Let’s Talk About My Secret Life As A Writer

If you didn’t know, writing is one of my Horcruxes.

I won’t tell you how many Horcruxes I have, but if you’re not an HP fan, or haven’t read them (WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GO HERE, NON-POTTERHEAD) , then I will tell you that a Horcrux is a part of someone’s soul, as that SOMEONE has split their soul. So, in other words, writing is a part of my soul.

And the sad part is, I hardly talk about it here. I’m part of two writing blogs The Artistics and The Writing Writers (just joined this one recently) because I simply can not live without words. In fact, my twitter bio is ‘words’ so there is clear EVIDENCE…

But in my 2017 survey, people were begging (let’s not exaggerate here) for a tiny snoop into my writer’s life. I’m hardly a writer if I’m perfectly honest. I mean most writers have ACTUALLY written a book, or MET other writers, or have like a writing journal and creative pens (okay I have the last two) and a cat or dog who helps them along with an ‘outline’ which I’VE NEVER DONE.

That’s kinda the reason WHY I don’t write about this secret Horcrux of mine – I’m not even sure if I’M ACTUALLY a writer. I mean how do you write a job description for an author? I don’t know, I’m the potato here.

So, why AM I talking about this? Well, I kinda asked to get tagged in the Writer’s Ink Challenge by Regina @ Diversion 3000 (you HAVE to check out her blog, it’s so awesome) and here I am!

The Writer's Ink Challenge.png

But let’s get to the point. Do real writer’s ramble as much as I do? Because this is supposed to be a quick tag but I’ve already written 300 words! WOW. Why can’t words come so easily when I’m writing a story? WHAT IS THIS UNFAIRNESS?


Thank your nominator
Answer at least 8 questions about writing
Nominate at least 5 people

When did you first start writing?

Okay, let’s admit. I’m basically a goldfish when it comes to – well- anything. Like I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday, let alone when I ‘started’ writing. Oh, I don’t know, maybe in my primary school when I learnt how to form letters? I don’t even get these questions, who remembers the first book they read? NOT ME, what is all this remembering stuff everybody seems to be obsessed with? I JUST SIMPLY live in the moment, not gain memories of the first thing I ever bought from shopping.

Have you always been interested in writing?


Pretty much. I think I’ve always loved to write though I used to (and sometimes still do) hate writing for long periods of times because MY HANDS just die. I also found it kind of frustrating because I was pretty rubbish (still am, to be honest). But yeah I think I always have though I think books were my first interest before I began writing.

Why do you like writing? 

Becuase it’s nice to make things a story. Sometimes, when something crazy happens, something I can’t bear to accept, I turn it into a story, I pretend I am an author and it’s all made up. It is also quite pleasing to let the ink flow, so I think that’s the main reason why.

What genre do you write in? 

I’ve never written a novel before, but it always seems to be mostly real-life (contemporary) situations. I find this easier because I can use experiences have happened and weave them into some sort of collection of words. Though I do like to write some fantasy at times, as escaping into the world you’ve created is fascinating.

Who or what motivates you to write?

I don’t think anything motivates me, I WANT to write. I don’t motivate myself to write stories, poems, journal entries or anything else, I simply pick up a pen and begin to write any thought the comes to mind. But when I HAVE to write but suffer from writer’s block, I normally just go on Pinterest and pretend to be inspired. 😀 However, family and friends always give me that extra boost of confidence.

Do you write poetry? 

Yes, but very little. I’m not very good at it and have only written a few pieces. You check out one I posted on my blog here (I was being very brave). I definitely find it easier to write, though. And it is beautiful to read as well. I think what I love about poetry is how such little words can be used to mean so many things. I admire poets even more than authors because their work is always beautiful.

Have you ever written a story with a friend? 

I don’t think I ever have. It sounds like a fun idea and this question has made me get my creative juices flowing because it would be LOADS of fun. Just letting the writing styles mix and merge into one awesome story. I’ll be sure to try it out! I have done a writing collab with a blogger friend here, though!

How do you write your stories (first person, third person)? 

I think I prefer to write in the first person better because it’s so much easier to slip into the mind of a character instead of writing about them. Pretending is a lot more fun and I think helps me be more creative. I normally write my stories on paper, rather than online, as I find my ideas flow easier then; there’s nothing like pen on paper!

I Challenge…

  1. May @ Forever and Everly
  2. Grace @ The Girl Upstairs
  3. Ipuna @ Ipuna Black
  4. Elm @ Just Call me Elm Or Something
  5. Ayaka @ Midnight Ranter
  6. Sithara @ Musings Of A Mellow Mind
  7. And YOU! I’m serious. If you’re a writer or think you’re one (like me), then feel free to do this tag and let me know in the comments!


So, are you a writer? Have you ever written a novel before- TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!? And tell, me why do YOU write? Are you part of any writing blogs? Tell me about YOUR Writer’s Life!!!

Sign Off


54 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About My Secret Life As A Writer

  1. Ok so this is awkward… But could I do this? I hate asking whether I could do tags without being tagged *feels positively mortified* I feel like I’m stealing or something (yes I’m a bit weird that way😳) But anyway I loved your answers because they are literally almost everything I would say to those questions…. (Don’t know why I’m bothering to do it then😳) I do write A LOT though… So I thought it’d be a fun tag to do… I can relate so much to writing on and on (look at this comment! ) but not getting anything to write on a story…

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMGGGG, How could I forget to tag you. Of course, Of course, of course! YOU are literally one of the most amazing writer’s I have ever encountered. YOUR MICRO-STORIES, I’m always left begging for more. Of course, I’ll add you on now. I feel so stupid for not already!

      Liked by 1 person

      • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! It’s alright for forgetting 😳😳 And I’m not THAT great a writer😅😅 I definitely don’t have that knack for writing awesome blog posts like you do. But thanks sooo much anyway!!!


  2. oh man this tag is beautiful. I feel like I’ve learned soo much about you *__* I want to read more of your stuff. Also lowkey will be doing this tag on my book blog I’ll mention you as who tagged me ;P ❤ ❤ I really enjoyed learning more about you and I LOVE the Harry Potter stuff at the beginning. Bye its one of my horcruxes too, but I won't tell you which character I killed off in order to have it X'D

    Liked by 2 people

  3. So, are you a writer?: I am! Though not a very good one. 😉
    Have you ever written a novel before- TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!?: I’ve written a couple. And … secrets? Uh … idk. I guess I just wrote. And then the book was finished. *nods* XD Sorry, I honestly have no secrets.
    And tell, me why do YOU write?: I just can’t help it! I bring a notebook with me everywhere and am always scribbling one thing or another. Also, I have to let all the voices in my head out.
    Are you part of any writing blogs?: kinda? My blog is sorta a writing blog, though a good splash of randomness seeps in. But other than that, not really. 🙂

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  4. Okay. Omg. I was literally like YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS when I saw this post, because honestly? I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR WRITINNNNNNNNNNNG. (You know I do.) So this is so beautiful to me??? And haha, I was actually thinking of doing a writing-related tag, but in like a month or two. 😛
    *secretly grins at being nominated first* What, me? Selfish? Noooooooo.
    Also, NO STOP MAHRIYA IF YOU WRITE YOU ARE A WRITER. YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE WRITTEN A NOVEL OR ANYTHING. Heck, I just write random stories that stop on page 3! (Though I have made it to page 50 on one… But that was only from NaNo lol.) YOU ARE A WRITER IF YOU WRITE. DONE. BOOM.
    So, are you a writer?: Yeeeeeeees.
    Have you ever written a novel before — TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!?: I have sort of written one??? I mean, I have NEVER finished a story before (unless you count that HORRIBLE Cinderella retelling that was only 30 pages long and needs to be revised sooooo muuuuuch). I am at 50+ pages for one story though, but it’ll be discontinued. 😉
    And tell, me why do YOU write?: I write because I love to. I love to craft words, make a story, create characters and a whole new wooooorld. (IT’S A WHOLE NEW WOOOOOORLD…)
    Are you part of any writing blogs?: You know I am. 😉
    Also, when you said “pick up a pen”, I immediately went PICK UP A PEN START WRITINGGGGGGG.
    …It’s Hamilton. You wouldn’t understand. *cries*

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  5. This is so great 😄 you’ve written poetry?!? I’m gonna look at the one you linked ASAP 😂😂
    And..If my HP memory serves correctly, don’t you have to commit murder to create a horcrux? Is there something we don’t know? 😂
    Anyway loved this post xx

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  6. Great post! I love all your answers! I’m sure that every writer has a moment where they just wonder if they really are a writer. You’re probably some what like me; can’t finish a good book without starting a new one, has a horrible time creating outlines, can’t put her words down on paper well, and hates editing. So tell me again, how are we writers exactly? Well, we are writers because we have thoughts- we have words- that we cannot contain and we need to put them on paper. That’s why.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Your welcome, it’s my pleasure! Plotting new ideas for is so much fun, but making them into stories is harder than it seems, haha! WRITER TWINS FOR LIFE! I already have a twin, but having another definitely will not hurt, haha! 😊

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  7. okay Mahriya I love you for doing this because it was so so so much fun to read. I’ve been stalking your writing blogs and I might join the Writing Writers because it looks totally awesome i just need to look into it a little more first before making the commitment 🙂
    I also adore your poem it was incredible so you shouldn’t be afraid to share more!!!! I love the fact that you write and even if you haven’t written a novel or anything, you’re still a writer!!!!
    Also I’d love to do a collab short story or something because I think that could come out crazy cool omg what if we had a bunch of people who were all different characters (kind of like text based RPing) and just let it flow, I think it would be weirdly cool to have each character with a different writing style.
    I’m terrible at writing outlines too i’m currently on chapter 8 of my novel and I have no idea what chapter 11 will hold because I’ve only thought 2 ahead and then where I want it to end, but it might be a trilogy now so aaaah planning is overrated anyways. I just realized I didn’t use any periods in this paragraph and I’m rambling so I’ll stop but YAY FOR WRITING I LOVE YOU!

    Liked by 2 people

    • YAYYYY – this is such a long comment! OMG, that would be so cool if you joined the Artistics or The Writing Writers – I’m sure I speak on behalf of the team! I knooow but i’m so scared of sharing more of my work because everyone seems to be these taleneted writers and I’m just like waaat? I HAVE NO TALENT – apart from rambling, that is. OMG YES, that would be sooo cool – you’re such a genius. We need to organise this!! Haha yes, WHERE ARE ALL THE FULL-STOPS? Yay for RAMBLING and Writing!

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  8. Your blog is great! I loved your answers, you seem like an amazing writer! I’m kind of a writer as well, (that doesn’t necessarily mean a good one but…). I am currently working on a novel but I actually haven’t finished one (yet, hopefully). Why do I write? I don’t know, it’s fun, I guess? 😉 My writing life is… *sighs*

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  9. WRITING IS PART OF MY SOUL TOO!! *hi fives* And you can call yourself a writer any time you think up stories and write them down. 😉 No extra qualifications needed. 🎉🎉

    I actually wrote a book with my sister once and it was SO MUCH FUN!! So I totally recommend collabing with someone if you get the chance. 😂 It was great though because we knew each other so well so we fit together and had plenty of arguments and I think we killed off everyone in the end?? Good times.😂

    I’m about to start writing a book for Camp NaNo in April actually!! So that should be fun. BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR WORDING AND MAGICAL ADVENTURES!

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  10. Whoa, I was freaked out there for a bit, because of the process of horcrux-making and stuff… But then I realized that writers make horcruxes ALL the time. XD


  11. Hey mahriya!
    In India “mahiya” means loved one you know ? But I digress. I really really love the fonts you use in your titles and I can’t find good resources on improving my design skills and I kinda keep seeing you mentioned for your fabulous blog designs so I thought you’d be the right person to ask . (In case you’ve written a post on this, please drop a link in the reply)
    Also , i loved reading your answers . Although this was my first visit to your blog, I look forward to seeing such great posts again ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey!
      Wow, thanks, I never knew of that meaning, thanks for letting me know about that, so sweet.
      Oooh, design! I do a lot of that 🙂 I’ve never done design tips post before though I’ve planned too. I use Canva or Picmonkey for graphic designing. Though for starting off, I prefer Canva as it’s super easy to use. For design resources, I have quite a few links but I fear this comment will be too long. Is there any other way to contact you with more advice (Email, twitter etc…) If not, I’ll reply via comments.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, email would be great . Drop me a mail in case you get time at singhswati99@hotmail.com (I couldn’t see an email address on your about page so I kinda couldn’t send you one myself. I wish I didn’t have exams or else I would have seen your whole blog far more properly than I did right now. ) Thank you so much! You’re a sweetheart.

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Been great finding out more about you. Found you through Ipuna’s blog where I’m an avid reader. I’m also a bit of a writer and poet. However, like you, I prefer the magic in writing with pen on paper. So majority of my works are offline.
    And yes, I also love writing in first person and P.O.V. – ing a lot. Though I have attempted to do both first and third person narration in my latest project – A Senator’s Secret. So far, I think I have reached Chapter 14. It’s a working progress and the mix of both seems to be working. I hope to start a chapter a week on my blog soon.
    But how well it seems to be working is just MY opinion and that of some members of my WordPress collaboration family. We recently did a collab on Loss. Perhaps you would want to check it out. And also review my work (for this – do get back to me so I’ll send you an email)? 😀
    Just thought to leave a comment. You’ve got a great blog here and an equally great style.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, I designed Ipuna’s blog and I follow it myself -it’s amazing! I do like writing in my journal a lot too – and I adore pen and paper and usually transfer them to online. Yeah, I’d love to receive and email about our work – you sound like an amazing writer. Thanks so much for your kind words.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You designed it? :-O
        Wow. Great job you’ve done with it. It’s literally one of the many blogs I follow that I keep coming back to. Not only for the awesome amounts of wisdom and positive vibes but also the design. Coming back is sometimes difficult but some manage to pull me back no matter the obstacle 😀 Some of these include Ipuna’s, Lifeasweknowit, Sadaf Siddiqui’s blog, The Jothish Joseph blog, I am that girl, hopefully yours and a few others.
        I’ll definitely send you an email soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      • They are! They also participated in the collaboration (Tajwar – Lifeaswehaveneverknownit.wordpress.com – actually initiated the idea.). We’ll be having another soon. You’re invited to join in if you want.

        Liked by 1 person

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