A Bookish Wrap Up Feburary (THE EATING OF BOOKS and I’m FAMOUS?)

I’m pretty sure I went on a massive hiatus without warning everybody and was missed incredibly, right?

Okay. So maybe you were just missing my chocolate hugs but that’s beside the point. I’m 12 days late doing this ‘re-cap’ and sooo behind on like, um, everything? I’m so awesome, right?

But when I returned to WordPress, I saw that the post, draft place thingy layout CHANGED and no-one bothered to inform me. WHAT IS ALL THIS MODERN STUFF? Ew….

But shall we start now? Because I’m sure everyone is getting pretty bored by this point and I do not like to bore. My purpose is to read books and eat. Oh and of course entertain you little potatoes.


Screenshot 2017-03-12 at 14.56.14

Books I Bought

As you know I’m a poor little potato, so umm, I only brought two books.

Crooked Kingdom – FIVE STARS. Oh, my. That was just so beautiful and wonderful and can I cry some more?

The Mystery Of The Clockwork Sparrow – 3 STARS. London. A Department Store. The 90’s. A Mystery. What a wonderful, refreshing read and combination. I liked this quite a bit and definitely worth my money!

Books I Borrowed

The Bubble Boy – 2 STARS. Don’t hate me! I know it’s quite diverse as it’s about a boy with a condition that doesn’t allow him to go outside. I think that was quite interesting to read about but, I just found it really boring.

The Uglies by Scott Westerfield. – 1 STAR. Okay, don’t hate me again! So many people say this is a teen favourite but for me? It was SO boring. Like,  REALLY SUPER boring. I thought it’d get better but it didn’t? I WAS EXPECTING SO MUCH and they gave me this? Not my cup of tea.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – 5 STARS. Finally, something I ACTUALLY ENJOYED by Patrick Ness. It was so beautiful and wonderful and TISSUES AND TEARS. I thought the book was going to be childish but omg, that was a surprising read.

The Fever Code by James Dashner – 4 STARS. It was a little disappointing but WE GOT ANSWERS and I loved Dashner’s writing style in this. I GOT TO BE BACK WITH THE GANG and it was lovely.

Split Second by Sophie Mckenzie – 3 STARS. Not my first time reading something by this thrilling author and it was okay. Nothing amazing but I’d say worth my time.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower – 5 STARS. Just wonderful.

The Devil’s Angel By Kevin Brooks – 2 STARS. It was such a random short book. So random.


Yep, here’s some LIFE updates, because you want to know all about my life.

WORLD BOOK DAY. To be honest, we should celebrate books EVERYDAY but never the less, I dressed up as SHERLOCK HOLMES. Anyone just freaking out at how awesome my costume was and IS? LIKE HULLO.



Screenshot 2017-03-12 at 11.43.38

International Women’s Day. YAS, let’s  appreciate! I’m so bad because I didn’t even remember to wear some red. BUT IT WAS PARENT’S EVENING so don’t blame me. BLAME MY SCHOOL.

I’ve found a new blogging friend, MAY! I just thought I’d pay my respects to the Mango Queen because she’s so sweet (no pun intended) and wonderful! Our conversations are to die for because she’s so witty and funny! And have you seen her new blog look? *dies*. She’s such an awesome blogger – so CHECK HER OUT?



I Share My Opinion on Diverse Books @ Nerd In New York 

I came FIRST PLACE in The Writer’s Prompt Challenge! EEEK! I might enter again.

I designed Ipuna Black’s blog. 

Me and Grace Interviewed each other


I’m getting a bit lazy so let me just screenshot all the awards I’ve bookmarked.There is JUST SO MANY TAGS I AM DROWNINGGGGG!

Screenshot 2017-03-12 at 12.13.31.png

I REACHED 700 FOLLOWERS. That’s based on WordPress.com followers AND email followers. Not Mail-chimp though because MY SUBS ARE SO TINY. I mean I’ve just started out, gimme a break!


I absolutely loved you guys posts this month. THERE WERE SO MANY GOOD ONES –  I had a lot of commenting to do.

Why Book Reviews Are So Hard To Write (Paper Fury)
Authors Rating Their Own Books?(Songs Wrote My Story)
Making A Bookworm’s Day (Sparkling Letters)
Preventing A Blogging Burn Out  (Nut Free Nerd)
An Open Letter To Authors Who Write Cliff-Hangers (Closet Readers)
Finding Time To Write (Writing With Style)
Allie moves to Blogspot (The Depth Of My Faith)


-Crooked Kingdom By Leigh Bardugo Review
-What Is A Mood Reader?
-Types Of Readers
-Word Wars


How To Define A Good Book Ending + A Quiz


Sorry, I didn’t make graphics for the last two headings. I got a bit lazy!


So, That’s February in A Wrap! Do you forgive me for posting this so late? How has your March been so far? How was YOUR February – Link to your wrap-up posts so I can take a peek! What books did you read last month? Tell me all the exciting news so I don’t feel left out!! Also, have you checked out May’s Mango Awesome blog?

Sign Off


48 thoughts on “A Bookish Wrap Up Feburary (THE EATING OF BOOKS and I’m FAMOUS?)

  1. First of all, CKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I’LL TRY TO CRY WITH YOU and XD I’m kinda sorta reading Justice right now! I read Lawless a while back, so I don’t exactly remember what happened… XD And I didn’t like Uglies–I couldn’t even make it past the first chapter. XD OOH I NEED TO READ PERKS.
    World Book Day = yes. LEIGH BARDUGO TALKED TO YOU AAAAGGGGHHHHH *dies of fangirling* And International Women’s Day whoop whoop! Lucky for me, I have to wear red as my school uniform, so I got that taken care of. 😉 And OH LOOK I GOT A SHOUTOUT *cries happily* Thank you dear mangold. Conversations with you are also very witty because you are a witty mangold. You are le best. ❤
    And of course you were nominated for a lot of awards, because you're simply an amazing mangold??? If you weren't, I would be angry and would proceed to throw mangoes at people's head. (Or maybe not because they're mangoes and I want to eat them???)
    Do you forgive me for posting this so late?: NO I DON'T HOW DARE YOU MAHRIYA I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND. (But it's a mangold habit so I can't really blame you???)
    How has your March been so far?: It is greatish! It's spring break for me, so I'm happy for that. (Read: immensely relieved and hoping that I ne'er have to return to the prison known as school again.) I also have come to the conclusion that I'm discontinuing a story of mine after April, which is Camp NaNo. So that's sad. BUT I ALSO GOT A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC AND IT'S SUPER AWESOME SO FAR???
    How was YOUR February – Link to your wrap-up posts so I can take a peek!: THOU ALREADY SAW MY WRAPUP POST BECAUSE THOU ART A GOOD MANGOLD.
    What books did you read last month? Tell me all the exciting news so I don’t feel left out!!: I thought that said "what books did you eat?" and I was like "What???" XD I mean, it's true for fast readers, but not for meeeeeeeeeeee, the slowest reader eveeeeeeeeeer. I read Wires and Nerve which was gr9 (have you read the Lunar Chronicles? please tell me you have read the Lunar Chronicles) and Scythe which was amazing and so awesome and asdfghjkl.
    Also, have you checked out May’s Mango Awesome blog?: I think??? I'm not sure. I think I've vaguely heard of it before.
    (BTW Sorry this is really late, I was being a #multitasker. 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think this might the longest comment I’ve ever got SOO THANK YOUUU!
      Ooh yay, Justice is quite good and worth the time. It is a little meh at some parts but I think you’ll enjoy it.
      AND CROOKED KINGDOM was expensive BUT SO WORTH IT. I’m so sad the series has ended. I need to read the Grisha Trilogy now!

      And The Uglies was just so boring. I was going to give up after the first chapter too, but my sister loved it and so I had the promise it would get better.
      And OHHH A red Uniform, i quite like that. And of course I had to give you a shoutout, IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO

      And yes, you got a spring break! I’m still in my prison. I NEED ADSOM ASAP. Tell me how it goes.
      AHHH, I haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles!! I know it’s SOOO popular but I just scared of picking them off.
      You must check out MAy’s Blog! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you comment on her posts?
      And I don’t think you follow her either.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha! 😛 I love getting long comments on my blog, and it’s fun to pass on that fun-ness to others. 😉
        Yeah, I started reading it when I had no book to read, but now that I have books to read it’s sitting abandoned right next to m. XD
        Omg YES. I got CK at the book festival I told you about, where I could’ve gotten LB’s autograph but didn’t… 😦 I know right! I am definitely checking the trilogy out.
        Lol, but did it get better? DID IT??? Moral of the story: don’t trust your sister. (Unless it’s me because I’m always right–I recommend books to my younger sis all the time, and she gets annoyed, but when she DOES read my recommendations, she admits that they are good and I’m just like, Trust me, sister, trust me??? SHE HASN’T READ HP ASDFGHJL.)
        Lol, yup! And aww, you sweet little mangold. ❤
        When do you get out of school? (TWO MORE MONTHS TWO MORE MONTHSSSSSSSSSSS) And apparently it's adult fantasy??? I did not know this???
        WUT. NO. MAHRIYA. GO AND GET TLC RIGHT NOW. It is so amazing! I just read it last December and finished it over Winter Break. IT WAS AMAZING! YOU MUST READ IT ASDFGHJKL
        Oh my gosh, I really do! Let me check it out right now.
        …What? This is a piece of trash. I'm disappointed in your taste, Mahriya.


      • Wait, I thought I told you this story already??? The mangold strikes again??? XD (Well, it was a long line and my parents were being impatient. 😦 And then some girls ran up to the people RIGHT BEHIND ME and gave them a VIP pass to cut in front of the lines. 😦 If only I had gotten to the line later. 😥 )
        I KNOW. I am telling her that I read HP in the summer before sixth grade, so she must too. XD And ooh, you call it Easter break? FASCINATING. (If you can’t tell, I like all things UK. XD )

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness, I totally know what you mean about trying not to sound like an over-excited penguin. Best description for it, honestly. Definitely been there 😛 And so cool that the author responded to you!
    Thank you for tagging my post as well – so glad that you liked it.

    Liked by 1 person


    Great post, Mahriya! And YES May is a wonderful mango queen. Who I had to literally beg to tell me what happens in Scythe because NEAL SHUSTERMAN.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I absolutely love Crooked Kingdom and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, so I’m glad you enjoyed them as well! That’s so cool that Leigh Bardugo responded to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. *ahem ahem* Mahriya, your TWPC winners badge is ready! I’m SO sorry it took me so long to get it to you…with Tech Week and crazy shows and rehearsals, I’ve barely had a chance to just sit and relax!
    I hope you like it and will consider doing TWPC again! 😀
    You can find your badge here (I tried to make it match your blog colors): https://theupstairsgirl.wordpress.com/twpc-winners/

    You’re welcome to add your badge to your blog sidebar, a page, anywhere you wish! But if you could link to TWPC so others can easily find it, that would be great. Thanks, dear!

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  6. Hey!! I haven’t been active in WordPress either for a while and I haven’t been able to read your posts sooner *cries* First of all OMG CONGRATS!!!! 700 FOLLOWERS!!!!! *huuuggeeeee hug* (Although I’m still here trying to get it to 200… Maybe you could give me some tips?) And wow you read The Fever Code!! I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet but I can’t wait to read it… (Perks of being a wallflower too) I couldn’t celebrate book day as I was studying (still am) for my finals… *looks longingly at TBR list* But SHERLOCK HOLMES??? So cool!! (On a related note I’m still in the after effects of the finale of Sherlock season 4) Anyway I’ll stop rambling now *looks sheepish* Congrats once again on all your achievements!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YOU’RE BACKK! *squeals with excitement*. THANK YOUUUUUUU – believe me I was as shocked to find that 700 amazing humans follow me. Fever Code was reaaallllly enjoyable to read but it wasn’t PERFECT. AND YAS SHERLOCK HOLMES, I need more epsiodes. NOOO< I love yur rambles and thank youuuu again!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I can’t believe that you didn’t like Uglies. I adored it and my little sister just read it and loved it to. But I’ve been meaning to buy Perks of being a wallflower for so long and I never get to it. Also May your blog is AMAZING!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had wanted to read The Uglies so badly for YEARS but I just never did. I WAS SO EXCITED when I got my hands on it. I loved the ideas,concepts, and world of the Uglies. I just found REALLY boring and a struggle to turn the page. I think it was the pace an writing style and a little bit of the plot that just became repetitive and mundane. I’m glad you enjoyed it though!

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