Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To Other Bookworms + 8 Types Of Readers

It’s hard NOT to be jealous of bookworms who can read a million books while it’s also hard NOT to show off about how many marvellous books you’ve read.

Hello! Welcome to the second edition of Dreams and Discussions, a monthly feature where I discuss and dream about all the bookish and blogging thoughts I have. 

I decided to make this a MONTHLY feature because weekly seemed too crazy to me. How does that sound?  I’m pretty sure it should be fine for now and ensure I don’t get stuck on what to write. So, grab some marshmallows and let’s begin with the fabulous discussion, and then a lovely list. There’s NO QUIZ THIS TIME because I DID MAKE one but I didn’t save it and do not have time to REDO THE WHOLE THING – sorry peeps.

The Discussion

Today’s topic is how we, as readers, feel really bad at how little we read compared to other bloggers. Because sometimes get busy or you have holidays – OR whatever because some people can practically eat books in one go, while others switch between slumps and genres, DNF 5 different books and absorb their current read. So many different people like to read and there are so many DIFFERENT types of readers! Cake obsessors (we all know who this is), book eaters, and slow coaches who take ages to read a book. And it doesn’t matter whether your snail or book snacker, all readers are respected in the blogosphere. Or are they?

Some people are just naturally slow readers. And I totally think we should accept them for that and not boast about how we finished so many books in a year and maybe think about people who DON’T have that much time to read.  Because people don’t have ALL the time to read. Maye it’s jobs, exams, dreaded school, or family, but time is not endless – people have OTHER things to do. While some people laugh at people’s small goals, and some envy the bookworms who read so much, I’m just thinking about how it doesn’t matter HOW much you read, you just should!

I definitely envy some people Goodreads’s shelves because they have literally got THOUSANDS of books on there. And some people’s reading goals are out of this galaxy because I can’t even handle it! My measly 60 books look TINY and UGLY compared to their glorious reading challenge.

I’m not the first to talk about it on the blogosphere. Some other bloggers have also told their stories of how they’ve become comfortable with a number of books they read. So next time you say ‘I know this is a very small amount of books’, think again. Maybe for you, it is, but there are reasons why you haven’t read. It can be a slump, a lack of time – ANYTHING but doesn’t think about HOW many books you read, but the quality over them.I mean we’re always talking about –>

Quality over Quantity.

You might have read the ONE really good book over a month, that’s fine! Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers because WE’RE ALL DIFFERENT, people. And that’s totally fine. Read how much you want to and WHEN you want to – don’t get all jealous and keep comparing yourself – there’s no point.

Okay, Okay, enough of my ramblings – on today’s list! Which is? SOMEBODY REMIND THIS VERY CONFUSED GOLDFISH! Oh, yes, the title! Types of readers BECAUSE I LIKE TO FRIGHTEN YOU TO DEATH BY MAKING YOU HAVE AN IDENTITY CRISIS – I’m sooo amazing.

I guess I should really get onto the list. TYPES OF READERS. Because there are so many. Fast readers, slow readers, eating readers. AND I MUST KNOW what type of reader YOU are BECAUSE I’m awesome! (totally a real reason)

Types Of Readers

The List


The Binge Reader

Do you read one book in a week? NO, YOU READ EVERY BOOK IN THE SERIES AND NEVER STOP. When you’re drowning in books, you literally just drink all the words up.If someone wants to talk to you, they can’t because you’re reading. You just can never stop and the word slump is something you consider a bad smell.


The Busy Bumblebee

You travel, you work, and you read. Well sometimes – you have to squeeze a word in here and there. A chapter on the train, a page before bed, and a sentence before a meeting. You’re like a travelling tour bus, always on-the-go, ready to just read something any chance you get. And you do manage to still treasure good literature.


The Lord Of The Sponge

You know how they say there are two types of readers, filters and sponges? You’re the sponge and you take it as a compliment. If someone asks you something about the book you’ve just read, you can SPURT OUT ALL THE ANSWERS. You are THE LORD of the sponges and you carry that title around with you. Absorbing books is one of your many talents. Maybe it takes you to read a little slower than others, but it pays off.


The Quote Collector

You simply can’t stop yourself from highlighting every wonderful quote, or adding a note to your favourite scene. It is not just quotes, but pieces you just love. Your books are your creativity and inspiration and no-one stops you from going wild and collecting all the beautiful bookish things that you love ❤ Jotting down a new word or interest is your hobby.


The Analysing Obsessor

Perhaps you’re an English student, or secretly write essays for your book reviews, or always finding the hidden meaning, but you’re kind of obsessed with analysing the book. Whilst having your nose in your book, you think of all the annotations and connotations and can’t contain your predictions based on what you’ve read. You know the story inside out and love reading in between the lines.

No.6@ My Bookish Life

The Mood Reader

You read depending on your mood and how you’re feeling. You cannot simply ‘plan’ what to read but instead pick up a book you just WANT to read and devour the words. TBR’s aren’t really your thing because IF THERE IS A BOOK YOU WANNA READ, YOU READ IT. There’s no telling what book you’ll read next.

No.7@ My Bookish Life

The Digital Mastermind

The title says it all. Kindle, Nook, Headphones, The Audible App you name it. You take you e-reader or headphones with you EVERYWHERE and are slightly attached to them, Physical books are too heavy and inconvenient for you, and so a cheap e-book or audiobook suits your lifestyle. You are somehow always devouring a digital copy of a book and are slightly addicted – just slightly.

No.8@ My Bookish Life

The Planning Perfectionist

You’re the opposite of a mood reader. In fact, you plan what to read in a month, in an attempt to tackle your humble TBR. You’ve also planned out what months suit certain books, what playlists to use whilst reading and the right bookmark to use. You’re always keeping track of how many pages you’ve read a day, and how much you’re going to read. You know how to finish up a series nicely and JUST PLAN OUT EVERYTHING about your bookish life – neatly organised.


 What type of reader ARE YOU? Or you a mix of them?What reader do you WANT to be but just fail at being at? What do you think of your reading pace? Ponder with me about comparing yourself to other bookworms – do you do it? READ!

Sign Off


101 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To Other Bookworms + 8 Types Of Readers

  1. I loved reading this! The different types of readers are so accurate 😂 I am definitely a sponge, but I do read quickly. Being a sponge comes in handy when you want to prove that you’re a bigger fan of a certain book or series 😂 yay!

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  2. I guess I fall into the planning perfectionist reader although this year I’ve got as far as putting blanks into the spreadsheet to read a book of my choice at the time. I read relatively fast but don’t like reading unless I have a reasonable amount of time so I can’t do reading while queuing etc. You are quite right though, we are all different and lead totally different types of lives and ultimately reading is to be enjoyed not turned into a race (especially as no one else cares)

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  3. I am the Quote Collector and the Analysing Obsessor 100%😂I try and find deep meanings in everything and I write down any quotes I love in Notes on my phone or I take a photo of them and store them in an album I have dedicated to writing (wow I’m so sad)

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  4. I love this! I think I’m the busy bumblebee but mixed with the quote collector and the binge reader. It all depends on how much time I have and I take every opportunity. I love reading in the train or on the bus, but I can also spent hours reading in bed! Great post!!

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  5. I’m always taking photos of quotes I like and analyzing. I used to have time to devour books (before kids), but now the busy bumble bee, I graze on them. I savior every minute, as I know it’s a rarity that I can sit down with a book in peace 😂

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  6. I’m the busy bumblebee for sure! I work a 9-5 job but I’m always trying to squeeze in reading where I can. On the train ride, my lunch break etc! I like to relax when I get home and sometimes that doesn’t involve reading my latest book so I don’t always read in my spare time 😊

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  7. I love this post!!! XD I have to say I read more blogs than actual books, I read every once in a while but not as much as I’d like to.
    And I didn’t know people compared themselves with other readers, it’s funny cause they shouldn’t care! I mean, I don’t! XD 😛

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    • Haha – I read more books than blog – I read TOO MUCH apparently. I think it’s more in the book blogging world that people compare themseleves with all these book blogger like HEY I READ A GAZILLION BOOKS!! And you’re just there with one losu book XD

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      • It’s a great thing that you read a lot!! XD Oh yeah, you’re right! I guess it’s normal that book bloggers compare themselves with others cause they all share how many books they’ve read and all that.
        And yeah LOL XD XD

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  8. Hmm, I think I’d have to call myself a mood reader, though I do attempt to read some books on my TBR. I just like browsing, even though I have like ten million books waiting for me??? And HAHAHAHA I WISH I could be a binge reader, and a binge writer. That would make things soooooo much easier. I have an average reading pace, faster than most people, but compared to bookworms??? HAHAHA I AM SLOW. It takes me about a minute to read one page (but as I get more immersed in it, or if it’s full of action, I read faster). Haha I compare myself to other bookworms allll the time. I’m a competitive person??? But I’m definitely not a sore loser which is why when I don’t read as many books as another reader, I’m not THAT disappointed in myself. XD
    (I think everyone wants to read as much as Cait though???)

    Liked by 1 person

    • ME TOO *high fives* Yes, sometimes I pick up a book, read it and then realise it was on my TBR and I didnt even know XD I WISH I COULD BE A BINGE WRITER – though sometimes it takes me a day to finish a book 🙂 YES compared to OTHER bookworms, I’m average but compared to HUMANS, apparently I’m fast. Ca’it’s 200 books a year is #goals

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  9. I am definitely the busy bumblebee and the Mood reader. I am always busy (doing god knows what with my life) and wherever I am, I always try to cram in at least one word somewhere in my day. It gets really annoying because there is this book that I really want to finish but it’s taking me forever to read. I’m the mood reader ’cause I don’t read for the sake of reading, if it’s interesting, I’ll read it. If not, I won’t. I wish I was the binge reader. I wish. Then I could read all of the books that I want to, but NOOOOOPE. Reading pace? Don’t get me started. Nine-tenths of my friends read a page in like half a second and I take about ten billion hours (give or take). If it’s not clear, I read slowly, but I’m coming to terms with it. Honestly, I do compare myself to bookworms ’cause they are just such productive readers! However, it is not a good thing to harshly compare yourself with anyone. People are their own people and they read like their own selves. You stated it amazingly and that was all I could add to it. I’m not THAT competitive though *hesitant finger guns*

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    • I’m definitely the mood reader too! I like taking books with me wherever I go too – whether it be an e-book or a heavy physical book with me – just in case I get bored and need something to read. Apparently, I’m a fast reader but I find it hard to understandHOW? If I’m reading a classic or really complex book, fast reading just FAILS badly because I have to re-read a passage to understand what the heck is going on. I’m a competitive but I don’t think anyone should feel guilty about how ‘little’ they read

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      • You are a mood reader? *High fives* I agree, I read especially slow while reading classics or complex books. I agree! People (including me) shouldn’t feel bad about not reading a lot


  10. Oh I am DEFINITELY a mood reader!!! I always do TBRs but I NEVER EVER end up reading what I had planned to anyway! I could tell myself the night before to read a certain book and when I wake up the next day I pick up something else because I’m not in the mood anymore! 😀
    I loved reading about different types of readers! I don’t think I could ever be a Busy Bumblebee, I always need to have my own quiet space to read! Lovely post ❤

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  11. I loved reading this so much and it’s so accurate! 😂😂 I’m pretty sure I’m a mixture between The Lord Of The Sponge, The Quote Collector, The Analysing Obsessor, and The Mood Reader. I swear I read SO SLOW but it’s because when I’m really enjoying a book I find myself lingering over certain scenes or thinking of theories or making notes in the quotes I’ve highlighted. I know I can read fast because there are books I’ve devoured in a day but mainly my habit of really savoring a book keeps me reading slower than I wish I did most of the time lol. And I can rarely if ever stick in my TBR! If I’m not in the mood for a book then it gets completely ignored until I am. Great post!! 😊

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  12. I’m definitely a mixture of these. I may plan out what I want to read in a tbr, but I also love to read based off my mood and I read everywhere I go and I times I read 5 books in a week and sometimes only 5 books in a month. I also love quotes and looking at hidden meanings in books and I think that the type of reader you are is
    A fluid thing and not static. At different times you could read differently.


    I loved this post so much! ❤
    I’m kind of a mixture of the Quote Collector, The Analysing Obsessor and The Mood Reader 😂 and I cannot help it. I feel so incomplete without annotating or at least jotting down thoughts on a particular incident, which *cough* adds a metaphoric meaning to life*cough* and writing down a truck load of quotes. I MAYBE A POTATO WHEN IT COMES TO REVIEWING THEM, BUT WHILE READING THEM, I have to be organized or else, it’s Ragnarok for me. 🙈

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  14. Sometimes it seems like bloggers are competing to read the most, but I agree there’s no sense in comparing ourselves to others or feeling bad about what we do or are capable of doing. We all have different lives. I don’t have much time to read for pleasure, but I don’t think that makes me inferior to someone who has fewer responsibilities and more leisure time.


  15. I’m definitely a mood reader! I’m also a quote collector, and definitely a binge reader. So according to my mood, I binge, collect quotes, and lose a lot of sleep. (;

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  16. What an amusing post! I guess I’m a Mood Reader. I sort of HAVE TO follow my mood when choosing my next read, since I’m interested in such a big variety of books. Unfortunately, my mood also affects the amount of reading, as when my mood is low I can’t find the energy to read enough.
    I’m also a bit of an Analysing Obsessor, except that’s it’s not an obsession but simply the way I enjoy reading my books (after all, I’m a literature student haha). I also love collecting quotes (sometimes big chunks of a paragraph) that resonate with me and, mood permitting, I try to squeeze a bit of Kindle-reading on the bus on my way to/from the campus.
    Great post and blog!

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  17. I’m a mood reader who loves a bit of reading analysis on the side! And I definitely agree that it doesn’t ever matter how much you’re reading so long as you are – my Goodreads goal for this year is 26 books, or one a fortnight, which I think is absolutely fine. When I first started blogging I did find it threatening when people were reading about ten books a month, but now so long as I’m reading what I want, when I want, I’m happy! This was such a good post!

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  18. This is so true! I’m a reaallllyyy picky reader and if a book doesn’t capture my interest straight away instead of doing the sensible thing (reading on and seeing if the book gets better) I put the book straight down.. Is that just me? And any reccomendations of books that you loved right from the start (and ‘always’ ’till the very end’ – Harry Potter quotes!)?? I really need to get some good books!


    • I try really heard NOT to DNF books so I can’t really relate. There are so many books that have really BORING ANDgenerally rubbish beginnings but I kept on reading and they’ve become my favourites! I think books deserve a chance to develop, you know? Books I loved from the start include THe Kite Runner, Six Of Crows (okay so the beginning isn’t the best BUT), The Accident Season. I could go on but this comment would be too long and my memory is a little bad when it comes to book names. ALWAYS – Okay, HP moments!


  19. This was great and very creative. I am what you would consider anmood writer. Do to work and everything else I don’t have as much time to read as many books as I’d like. But when I do pick up a good book I fall in love with it and take it all in.

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  20. I am definitely a mood reader. I’ll read what I want when I want. I can’t read if I don’t feel like it and I certainly can’t read if I’m reading a book that I don’t feel like reading. I’m a bit of a mood everything really but especially a mood reader.

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  21. Tricky… mood reader is the best fit, but if I’m in the mood and the books good then quote collecting and sponging can go on; possibly because I write fiction? On the look out for ideas, phrases, ways of saying things… or does that now encompass analytical obsession too? I think time pressure also afflicts my zone allocation too…there’s never enough and reading is often diving in and out; rather like blogging; well, commenting and such like. Although I popped over from Steph’s spring blog party…I am already following you and must apologise for infrequent visitations…time and the real running interference..my bad 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • That suggests you well know the time versus own writing versus commenting dilemma we all face….which is more common and understood than I first thought. Although from bloggers I’ve met the unifying thing is they all get the time thing. I’d love to comment everywhere, but it’s just not possible. I’d need a time machine or that thing Hermione used to be in more than one lesson at a time 😁

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  22. This is such a fun list!! I am definitely an analysing mood reader. I’m pretty good at not comparing myself to other bookworms, but I definitely compare myself to other bloggers. It’s a struggle!!

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  23. Ah this is SUCH a bookwormish post and I needed that!!! I guess I’m more of the busy bumblebee, the lord (not so much) of the sponge and the analyzing obsessor all rolled into one. Although I do read a bit like the other types sometimes? Let’s just say I’m divergent *laughs a bit nervously*


  24. Definitely a mood reader, haha! Sometimes I’m also the “Oh crap I haven’t read in two weeks and I’m a book blogger” reader, and then I read like 3 books in two days. Reading struggles are real, so perhaps I’m also a busy bumblebee… after all I do read a good amount on my daily bus commute. What type of reader are you? 🙂

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    • YES! Sometimes I get so caught up in blogging and school, I barely read. Though I make reading a habit even if it’s only for a few minutes. And then some days I just rip through one book in a few hours? I don’t understand myself. I’m a mood reader and sometimes a binge reader. Especially after a trip to the library…

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  25. I think I’m The Lord of the Sponge, haha, even though I’m a pretty fast reader on an average. I’m reading quite a lot now because I have nothing else to do, but even so I remember most books I’ve read and according to Goodreads, that’s a little north of 300. I’d like to thank my memory in aiding me to achieve this title. 😂

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