grace

  1. *is so annoyed right now* GOSH, WIFI. BE KIND TO ME FOR AT LEAST ONCE.

    Do you love Grace’s blog too?: YEEEEEEES IT’S SO AMAZING (just like the amazing Graaaace)
    Do you have any bookish OCDs?: *attempts to calm down* *cannot calm down* Here we go… IF YOU DARE HURT A BOOK IN ANY WAY IN MY PRESENCE, I WILL THROW SOMETHING AT YOU (like mangoes, or a book — WAIT NOT A BOOK BECAUSE THEN THE BOOK WILL GET HURT). This includes DOGEARING *shudder*, flipping a book over and breaking the spine, ripping the pages, getting the book wet, ripping off some of the beautiful cover (for hardcovers), and MUCH MUCH MORE.
    Tell me your bookish fandom and are you one to get teary whilst reading?: Alright. Fandoms. Let’s do this. PJO (Grace, how could you not like RR’s books??? 😥 😛 ), HP, Legend & The Young Elites, SIX OF CROWS, TLC, The Raven Cycle, KOTLC, MDBC, The Selection, Graceling AND A MILLION OTHERS. (By the way, Mahriya, if you haven’t read them yet, I recommend books by Marie Lu. She is a YA goddess, and her books will tear your hearts out. But still read it of course.) I have cried only over three books: HP and the Order of the Phoenix (SIRIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS), Allegiant (on Grace’s blog it said Divergent was on your TBR so I won’t reveal this person’s name but asdfghjkl), and The Midnight Star (*soooooooobs*). But there were a million other heartbreaking books that I didn’t cry over??? Like LEGEND (Champion, really) and CROOKED KINGDOM. LASDKHGLAHSDGHA
    Am I the only one eats whilst reading?: FEAR NOT, YOUNG ONE. I eat when I read as well. I just have to be doing something while I’m reading??? It’s weird. But food is the third best thing in the world (books being second, and me being first, of course), so obviously pair it with the other two and KABLAM. Awesomeness.
    And what do you prefer, libraries or bookstores?: Okay, so bookstores make me internally cry because I’m #broke and can’t buy all of these beautiful books that I MUST HAVE IN MY HANDS RIGHT NOW, but libraries make me internally cry because they don’t have the books I want??? What is this torture??? But. They both have books, so they’re automatically awesome.
    Share your secrets, bookworms!: NEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

    I think this comment was even better (and longer) than my first one. HUZZAH.

    Liked by 3 people

      GRACE IS SO AWESOME. UGH I hate when someone hurts a book (though I do do TINY TINY dogearing on a book, still friends?)
      And I want to try Percy Jackson but hm… Idk, they don’t seem like my type? I NEED The Selection and YAS MARIE LU (I found The Midnight Star and the 2nd book in the series BUT NOT THE FIRST. DAMN IT!)
      And BROKE BOOKWORMS *Wails*

      Liked by 1 person

        I know, she is! AND WHAT NO MAHRIYA HOW COULD YOU. *cries* Well, I read PJO when I was younger, so that explains my love for it. I’m growing out of it no, but it is STILL an amazing series, with awesome characters and worldbuilding. RR is very sarcastic and hilarious. THE SELECTION IS SO GOOD. But not The Heir and The Crown. *shudders* AND YES MARIE LU READ IT NOOOOOOOW. (And ugh, isn’t that just the worst??? TMS will tear your heart out, as well as Champion. *sobs* MY BABIES.)
        It’s the worst problem ever. *cries*

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  2. Hey Mahriya! Great post, super fun to read. Can I ask a question? I’ve been working on my blog’s sidebar, and I’ve been trying to add social media links. How do you get them lined up in a row with separate links, like you have?

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