How Do You Define A Good Book Ending ?+5 Types Of Endings You Like?(A QUIZ)

As a bookworm, I LOVE books but endings always seem to mess things up, am I right?

I’m so excited to be introducing my NEW series DREAMS & DISCUSSIONS! I’ve had the category and idea for a long time now, but I actually want to make this something weekly or at least every fortnight. I’ll tinker with things and see how it goes, but for now, let’s grab some hot chocolate, my post and a warm blanket and we’ll get started. I’m going to discuss, then list, and then let you take my quiz, ready?

Defining A Good Ending.png


The Discussion

Today’s topic is how we, as readers, judge whether an ending is good or not. I mean some people hate the typical happily-ever-after and many fangirls over plot twists and cliff-hangers, but I want to know WHAT you think is a good ending to a book.

I mean, everyone has their own opinions.Personally, I like the book to be ended on a final note. Especially if it’s the last book in the series or a standalone, I want to make sure that there are no loose ends, plot flaws or unexplained things. I get why authors leave some things to the imagination but I expect and wish for an explanation of what’s going on. I don’t like being in the dark THE WHOLE TIME – it’s not that fun being a confused potato as you can’t even enjoy the book.

What does define a good ending? How can an author ever know? Do you leave some things unanswered, solve some questions or leave your readers begging for more and be evil? How do you know what your audience will appreciate? Do you do something that will make sense or something that fans will love? Trust your fans or your heart??? THIS IS THE QUESTION OF LIFE.

But the world doesn’t just revolve around me and my opinion- it revolves around LISTS! Not the sentence you were expecting but I don’t want to beat around the bush. Let’s talk about the type of endings you read and why you love them!


The List

No.1@ My Bookish Life.png

1.The Fairytale Finish

And they all live happily-ever-after.

Yeah right. No, but on a serious note, some books DO actually have a fairy-tale finish. And it might be unrealistic and all (I mean, the glass slipper could have fitted the WRONG person) but some authors, decide they must do this. I’m not sure why, because hey, life isn’t perfect and you shouldn’t be teaching young children that, but, maybe it puts a smile on your face? I don’t think this kind of endings matter much because, usually, the story has some sort of hidden meaning or moral which is why they end it happily. I don’t know? ASK CINDERELLA!


2. The Cliff-Hanger

Yeah, you know. SOME BOOKS JUST END ON A CLIFF HANGER.Totally allowed. Like why would you do this to me? I LITERALLY HAVE AN LIFE-CRISIS when the ending just leaves me hanging. WHERE ARE ANSWERS- I DEMAND THEM! But nooo, the author just leaves you there, hanging off a cliff, ready to die. It’s just plain horrible. I don’t know anyone who actually likes these endings because I sure don’t. I mean hasn’t the author been taught Beginnings, Middles and ENDINGS. Not everything is supposed to be resolved but com’ on don’t be cruel. You are left begging, BEGGING, for more.


3.The Plot-Twist 

Uhm, the ending ENDS on a Plot-Twist. It’s a bit like a cliff-hanger but this time you don’t have THAT many questions but you find out the good guy was the bad guy all along. Some books explain some books leave you begging for more.I don’t mind the books ending on a plot-twist because yes, there are questions but you realise the author was hinting it all along and you were so stupid for NOT realising. Plot twists quite refreshing – if they’re done well. I mean it’s not a Plot-Twist if you saw it coming. Plot-twists have to smack you in the face and you have to faint because SURPRISE!


4.The Stabbing Sobbing ‘Ending’

Basically, everyone dies. Yup, the main character, the main character’s friend, the whole city, the villains, the accomplices. It seems the only one still alive is you but probably not for much longer since you are sobbing and your heart is being ripped out. And you can’t survive without a heart. Not like you had one anyway but if you did…

And maybe not EVERYONE is dead but there are still tragic deaths. And there is still a weeping you. But the ending is the ending and they are dead. They can’t come back to life. Unless they are GHOSTS – yes, I may have an obsession!


5. The Satisfying Stop

It’s ACTUALLY a good ending. Not everything works out perfectly, you’re satisfied with where everything ended up, and it was beautifully written. You’re glad they didn’t carry on because it probably just wouldn’t work out. Sometimes, it NEEDS to stop, in risk of your beautiful bookish memories being destroyed. I’ve yet to come across a PERFECT ending but I have been a pretty happy bean at some endings are just pretty good. Authors need to write more of these, maybe?


The Quiz

This part was heavily inspired by Cait @ Paper Fury but I LOVED the idea of bookish personality quizzes, I decided to make one myself.



Tell me what ENDING you like! What did you get in my quiz? Was it accurate (ahem, probably not…) I’m so sorry if my quiz-making skills are shabby. What do YOU think defines a good ending? DO you write a different type of ending to what you actually like as a reader?DREAM & DISCUSS with me!

Sign Off


82 thoughts on “How Do You Define A Good Book Ending ?+5 Types Of Endings You Like?(A QUIZ)

  1. I got Satisfying Stop in the quiz (which is probably super accurate) but not gonna lie, a good mix of plot twists and everyone dying typically does the trick 😂😂 I’m always so jealous of Cait’s quizzes, and I love that you did one too!! They’re so fun to participate in, plus your whole discussion in this post was really good

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    • Aww, THANK YOU! This was my first time making a quiz, and ugh, I had no idea what I was doing. I need to brush up on my skills ALOT. I love Plot-twists too and ahem, so blood trickled through always adds to the thrill. I KNNNOOWW, Cait’s quizzes are so fun and nice and WONDErFUL and accurate (unlike mine, ahem). Thank YOUUU,

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  2. As long as the ending makes sense then I’m happy sometimes happily ever after as unrealistic as they are work for certain books. Usually my favorite endings kill maybe one or two people but not everyone and give the characters an ending (even if it’s sad) that works for them and the story. As long as the author stays true to the story and doesn’t rush the ending then I’m usually happy but I also like plot twists. Great quiz by the way, I got the satisfying stop.

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  3. I took the quiz and this is what I got: The Satisfying Stop”You actually understand an author. You nod your head at the ending because it makes perfect sense and you understand why the author wrote the book as he/she did. You like endings that are realistic. After all, happily-ever-afters are a bit far off, and you admire authors who stick to their guns and write a book which actually has a reasonable ending and MAKES sense.”
    This is answer I got is kind of “me”… but also not really.
    I honestly really love plot-twists and cliffhangers though… then I come back for more! =D
    (Though maybe I’d like it even more if I had all the books so I could read them right away and the cliffhangers wouldn’t be so hard to live with.)


  4. What a fun post! I got The Satisfying Stop in the quiz, but not going to lie… I actually LOVE a good cliff hanger. A lot of the time they keep me thinking about the book even after I finish, which also makes reviewing so much easier! Basically, the ending has to be EXCITING. I want tears in my eyes and crazy stuff happening. This was an awesome post, Mahriya! ❤️

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  5. I loved this post!! XD I never saw anyone talking about book endings, I love it!!! XD XD I did your quiz and I am The Satisfying Stop!! *I loved the minion GIF*
    Btw, I loved your featured image, so cool!!! XD XD

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  6. I got the satisfying stop for the quiz XD but personally, I love books that have sad endings because it makes me feel something. I read a super good trilogy that had a sad cliff-hanger and it made me want to come back from more because i was constantly wondering “are they okay? I NEED TO FIND OUT”. I think cliff-hangers only work for me when they rest of the books are already out. It’s brutal reading a book with a cliff-hanger and the next book doesn’t come out for another freaking year! *queue eye roll here*. But I don’t like perfect happy endings. Sometimes they’re nice but I don’t like them very often.

    Amber @ Escape Life in the Pages

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  7. I loved the touch with the quiz! I got fairy tale ending and that’s completely accurate because I’m a sucker for happy endings. I love them! I love when the characters are mostly intact (missing one or two limbs is fine) and happy and with the person I ship them with. Is that too much to ask??? The satisfaction stop is also good as long as there’s closure and no unanswered question about the plot.

    Cliffhanger endings are the bane of my existence. Especially if it’s the last book to the series. I do not start series just to be left hanging from a cliff 😐.

  8. I am probably one of the few people that actually likes cliff hangers (done right of course). They are definitely infuriating, but I love the idea of being able to imagine the world after the story ends. Its a good exercise for me also #fanfiction lol.
    I took the quiz and got 5. The satisfying stop. It’s half right! I enjoy writing the Satisfying Stop kind of ending, but half the time I enjoy reading the cliff hangers and half the time I enjoy reading the satisfying stop kind of ending. It really depends on the story.

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  9. I like all of these endings, but only is executed correctly. im going to take your quiz right this moment (well, after i finish this comment) and im excited because bookish quiz! and i can’t wait for more of your series, if it’s called Dreams & Discussions, i’ll have to like it (cause of the blog name, April Dreams) haha

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  10. this is a great post yet again! you know i got the satisfying stop on the quiz, and i do like that sort of ending. but sometimes having the sort of ending you love and hate can be really good as well, if you know what i mean. and i’m not saying i want the “everyone dies” sort of ending, because that just feels like having youR HEART RIPPED OUT AND DUMPED ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF YOU. but sometimes having the sort of ending that makes you more emotional means it’s a good book. now the quiz gave me the right answer in terms of what ending makes me happy, but i think sometimes an ending that leaves you sobbing or begging for more really means it was a good book? anyway, amazing post, really got me thinking as you can see.

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  11. BAD MAHRIYA. YOU FORGOT THE HORRIBLE ENDINGS THAT END ABRUPTLY AND WITH NO WRAPPING-UP AT ALL. And the one where the whole book is so horrible that you don’t even read the endings. And DANG IT WHY’D YOU HAVE TO GO AND MAKE ME THINK ABOUT ALL OF THIS??? GOOD ENDING? BAD ENDING? You make my life so complicated, little mangold. 😥 XD

    And omg Cait’s quizzes slay.

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  12. Book endings can be SO stressful haha. 😀 The cliffhanger is so common it basically tears my heart to pieces in anticipation, along the one where so many people die and my HEART CAN’T TAKE IT. Loved this post! ❤


  13. Oh my gosh I love this! Endings are all about balance in my opinion. If an ending is too happy (everyone lives happily ever after, all the conflicts are tied up neatly, etc) it doesn’t feel realistic; yet on the other hand if an ending is too sad it can sometimes feel like the author is just trying to manipulate us emotionally. You have to find a happy medium between the two and you have to make it so that the ending helps convey the message the author is trying to send.

    Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous discussion! ❤

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  14. I got The Satisfying Stop, which is totally accurate! One of my main criticisms of books is that they lack a satisfying ending…which to me means it’s in balance with the rest of the story, not too hasty or too drawn-out, and seems to bring it to an appropriate close. I do NOT like cliff hangers or gimmicky twists. However, it’s interesting to consider there may be people who do. Thanks for a fun quiz! Let’s all have tea now.

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  15. I love this post! I did your test and got the Happily Ever After ending, which is okay, but only if it is the final ending (not like the second book in a four-part series, then it’s not okay). I like it when pretty much everything is resolved but it doesn’t have to be all perfect. I just like to know that everything will be okay, not perfect, but okay.


  16. I love this discussion so much!! 😂😂 I got the Satisfying Stop on your quiz which is completely accurate for me because I’m very picky with my endings and I always want something that’s resolved nice enough and doesn’t leave me with a lot of questions. But that’s mainly for series enders or standalones. When it comes to first or second books in series I actually don’t mind plot twists endings. In fact, I love them. Cliffhanger endings, however, are the worst torture! It’s like you have to wait a year or more for the next book after that and I’m like nooooo 🙈. And the Stabbing Sobbing ‘Ending’, I’ve read more than a few with endings like that and ouch. I don’t always hate them but I have to be in the mood for a sad read. But, yeah, usually I like it when there’s a solid ending. If it’s too open I feel a bit disappointed.

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  17. I loved the post and the quiz!! I got satisfying stop which is pretty accurate for me. And omg the books where everyone dies… I mean WHY?? Why would authors DO that??? What is the point??!!!! (*Cough* *Looks at the Maze Runner books sitting innocently on my shelf* *casually scrolls through list of people who died in Harry Potter* )

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  18. I got The Satisfying Stop, which is accurate. Sometimes when I’m feeling down or trying to read a book to make myself happy, I’d like the happily-ever-after kind of endings (by that I mean no one died, heartbreak is allowed). The other types of endings annoy me and I don’t like loose ends or when the author leaves something to my imagination because they’re not as satisfying. However, now I just want more tea. What did you do to me, Mahriya? 😂

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